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TVB Awards 2011 - Another post

I'm just going to mish mash this post with notes on the 45th awards ceremony and actually the past 14 ceremonies. It's the 15th year already!

Firstly, what was Liza wearing! I'm just lost for words.
Secondly TVB cut the short rehearsed introductions of all the artistes, cringing to the max.

Big names that did not attend: Steven Ma, Raymond Lam, Maggie Cheung
Why is Maggie never in attendance.

I love Kam Jer (Lee Heung Kam) however I was feeling so worried for her when she was on screen, I hope she's in good health.

TVB give the artistes more time for acceptance speeches!

I loved most of the presenters especially seeing Mariane Chan back (her presenting speech was good) and Wu Fung but the Teddy Robin and guy from Shine skit was too long.

Everybody was complaining about Vincent and I agree he's pretty green but remember he is new to this give him a chance.

Poor Linda, even Myolie thought that she stole her award. However Myolie was far too exaggerated in expressing her disappointment when she won My Favourite Female Character award, it was borderline rude. TVB should just scrap this and go back to the Top 15 favourite characters of the year. However she somewhat  redeemed herself during the Best Actress speech.

Interesting seating configurations. Elena Kong and Selena Li on front row! Woohoo! Ruco Chan front row! Woohoo but Raymond Wong is on 2nd row...

Anyway after watching the show and realising Moses had been nominated (Top 5) for 7 consecutive year I decided to look back on the past shows and do a little tallying here are my results...

When everybody thinks who is the most successful in terms of TVB Awards I doubt anybody would not say Gallen Lo who was nominated six times from 1997-2002 and managed to win 3 of those but disregarding the amount of wins Moses Chan and Bobby Au Yeung have both been nominated 8 times each! However this is topped by Jessica Hsuan having a whopping 9 nominations and 7 consecutively. Her last nomination was in 2007 which means she was nominated 9 times in the first 11 years. Charmaine Sheh also has a 8 nominations to her name with Ada Choi coming close at 7.

Gallen Lo leads with most wins at 3. Louis Koo, Roger Kwok, Wayne Lai and most recently Kevin Cheng have won two but only Wayne and Kevin I think have a chance to increase this number. On the women's side Liza Wang and Sheren Tang have won two each, each I think with the potential to add more to that number.

Raymond Lam tops every actor in the number of nominations without a win at 5. No other actor has had more than 3 nominations and not won so TVB please give Raymond a great role so that he can once again be nominated and win! But he is beaten by Kenix Kwok who has been nominated 6 times and still not been given the title she deserves

Since Ha Yu's win in 2008 he has been snubbed by the awards.

The supporting roles have only been awarded for 7 years but in this time there have been a diverse number of actors nominated, only Pierre Ngo has managed to muster up three nominations but I think he'll win very soon. It has also been a good place to gauge where TVB will find their next TV king with Ha Yu and Wayne Lai (and nearly Michael Tse) both winning this and Best Actor later in their career. The actresses also have a very mixed field of nominees with Fala Chen doing the best, winning 2 times and being nominated 4 times - still a shock to many how she has won twice. Nancy Wu has the most nominations without a win however I think Nancy will be a huge contender for next year.

The My Favourite awards are less varied and have been in existence since 2006. Raymond has already racked up 4 nominations and won twice here whilst Kevin Cheng, Michael Tse, Moses Chan and Wayne Lai have all been nominated three times and besides Michael all have won once already. The females sport an even less diverse group with most nominees having at least two nominations besides Aimee Chan, Maggie Cheung and Niki Chow. Charmaine Sheh rules the roost with 6 nominations in 6 years but she had two nominations in one year. It took her to leave TVB for them to stop nominating her for this. Linda and Sheren have had the most disappointment from these awards with Linda losing 4 times and Sheren 3 times. I still don't understand why TVB didn't give Linda the awards this year whilst Sheren should have won with all her amazing characters.

