Saturday, 25 September 2010

I'm coming back!

It's been a month since I last posted, I've just been so busy. But whilst beforehand I blogged even though I was busy I'm just a bit tired of this now and as I have said before I'll probably start afresh next year.

Anyway I'm coming back with a few words on ANTM 15 - yes I'm still an ANTMfanatic! In general an NTMfanatic.

I've watched the first few episodes and have seen enough photos to have a good grasp on who's doing well and who I like well. Atm it's obvious that Ann and Kayla are kicking everyone's butt. I was however a bit disappointed when the judges called Ann, Kayla, Chelsey in that order for 2 weeks in a row because imo Chelsey is overated (I still like her though).

So this is what I see, Ann is consistently delivering decent shots whilst Kayla's underwater shot (next week) just doesn't work for me. Rhianna is my it-girl atm, she's really getting it for me but I fear the judges don't see that. Kendal hasn't stunned me yet but I still believe she can. Lexie is a beautiful girl and it looks like she's starting to get it. Chris is better than expected whilst Kacey gets a lot of negativity even though she's ok - her photo next week is awful though. Jane is overrated as well but I see the potential, however atm she isn't worthy of the praise. Chelsey is just overrated to the max, I honestly think she easily looks like a donkey (e.g. her makeover shot) she's on the line with me. Esther is just boring me atm, I'd rather she turned out sexy shots and finally Liz, she's giving us the same face every single week!

My perfect 6 at the moment would probably be
Ann, Kayla, Rhianna, Kendal, Lexie, Jane

Kacey, Chris and Chelsey have the potential to make it into that group imo. Esther I fear doesn't get it and Liz needs to go.

In terms of favourites it goes:
On Top: Rhianna, Kendal
Loves: Ann, Lexie, Kayla, Kacey
Likes: Jane, Chris, Chelsey, Esther
Oks: Liz

Definitely my perfect final 2 would be Rhianna and Kendal (as long as Kendal starts bringing it!)

Whilst in Ausntm I hope Amanda wins, Kelsey would also be a great winner whilst Sophie is ok but I don't really like her. I would still loved to have seen Kathryn in this final 3 and Joanna get further than 6th place. I believe Amanda can work in multiple facets and could potentially book international jobs. Kelsey is the best photographic model out of the 3 but her height will affect her and she needs to be as strong on the runway. Sophie is overrated imo, she can potentially book some great jobs but her look doesn't translate well to all jobs.

For BNTM I'm still so disappointed with Charlotte's elimination. TBH non of the 3 girls are going to make it big internationally but Charlotte had the chance to make it big in the UK and possibly step into the international stage in a minor way. I'm cheering for Tiffany atm because she's an all rounder and has been strong in this competition - she has somewhat let me down a bit but I think she deserves the win. I see Joy's potential, she is the most likely to make it on the international stage out of the 3 girls but her confidence issues and her awkwardness in front of the camera could easily do her in, I also believe the general public don't see her as BNTM and she really needs to see a dentist straight away! Whilst Alisha is massively overrated. I don't see a top model in her, maybe an ok working model but not a top model. She doesn't photograph well in general and her look can come off to severe at times. However as I think BNTM is only looking for a Final 2 I think Tiffany will possibly be eliminated next week to pave the way for an Alisha win.

That's basically my take on the NTMs at the moment. See you later!