Wednesday, 31 March 2010

A Watchdog's Tale

Whilst the cast of "A Watchdog's Tale" led me to watch this, lured by the potential of it being the next "A Journey Called Life" I was rather disappointed. There were some good characters in the plot and some enjoyable storytelling but the whole plot of the story was an utter mess from start to finish, one thing starts and gets built up for like 5 episodes and then is concluded in half an episode! The cycle continues with no ending feeling really worthwhile. The whole story is also a bit wishy washy and very TVBesque when they are dealing heavily with an obvious theme. There was also the problem of TVB trying too many genres at once, in the end it was just very random. I think the very last scenes with Kent Cheng and Maggie Siu really do sum up this series, random beginnings - long midsection - haphazard endings.

Anyway here are my nominees.

Best Actor
Steven Ma

Whilst this is by no means Steven's best performance he took to his character well, it was somewhat refreshing seeing any lead role like Chow Yung Kung and I think Steven did go for it most of the time. There were a few stiff areas but on the whole it was a commendable effort.

Best Actress
No Nominees

Best Supporting Actor
No Nominees

Best Supporting Actress
Ching Hor Wai

I was quite drawn to Ching Hor Wai's character because she played the caring foster mum really convincingly. I really did enjoy her scenes with Steven bar the final bits when she was trying to send Steven back to his real mum - that was so TVB and so predictable and probably done to the zillionth time. Anyway she was a joy to watch.

Best Couple
Natalie Tong and Raymond Wong

Yet again it's a supporting couple that gets my vote - out of the 4 series I've done (one still pending) 3 out 4 of my favourite couples are from the supporting cast!
Anyway whilst I don't think the connection was as strong as Vivien and Raymond I still liked Natalie and Raymond, they looked very compatible in the series and their development was quite nice to watch unlike Steven and Linda - uh please, they just made drama for the sake of drama, there was very little logic in it.

Recognition Award

Natalie Tong
Natalie has gone for too long without any recognition whatsoever. I don't actually understand it, she's a decent actress and very pretty - what's the reason? Whilst this series may not be one of her best it definitely shows Natalie can be as good as any young leading lady.

Yvonne Lam
I was a huge fan of Mind Our Own Business, which Yvonne was a part of. Whilst Michelle Yim was the one that stole the show for me in Mind Our Own Business Yvonne played a vital role in the show making it even more watchable. It was quite shocking the first time I saw Yvonne filming for TVB and now she's getting more and more roles albeit small supporting ones. I do think Yvonne is a very good actress, her role in A Watchdog's Tale brought me right back to Mind Our Business with Liu Kai Chi, though she does tend to overact slightly in these kind of roles it is her signature style - and personally I think her acting in her next series, A Beauty of the Game, is even better!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Am I the only one who gets excited when I find out a celebrity has the same birthday as I do? Well I was uber excited when I found out a Serbian tennis player was born on the exact day as I was and he's not too shabby - next Djokovic he may not be but at least he's doing OK. His name isFilip Krajinovic, currently ranked No.331 and has been compared to Andre Agassi by Nick Bolletri - now that's a complement!

Then there's this other guy called Don Diablo, he's 12 years older than me but he's really famous in the Netherlands or somewhere like that.

I'm weird like that :)

Thursday, 25 March 2010


Ok I love this cycles ANTM but I have had very little time to post about it but can I just say after doing some tallying I'm shocked to find out that Angelea has the highest call out atm on ANTM! uh please... I also need to tell you, Angelea is in last place in my rankings.

Tried so hard to get Angelea's Bitch Please GIF on here but it didn't upload, I guess this shot is good enough :)

The other girls
RAINA - My absolute fave! She has been the most consistent for me and her perfume shot was dazzling! She's not getting enough love from ANTM I don't think as her callout is only pushed up by her FCO in her 2nd photoshoot.

SIMONE - She's consistent I think but has yet to burst out with a memorable photo, sadly I think she's on the verge of being eliminated as it's the 2nd time Tyra has voiced her disapproval of her - first time when they were picking the Top 13; Mr J saved her, and now saying her photo is average; Andre Leon Talley kind of saved her.

TATIANNA - I love Tatianna but she is quite up and down in terms on performance. In the end I think it's her face that needs the most attention as she's delivering interesting but rather awkward looks imo.