The Most Improved Artiste award has been in existence since 2002, I am not counting Nick Cheung's Award in 1998 because it was solely made to award Nick (and maybe Chin Kar Lok) with something. From this award we can see TVB's favoured doing very well. Luckily no actor has been put to shame by being nominated here more than twice... for now. Most interestingly Kevin was nominated here the year he won Best Actor! On the women's side TVB's favoured continue to shine but shockingly Fala Chen has never won this award, obviously she was so good that TVB leapfrogged her over this... Selena Li has the shame of being nominated here the most without a win, three times to be exact. She has now been promoted to leading actress status but I believe if she finally gets a breakthrough role TVB might just bung her in here again. But none other has been shamed as much as Tavia Yeung who even after winning the award in 2003 has been nominated three more times afterwards! TVB is Tavia that bad she has to improve and improve until she reaches supporting status? Most winners won on their first nomination besides Kenneth Ma, Raymond Wong, Wong Cho Lam and Natalie Tong which just goes to show how this award is just given to TVBs favourites.

Moses, Wayne, Kevin, Charmaine and Myolie have all managed to win both the Best and My Favourite categories in their respective years.

So some interesting statistics, which leads me to my main question... When will Raymond finally win the Best Actor title? Whilst I'd love him to win I really want him to win it for a role that most people agree upon because he deserves to be congratulated rather than degraded like how Kevin was in 2006. I just hope TVB gives Raymond more big series so that he has a fighting chance.

Monday, 5 December 2011

TVB Awards 2011 - Result

There are things that shock me and things that are so predictable in this year's winners so let me elaborate...

Top 5 - Kevin Cheng, Michael Tse, Moses Chan, Wayne Lai, Bosco Wong

All my Lock Ons made it and Moses and Bosco, both in my Add Ons made it. Not shocking at all and as I said I expected Kevin to win his second Best Actor Award, whilst I think he did well I still found his performance average in some areas during Ghetto Justice. In other news Moses continues his streak, this is his seventh consecutive year of being in the Top 5!

Top 5 - Myolie Wu, Liza Wang, Myolie Wu, Fala Chen, Linda Chung, Maggie Cheung

Obviously Myolie and Fala both in the Top 5 as well as Maggie, Linda and as I said Liza was always a safe bet. Whilst it's sad seeing the omission of Tavia. This year wasn't her year.

Top 5 - Ben Wong, Derek Kwok, Jazz Lam, Pierre Ngo, Lee Kwok Lun

This year the Best Supporting Actor Award was all for Ben Wong really. Pierre, Derek, Jazz also made it but didn't expect Lee Kwok Lun. I so wish that Power was nominated. Jazz nominated in Top 5 which begs the question "Why did he lose to MC Jin in Most Improved?"

Top 5 - Sharon Chan, Nancy Wu, Natalie Tong, Aimee Chan, Helen Ma

Happy that Sharon won but it was a joke Aimee made the Top 5. I don't dislike Aimee, in fact a lot of the times I support her but come on she was pretty average in The Other Truth and only appeared in three episodes. I kind of think the same for Helen Ma as well actually. So frustrated Elena Kong is not nominated! TVB SUPPORT HER PLEASE!

Top 5 - Kevin Cheng, Michael Tse, Bosco Wong, Wayne Lai, Ruco Chan

Predicted the Top 5 but I can't quite believe that Kevin won both the awards (and would eventually end with three for the night). Is TVB trying to say they judge fairly?

Top 5 - Myolie Wu, Linda Chung, Fala Chen, Maggie Cheung, Aimee Chan

Pretty gobsmacked that it wasn't Linda, I was so sure as well. I've come to learn that TVB regards filming series dedicated to you as a form of congratulation so you don't need an award - as seen with Michael Tse. But another thing, Aimee REALLY! I think Aimee is going to get a lot more haters now. Pretty interesting Kate and Tavia were both blanked, I'd call them and Fala, Myolie and Linda as the new five Fa Dans of TVB.

I thought Jazz would make it but TVB's love for MC Jin came over. Sorry it's just unfair wasn't Lives of Omission his first main series?

Sire Ma, oh well Mandy still has time but Sire's win is premature to me.

BEST HOST: Grasshoppers (All Star Glam Exam)
Nah... I found them pretentious and annoying most of the time it was the guests that saved the show.

Top 5 - Lives of Omission, Yes Sir Sorry Sir, Ghetto Justice, The Other Truth, Forensic Heroes III

TVB cannot continue to give this award as a consolation to the "losing" series. How can Lives of Omission be better than Ghetto Justice if the Best Actor, Actress, Supporting Actress, Favourite Male and Female Character came from Ghetto Justice? I just don't get that. NB I'm a Lives of Omission fan.


REALLY! Three Awards! I'd much rather TVB shared the pork when Kevin really wasn't that much better than everyone else.


yay! Love Kam jer

... really ... so where's the Professional Performance Award now coughporkawardcough

Saturday, 3 December 2011

TVB Awards 2011: Final Preshow Post

So that this blog doesn't fade into oblivion I am updating it even though I really shouldn't be with the amount of work I have but I just wanted to update my predictions for the awards.

Sorry for the lack of photos, they just take time!


TVB's Choice
Lock Ons - Kevin Cheng, Michael Tse, Wayne Lai

Others - Moses Chan, Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Ruco Chan (in order of likelihood)

We all know it is a battle between Kevin and Michael but as the weeks have passed I feel like Kevin is slowly edging ahead. Personally I feel Kevin did a good job but it would be so unjust if Kevin wins this award for the second time. I find it amusing that nobody seems to remember Kevin in Home Troopers where he wasn't that great. Michael has been getting a lot of negative news about his personality but I liked his acting in Lives of Omission so I'd much rather he won than Kevin. Wayne is a given, he's the new Gallen Lo to TVB.

I think TVB might complete the list with Moses just for old times sake, he has been in the top 5 like every year! Raymond might make it because I can't see TVB just blanking him the whole night, unless he wins one of those pork awards like Professional Performance or Blog Popularity. Bosco was pretty well received in Lives of Omission so if TVB is trying to slowly increase his chances of winning the award someday they need to start portraying him as a contender. Whilst Ruco Chan is a dark horse but yet again he received a lot of attention from The Other Truth so it would seem odd for TVB to blank him. Would TVB include Steven Ma? It seems like everyone believes Steven should win it some day.

Just a note I find it interesting that Sunny has acted in a number of leading roles this year but has gained no traction.

My Choice (not necessarily in Top 15)
Raymond Lam - My Sister of Eternal Flower
Bosco Wong - Lives of Omission
Ruco Chan - The Other Truth
Michael Tse - Lives of Omission
Wayne Lai - Forensic Heroes III

But as you know I want Steven Ma to win it because he's the most worthy of the award right now.


TVB's Choice
Lock Ons - Myolie Wu, Fala Chen

Others - Maggie Cheung, Kate Tsui, Tavia Yeung, Linda Chung, Liza Wang, Charmaine Sheh

Yet again another two way battle this time between Myolie Wu and Fala Chen. However I think TVB favour Myolie at the moment and I think the general consensus is that Myolie is a better choice. With Fala's illness I wonder how it will affect her chances, will it give her a better chance because TVB wants to maximize her opportunities when she recovers or will she be forgotten because she might be gone for a while?

As I see it Maggie Cheung is being promoted as TVBs headline "powerhouse" actress because she's the only previous generation actress that is still with them so I'd believe TVB would like to be in Maggie's good books. Kate, Tavia and Linda will all be fillers to boost their reputation. Liza will always be a good filler if needs be whilst I don't know what TVB will do with Charmaine. And I wonder if TVB will continue to blank Jessica.

My Choice
Yoyo Mung - Only You
Charmaine Sheh - My Sister of Eternal Flower
Myolie Wu - The Rippling Blossom
Tavia Yeung - The Other Truth
Fala Chen - Lives of Omission

I really want to add Maggie but I've only watched one episode of Forensic Heroes III but I thought the above 5 did well. To be honest I support Yoyo and Myolie and am I the only one that thought Charmaine did well?