ALEXANDRA - She's a very beautiful girl who seems to be climbing slowly, I hope she does awesomely soon.

ALASIA - I love Alasia and this week was so good for her, she definitely deserved her first call out. If she can consistently produce those types of shots then she could potentially get to the final considering Andre Leon Talley's liking towards her.

KRISTA - At the moment she has surpassed my expectations as I thought I would hate her. However saying that her photos are still average and rather boring.

BRENDA - She can be amazing but she is an emotional train wreck atm. I want to see the magic she had in her first photo-shoot - her fallout has been on par with Ren's.

ANSLEE - She is not very memorable in my opinion and I've yet to see a photo I really like.

JESSICA - Whilst I love Jessica I do think she's overrated. Her first photo-shoot imo wasn't all that but I guess everyone loved it, her 2nd photo was average and whilst I placed her 3rd in this weeks photo-shoot I found it a bit bland after the 2nd look. She needs to bring her A-game.

Loves: Jessica, Alasia
Near the Top: Tatianna, Simone (Ren)
Likes: Alexandra, Brenda
Disappointed: (Naduah, Gabrielle)
Getting There: Anslee
Iffy: Krista
Go Away: Angelea

Monday, 22 March 2010


John Barrowman is Patrick! Patrick the evil, Angie chasing, Irish man on Desperate Housewives! Wow. Actually I was saw John Barrowman, in Westfield I think he was with his partner. Anyway also wanted to congratulate VV Brown for being a M&S model - you go girl, make the world cry for not appreciating your first album! Show them just how good you are - by being an M&S model :S.

Monday, 15 March 2010

I need peace

My brother and my dad are at it again. I don't know why but my brother thinks that dad has in some way destroyed his life and holds a grudge against him. I feel that there constant arguing is affecting the quality time I have with my dad as it's just like a battle zone in the living room. My brother's rudeness to my dad is really bugging me and he just needs to understand that nobody besides himself has made him this way, stop making excuses and shifting the blame to dad.

I just needed somewhere to vent.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

ANTM Cycle 14 Premiere

Just watched ANTM cycle 14 premiere and this cycle is hotting up! This is possibly one of the strongest casts I've seen.

Anyway back to the point. Tyra continues to amaze us with her tackiness, we've seen Greek goddesses, we've seen "futuristic" model gear and this time we get - Myfierce! In actual fact I think this is only a tackiness rating of 3 on Tyra's scale! At least there was some purpose in it.

Tyra is looking hot! I remember one or two cycles back she was just way too glammed and dragged now she's stripped down (not entirely of course) and fresher.

Quote: Gabrielle - The mean girl never wins - ahem Eva Pigford, she may have done some spiritual cleansing mid-cycle but she was still the bitch!

Hallie are the kind of girls that makes parents want to give all there money to charities - stupid brat, work for god sakes!

There are so many gorgeous girls this cycle! Some edgy gorgeous, some model gorgeous, some gorgeous gorgeous and some classic gorgeous.

I think the funniest part of the premiere will have to go to Alasia - two parts in fact; the one where she was misquoting the bible and the one when she was counting how many finger were pointing back at you when you point at someone.

For the girls that didn't make it I think Danielle was the strongest one, she was very very pretty, sadly her piercings will not get her in the industry easily and ANTM is definitely not the place to get there. Nida was also nice but she's just not ready. Jeanna was pretty but not modelesque.

I didn't notice it before but Gabrielle does look a bit like Angelea!


I think Krista is an extreme version of Teyona, however Teyona was actually good, I'm not sure Krista will be though.

Now onto my impressions of the girls

Alasia - She's obviously going to be labeled a bitch and she'll inevitably split the viewers between pros and against but personally I love her and she is undeniably funny. I think she has potential in modeling and I think she'll go far but I don't know whether she'll wow us in the process.

Alexandra - She is a gorgeous girl and on certain angles is probably the prettiest but her plus size body will work against her. She also looks like a filler of sorts but atm my verdict on her is a good one.

Angelea - I thought I'd come to like her but I don't. She's just her usual self and sadly I'm not ready to watch her break the house down as she goes.

Anslee - Whilst she seems nice I think she's a filler.