TVB's Choice
Lock Ons - Ben Wong 

Others - Pierre Ngo, Law Lok Lam, Sam Lee, Elliot Ngok, Derek Kwok, Jazz Lam, Power Chan

If Ben doesn't win this I honestly can't imagine who else would, Ben's the only one talked about so I think it's 99% his. Pierre hasn't actually won the Best Supporting Actor gong yet so maybe he'll be the other 1%. I see Law Lok Lam being nominated to continue the gimmick whilst the others are just more names (to TVB) to fill up the list.

My Choice
Raymond Wong - Twilight Investigation
Damian Lau - Lives of Omission
Ben Wong - Lives of Omission
Elliot Ngok - Grace Under Fire
Power Chan - Twilight Investigation

Besides Raymond Wong and Damian Lau nobody has really struck me this year. I consider Damian's role as a supporting because the story never really focused on him. I'm really becoming a Damian fan, I remember back in the day when I couldn't stand him.


TVB's Choice
Lock Ons - Sharon Chan, Nancy Wu, Elena Kong

Others - Joyce Tang, Natalie Tong, Aimee Chan

I think Sharon is most likely going to get this but I'm not saying Nancy and Elena don't have a chance, to be honest Sharon is only in the lead because of the momentum she has received from the press and Nancy is also favoured by TVB as her series are always aired around the anniversary period.

Joyce and Natalie seem to be two safe options as well because they were both liked in their roles. To be honest I think there are a lot of fillers in this category. I hope TVB doesn't go crazy and put Aimee Chan in the Top 5!

My Choice
Mimi Lo - 7 Days in Life
Elaine Yiu - The Life and Times of a Sentinel
Elena Kong - Lives of Omission
Sharon Chan - Ghetto Justice
Joyce Tang - Ghetto Justice

I liked Natalie also and I might have considered Nancy if I saw more of Forensic Heroes III. Can't think of that many I liked this year but I remember Elaine was quite captivating in The Life and Times of a Sentinel


TVB's Choice
Lock Ons - Michael Tse, Kevin Cheng, Wayne Lai

Others - Bosco Wong, Ruco Chan, Raymond Wong, Wong Cho Lam, Julian Cheung, Moses Chan, Steven Ma

Basically I think if Kevin wins Best Actor I think Michael will win this and vice versa. I think Kevin's role was the most well received but I can't imagine him winning both awards and I can't imagine TVB giving Michael a Professional Performance or Blog Popularity Award to compensate for losing on either of the main two awards.

Bosco is probably going to make it into the Top 5, depends on how his other nominations go. Ruco and Raymond will probably appear as a pair or neither at all. Wong Cho Lam might be a good bet as people seemed to like his character, same goes to Julian. I can't imagine how Moses' character is in any way liked but you know TVB.

My Choice
Raymond Lam - My Sister of Eternal Flower
Raymond Wong - Twilight Investigation
Julian Cheung - The Rippling Blossom
Wong Hei - Twilight Investigation
Damien Lau - The Rippling Blossom


TVB's Choice
Lock Ons - Linda Chung, Myolie Wu, Fala Chen

Others - Sharon Chan, Kate Tsui, Tavia Yeung

Rumor is that Linda Chung doesn't win this and instead it would be given to Fala, I can see that possibility but I still think it would make more sense if Linda won this.

Sharon Chan's role caused a mini storm as well so maybe she will get recognition for it. To be honest I find it hard to predict who will make this list but I'm sure that the Myolie/Fala war will continue and Linda will also be there.

My Choice
Yoyo Mung - Only You
Kate Tsui - Relic of an Emissary
Charmaine Sheh - My Sister of Eternal Flower
Myolie Wu - The Rippling Blossom
Linda Chung - Twilight Investigation

Yoyo, loved her. Kate's Qian Sham was very intriguing in my memory, felt sad when she died. And rather than in Yes Sir Sorry Sir I liked Linda much more in Twilight Investigation.


Jazz Lam is the only one nominated in Best Supporting so I think that automatically makes him the favourite. Then MC Jin comes closely behind 

My Choice
Oscar Leung
Sammy Shum
Him Law
Jazz Lam
Chris Lai

These are the 5 guys I can think of that TVB should promote. It's a shame that Chris Lai is still in this category.


Same situation for Sire Ma as Jazz Lam. I don't get how Cilla Kung is a huge threat to Sire though. I just really hope Mandy wins this.

My Choice
Sire Ma
Mandy Wong
Joyce Cheng
Claire Yiu
Yoyo Chen

The only 5 names I can think of now. I don't think TVB should promote Joyce but I think she has definitely improved.


I think it'll be Lives of Omission but I can equally see Ghetto Justice taking it.

My Choice
Twilight Investigation
Grace Under Fire
Ghetto Justice
Lives of Omission
My Sister of Eternal Flower


Best Informative Programme - Only remember Travelling with Koyo and Kung Fu Supernova but can't quite understand how they are informative.

Best Host - I can see Big Boys Club or Apprentice Chef winning this as a consolation to MC Jin or Steven Ma. Personally I think Margie and Kristal for Deja Love or Steven for Apprentice Chef would be good.

Best Variety Show - This will probably go to All Star Glam Exam, not been a huge fan of any and wow The Voice hasn't been nominated for anything, will Season 3 be the last?

Professional Performance Award - Tavia and Moses have won this, maybe this year it would go to Wayne to tell him that they still value him.

Microblog's Popularity Award - Don't know how this is given but I'm guessing Raymond or Wayne, some say Ruco but I'm not sure he's popular enough to garner a Popularity contest.

Lifetime Achievement Award - Don't know, only person I can think of right now is Lau Siu Ming.

So just to recap

Best Actor - Kevin Cheng
Best Actress - Myolie Wu
Best Supporting Actor - Ben Wong
Best Supporting Actress - Sharon Chan
Favourite TV Male Character - Michael Tse
Favourite TV Female Character - Linda Chung
Most Improved Male Artiste - Jazz Lam
Most Improved Female Artiste - Sire Ma
Best Series - Lives of Omission

So a few changes from last time

and just to remind you, I would like this to happen

Best Actor - Steven Ma
Best Actress - Myolie Wu
Best Supporting Actor - Power Chan
Best Supporting Actress - Elena Kong
Favourite TV Male Character - Julian Cheung
Favourite TV Female Character - Yoyo Mung
Most Improved Male Artiste - Jazz Lam
Most Improved Female Artiste - Mandy Wong
Best Series - Lives of Omission

See you tomorrow for the real results!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

TVB Awards 2011 nominees

As I promised I will be posting about the nominees list for the 45th TVB Anniversary Awards (should be 44th but TVB has decided to skip 44th because 4 sounds like die in Chinese)

I've watched most series this year besides Forensic Heroes III, Super Snoops and Curse of the Royal Harem, basically everything after late September.


Julian Cheung - The Rippling Blossom
Stephen Au - Be Home For DInner
Moses Chan - Yes Sir Sorry Sir
Kevin Cheng - Ghetto Justice
Roger Kwok - Wax and Wane
Ron Ng - Wax and Wane
Ruco Chan - The Other Truth
Steven Ma - The Life and Times of a Sentinel
Kenneth Ma - The Life and Times of a Sentinel
Michael Tse - Lives of Omission
Bosco Wong - Lives of Omission
Bobby Au Yeung - Men With No Shadows
Raymond Lam - Men With No Shadows
Wayne Lai - Forensic Heroes
Sunny Chan - Curse of the Royal Harem

This list is pretty predictable besides Stephen Au for Be Home for Dinner, I would have expected Damian (I liked him this year a lot), Bowie or even Joe Ma before they'd consider Stephen Au

Ruco did well in The Other Truth and has left a lasting impression. I felt that both leads in Lives of Omission were also very good. Then it gets tough. Steven Ma and Roger Kwok were decent but not too memorable whilst Wayne Lai is getting a lot of good feedback for his role and because I don't feel like nominating anyone else I'll nominate him. But to be honest I feel that Raymond Lam did well in My Sister of Eternal Flower so I might put him in as a darkhorse.