Brenda - I like Brenda, she does seem a bit two faced though but I still like her atm. I think she may have been given a cut too short but all in all it's a positive first impression.

Gabrielle - She's a great girl, looks, knowledge, personality etc. but whether these things will translate in her photos is still relatively unknown. I hope she does well but I have no idea.

Jessica - She's been through a lot and that has obviously helped her develop as a person. Not only is she mature she's also god damn awesome! She's definitely in the Top few in terms of looks but I think she may be a bit too commercial - we'll see.

Krista - I don't dislike Krista but I just don't see it. I don't see what makes her modelesque that Miss. J and Tyra seem to see. I'd be really interested to see her first photo, if she flops its sealed the deal if it's great then I'll be consulting my ANTM knowledge for what to do next!

Naduah - I do like Naduah, she has the story and the edginess to break this competition in half but I really do need to see a photo-shoot of her before I lay down my final verdict as even though shes got the package she may not have what it takes - hopefully she does and we'll see a new form of ANTM's arriving.

Raina - My absolute favourite girl, how can she not do well! Whilst there are a lot of good girls in this cycle I think Raina will be the one that shines out amongst everyone, she's not been given too much of an edit yet either - normally a sign for winner status!

Ren - If Ren can deliver she is a potential threat to the top spot, but I'm worried she'll be a hit or miss. Early prediction say that she'll probably be the one to leave the competition voluntarily - and it does seem like that from early warnings, she also periodically looks stoned which is not a good thing! But her makeover shoot leaves me in high hopes for a smashing performance.

Simone - She is one of the prettiest girls this cycle but sadly her edit is obviously cutting her out to be, relying on pretty. I really do see her as a potential top model but with Tyra basically unsure of her and only Mr. Jay routing for her it seems like her ANTM days will be cut short.

Tatianna - Tatianna is one of these girls that I like but is amongst many other girls for my favourite spot, sadly she hasn't shined liked some of them have. Her lack of knowledge about the industry is obviously going to affect how much Tyra favours her and I don't see her making it into the Top 6.

FAVOURITES: Raina, Jessica, Alasia
Love: Simone, Naduah, Ren
Fabulous!: Alexandra, Gabrielle, Tatianna
Nearly There: Brenda, Anslee
Good: Krista
Meh: Angelea

I really can't predict who's going when but here's a brief idea of what I think we'll happen

Early leavers: Simone, Angelea, Tatianna, Alexandra
Won't make Top 6: Gabrielle, Anslee
Most Likely Top 6: Raina, Alasia, Naduah, Brenda, Jessica
Wildcards: Krista, Ren

I could be totally wrong!

Friday, 12 March 2010

Final Fantasy XIII

Before I start writing anything I think you should all know this, I'm a FF fan! So if you don't like FF then look away.

I got FF13 on the exact UK release date - the only game that I ever buy just when its released. I'm at Chapter 3 at the moment and my overall verdict atm is good. I'm not a fanatics as such so I don't only have good things to say about the game so don't worry you're not about to embark on a all praise journey of FF13.

The story currently hasn't really engaged me, in fact I'm slightly lost. This is my 4th Final Fantasy game but no story has taken me back to FFX yet, FFX is absolutely my favourite game!

The music; FANTASTIC! I love it, I think like FFX the music of FFXIII will stay with me for a long time.

I don't understand why people miss talking to other characters. I find that listening in to conversation much more cool! Anyway it's not like pressing the x button whilst standing next to another character is really exciting is it! Nor is hearing the exact same old phrases over and over again. I do understand why some people find this game shamelessly linear but atm it hasn't affected my liking of this game. I do however miss the towns and the "downtime" where you could relax and do some other stuff.

I do like the new gaming system, though a bit hectic it feels much more interactive and exciting. I would however love to interchange between characters rather than having to stick with the three throughout the battle.

Now I'll go into the characters;

Lightning: I like Lightning but atm she isn't so much of a leading lady, it seems that FF13 has followed FF12 in that nobody really seems to dominate the leading role - as of now anyway. I don't like her hair, way too complexed!

Snow: I like Snow, he's a lot cooler than I thought, I kind of thought he was a big old oaf when I saw his character design at first but he's much more interesting a character than what I expected (a Kimahri part 2 perhaps!)