But to be honest I don't want Ruco, Michael or Bosco to win the award. I feel that the award should not only go for one performance but also for your performance as a whole in the past only because it has always been like that for TVB awards (i.e. I would never suggest this for the Oscars). Therefore I think Julian, Steven and Raymond should win this award before the three above.

Most Likely Top 5

Julian Cheung - The Rippling Blossom
Kevin Cheng - Ghetto Justice
Steven Ma - The Life and Times of a Sentinel
Michael Tse - Lives of Omission
Wayne Lai - Forensic Heroes III

Ok besides Kevin, Michael and Wayne I think the last two spots are not lock on yet. I see anyone from Julian, Moses, Ruco, Bosco or Raymond taking the last two spots. It will be interesting if Moses misses a spot though because he hasn't been out of the Top 5 since 2005.

In all honesty I find this years crop weak I think there's real potential for an upset this year but I think Michael looks like the favourite to me. I will be disappointed if Kevin wins again. Kevin has definitely improved by leaps and bounds and his performance in Only You and Ghetto Justice were good but I think he has been overrated for Ghetto Justice, I found him so over-exaggerated when he was in court and he should in no way be listed among the Multi-Best Actor awardees of Gallen, Louis, Roger and Wayne.

But before I move onto the next category I just want to say how disappointed I am that TVB seems to be putting Raymond in these uninspiring roles that typecast him into a certain character. He needs to be in a big series soon as his win is so overdue.


Liza Wang - Home Troopers
Tavia Yeung - The Rippling Blossom
Louise Lee - Only You
Yoyo Mung - Only You
Kristal Tin - Be Home For Dinner
Linda Chung - Yes Sir Sorry Sir
Charmaine Sheh - My Sister of Eternal Flower
Selena Li - The Life and Times of a Sentinel
Fala Chen - Lives of Omission
Kate Tsui - Lives of Omission
Nancy Sit - River of WIne
Elena Kong - River of Wine
Maggie Cheung - Forensic Heroes III
Jessica Hsuan - Curse of the Royal Harem
Myolie Wu - Curse of the Royal Harem

I'm just going to blank out Tavia Yeung for The Rippling Blossom rather than The Other Truth but whoopee for Selena Li being elevated here.

I think I was one of the few who actually thought Charmaine did well here. Fala also did well in Lives of Omission. Elena Kong is so underrated by TVB whilst I expect Maggie to be doing good in Forensic Heroes III finally Myolie has had a great year. And I would like to commend Yoyo because I felt that her two roles this year were two of her best performances ever and it changed my opinion towards her.

I think Myolie should win the award this year because she has been memorable in all three of her roles this year and she was in her element in The Rippling Blossom.

Most Likely Top 5
Fala Chen - Lives of Omission
Maggie Cheung - Forensic Heroes III
Myolie Wu - Curse of the Royal Harem

Linda Chung - Yes Sir Sorry Sir
Kate Tsui - Lives of Omission

Just to add I think Tavia and Charmaine are also potential Top 5 candidates but I decided to omit them because Tavia hasn't really had any memorable roles despite being in 4 or 5 dramas this year whilst Charmaine's move and bad press from the series might have affected her chances. 

I think Fala and Myolie are sure inclusions with Maggie also being very likely. Linda and Kate are more maybes to me.


Kenny Wong - Links to Temptation
Ram Tseung - A Great Way To Care
Patrick Tang - 7 Days in Life
Elliot Yue - Grace Under Fire
Mat Yeung - Be Home For Dinner
Law Lok Lam - Yes Sir Sorry Sir
Sam Lee - Ghetto Justice
Jazz Lam - Ghetto Justice
Lee Sing Cheung - The Other Truth
KK Cheung - The Life and Times of a Sentinel
Derek Kwok - Lives of Omission
Ben Wong - Lives of Omission
Pierre Ngo - River of Wine
Power Chan - Men With No Shadows
Lee Kwok Lun - Forensic Heroes III

Pretty uninterested in this list

I nominated Elliot Yue and Power simply based on past performance whilst I thought Sam and Jazz were quite refreshing and Ben was interesting in Lives of Omission.

Most Likely Top 5
Elliot Yue - Grace Under Fire
Law Lok Lam - Yes Sir Sorry Sir
Derek Kwok - Lives of Omission
Ben Wong - Lives of Omission
Pierre Ngo - River of Wine

I find it pretty difficult to predict who will be nominated let alone win. I chose Elliot because he's always a good filler, Law Lok Lam because of his news, Derek and Ben because of Lives of Omission's success and Pierre because he's been in for the past two years. The only person who has been gaining any traction is Ben Wong in this group so I guess he's the favourite, if not Pierre Ngo might sneak in.


Vivien Yeo - A Great Way To Care
Yvonne Lam - Be Home For Dinner
Queenie Chu - Yes Sir Sorry Sir
Sharon Chan - Ghetto Justice
Joyce Tang - Ghetto Justice
Mannor Chan - Wax and Wane
Florence Kwok - Wax and Wane
Aimee Chan - The Other Truth
Natalie Tong - The Other Truth
Helen Ma - The Other Truth
Ching Ho Wai - The Life and Times of a Sentinel
Elena Kong - Lives of Omission
Sire Ma - River of Wine
Nancy Wu - Forensic Heroes III
Gigi Wong - Curse of the Royal Harem

Interesting that Natalie and Selena both considered for most improving last year have suddenly seen a huge split in status. Natalie who won the award last year is now only Supporting whilst Selena who lost is a leading actress!

This is pretty easy for me. Sharon and Joyce were fantastic in Ghetto Justice, Natalie did well in The Other Truth. Elena was amazing for Lives of Omission whilst Nancy has been garnering a lot of attention in FH3. But honestly Aimee for a couple of episodes in The Other Truth! WHAT! 

My favourite is Elena Kong then Sharon and maybe Nancy if I watched FH3.

Most Likely Top 5
Sharon Chan - Ghetto Justice
Joyce Tang - Ghetto Justice
Natalie Tong - The Other Truth
Elena Kong - Lives of Omission
Nancy Wu - Forensic Heroes III

YEP! I predict the same list as my Top 5, I can only see Helen or Gigi making a change to this Top 5 unless TVB lose their minds and go for Aimee Chan in three episodes of The Other Truth.


Julian Cheung - The Rippling Blossom
Stephen Au - Be Home For Dinner
Jason Chan - Be Home For Dinner
Moses Chan - Yes Sir Sorry Sir
Kevin Cheng - Ghetto Justice
Ruco Chan - The Other Truth
Raymond Wong - The Other Truth
Steven Ma - The Life and Times of a Sentinel
Michael Tse - Lives of Omission
Bosco Wong - Lives of Omission
MC Jin - Lives of Omission
Wong Cho Lam - Super Snoops
Louis Yuen - Super Snoops
Johnson Lee - Super Snoops
Wayne Lai - Forensic Heroes III

No Raymond! Stephen, Jason and Moses! Really! Jason is so annoying and I swear Lor Sir was the most hated character on Hong Kong TV this year.

Simply saying I didn't like any of the other nominees characters, of course besides the ones I haven't seen.

Most Likely Top 5

Julian Cheung - The Rippling Blossom
Kevin Cheng - Ghetto Justice
Michael Tse - Lives of Omission
Wong Cho Lam - Super Snoops
Wayne Lai - Forensic Heroes III

However I think it'd be odd if Moses was blanked in both categories. I think Julian, Kevin, Michael and Wayne seem the most likely roles to be considered for Favourite character whilst everybody seemed to love Wong Cho Lam's role in Super Snoops.


Sonija Kwok - 7 Days in Life
Yoyo Mung - Only You
Louise Lee - Only You
Liu Xuan - Grace Under Fire
Kristal Tin - Be Home For Dinner
Linda Chung - Yes Sir Sorry Sir
Myolie Wu - Ghetto Justice
Sharon Chan - Ghetto Justice
Toby Leung - Wax and Wane
Tavia Yeung - The Other Truth
Fala Chen - Lives of Omission
Kate Tsui - Lives of Omission
Liza Wang - Super Snoops
Maggie Cheung - Forensic Heroes III
Aimee Chan - Forensic Heroes III

Honestly Toby Leung! Her character and performance in Wax and Wane reminded me of why I hated Toby's acting when I started to like her after My Sister of Eternal Flower.