Vanille: I really do like Vanille, atm she's my favourite character but the one thing I dislike about her is her voiceover actress. Her voice has every accent imaginable, british-american-australian-south african - you name it! It gets on my nerves.

Fang: Haven't seen much of her but she seems to also have an annoying accent

Hope: Annoying, annoying, annoying. He's obviously going to become much more likable as the story goes on but atm he's just an annoying character.

Sazh: I thought I wouldn't like him but who can dislike a guy with a bird coming out of his head!

In the end I hope I'll enjoy this game and the Versus XIII because FFXIV will be an online game and I'm not sure I'll play that - I probably will but I like console games more for some reason.

And of course the graphics! How can you talk about FFXIII without talking about the graphics - absolutely stunning. I find myself stopping a lot and panning around the scene just to see the incredible graphics.

Graphics: 9.5/10 - You can't reasonably get much better unless it was exactly human.
Characters: 8/10 - atm I'm not drawn to the characters as much as I'd like.
Gameplay: 8.5/10 - It takes some time to get use to but it's definitely a nice style.
Game Design: 9.5/10 - I'm talking all the misc stuff e.g. menus, opening sequence and music. OMG FANTASTIC.
Longevity: 8.5/10 - I will undoubtedly play it again but atm I don't think this beats FFX.

44/50! (88%) This is a fantastic score, the highest out of the three games I've graded so far. The characters I believe is this games weak point as to this point I haven't really seen memorable characters, however realistically the maximum score I'd genuinely give is 47.5 as there's always something to be improved - so I rarely give 10's.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

A follower...

Hi, Kayley! I can't believe I have a follower! I didn't even know people could follow my blog, lol! I'm like a school boy that was given an award or something. Your blog looks fantastic, I wish I put as much effort into how mine looked. I'm looking into Interior Design too - happy times :)

A Chip off the Old Block

A Chip off the Old Block started off strongly I thought, I loved the camaraderie of the tenants and the funny moments but the series lacked a sense of direction I thought and the ending was rather lackluster and rushed. The idea for this series was interesting but I don't think the writers did it much justice anyway here is my nominations.

Best Actor
Sunny Chan
Though Sunny didn't really perform amazingly I found his acting more solid and more mature compared to his previous roles. He started off strongly I thought but waned a bit towards the end of the series (and in fact he was at times slightly annoying).

Best Actress
Myolie Wu
I really do think Myolie deserves a spot in my nominations with her performance. I think she portrayed the era of the series so well and it didn't actually feel forced. Her performance I think is one of the highlights of this series.

Shirley Yeung
I've upgraded Shirley to leading lady status because I think she had just as much (or even more) screen time as Myolie Wu. She is one of my nominees simply because I thought her portrayal of both her characters especially her modern character was striking, totally different from what I'm used to with Shirley. She put in a strong performance which deserves to be rewarded.

Best Supporting Actor
John Chiang
I decided to award him because I was watching "The Threshold of a Persona" with this series and seeing John Chiang be comical (compared to serious) is something I don't think I expected him to do well. He really made his character believable and that's why I nominated him.

Best Supporting Actress
Gigi Wong
I warmed to Gigi's performance in this series, something I didn't expect. She was a strong support for the main characters and it was quite amusing watching her in her role.

Mandy Wong
I loved her so much I'm nominated her for this as well. (You'd understand when you read further).

Best Couple
Shirley Yeung and Ron Ng
I think the main reason for Shirley and Ron making my list is because of Shirley, I loved the small segment of the series when Shirley had a crush on Ron. Though the relationship got a bit boring and flouncy towards the end I thought it was a decent part of the storyline.

Most Improved Actor
No Nominees

Most Improved Actress
Mandy Wong
Her portrayal was awesome! If only she had more screen time - TVB, give her more work now!

Favourite Male Character
No Nominees

Favourite Female Character
Shirley Yeung
NGAU WONG MUI! - enough said

Breakthrough Performance
Mandy Wong
She was memorable even with such a small role, loved it when she was basically blind without her glasses and would talk to a clothes line rather than her sister (mistaking the two)...

Best Chemistry
The Tennants

Most Annoying Character
The 4 servants!
They themselves weren't annoying but because they had to voice over themselves so many times (and there voice overs were awful) I had to put them in!

Louis Yuen