For some reason I loved Yoyo Mungs "Middle-Aged Woman" role. I pitied Linda's character in Yes Sir Sorry Sir so I nominated her there. Myolie was pretty cool in Ghetto Justice whilst I liked both Tavia and Fala in their respective roles also however I truly only loved Yoyo's character.

Most Likely Top 5
Linda Chung - Yes Sir Sorry Sir
Myolie Wu - Ghetto Justice
Fala Chen - Lives of Omission
Kate Tsui - Lives of Omission
Liza Wang - Super Snoops

Honestly isn't this award given to Linda already? Anyway besides Linda the others are just educated guesses that could easily be wrong.

Jazz Lam
King Kong
Jason Chan
Mat Yeung
MC Jin

JAZZ! MC Jin is so overrated.

Samantha Ko
Sire Ma
Mandy Wong
Cilla Kung
Katy Kung

So actually awarding new faces! So Selena and Sharon have finally grown too old for this award and will forever be known as the two who were nominated nearly every year but never got the award. But I really think it should be given to Mandy Wong even though I'm quite sure it's Sire Ma's to lose.

Show Me The Happy
Twilight Investigation
Links to Temptation
Home Troopers
A Great Way To Care
7 Days in Life
The Rippling Blossom
Only You
Grace Under Fire
Be Home For Dinner
Relic of an Emissary
Yes Sir Sorry Sir
My Sister of Eternal Flower
Ghetto Justice
Wax and Wane
The Other Truth
The Life and Times of a Sentinel
Lives of Omission
River of Wine
Men With No Shadows
Super Snoops
Forensic Heroes III
Til Love Do Us Die
Curse of the Royal Harem

But I sadly did not finish River Of Wine, Men With No Shadows, Super Snoops, Forensic Heroes III, Till Love Do Us Die or Curse of the Royal Harem.

I really liked Twilight Investigation but nobody else seemed to. Grace Under Fire had some great scenes whilst I actually liked My Sister of Eternal Flower. Ghetto Justice was very different from the usual TVB series and written interestingly thus it was well received whilst I liked Lives of Omission more than I thought. Special mention to Julian, Damian, Myolie and Eileen's part of The Rippling Blossom and the cases and the way they were handled in The Other Truth.

To be honest this year is pretty bad in terms of a good set of winners, at this moment I think it might be

Best Actor - Michael Tse
Best Actress - Myolie Wu
Best Supporting Actor - Ben Wong
Best Supporting Actress - Nancy Wu
Favourite TV Male Character - Kevin Cheng
Favourite TV Female Character - Linda Chung
Most Improved Male Artiste - MC Jin
Most Improved Female Artiste - Sire Ma
Best Series - Lives of Omission

I would like this to happen

Best Actor - Steven Ma
Best Actress - Myolie Wu
Best Supporting Actor - Power Chan
Best Supporting Actress - Elena Kong
Favourite TV Male Character - Julian Cheung
Favourite TV Female Character - Yoyo Mung
Most Improved Male Artiste - Jazz Lam
Most Improved Female Artiste - Mandy Wong
Best Series - Lives of Omission

This is factoring in every equation so not only their performance in the said series but overall performance throughout the year and throughout their career and other factors as well.

Anyway see you soon for the actual awards results!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


I went back to London last weekend and one of the places I had dinner at was Leon. I've now been to two of their branches, one at Bluewater and one near the Tate Modern but neither of their offerings worked for me. This time I ordered the dinner £9.95 deal which included a starter, two dishes and brown rice to top it off. I chose the hummus and flatbread starter and chose Morrocan meatballs and garlic and chilli broccoli. I also ordered a lemonade for £1.75 which tasted rather average. The flatbread with hummus was the best part of the meal in my opinion, though for the amount of hummus given I would have liked more flatbread. The broccoli was interesting though a little too uncooked for me whilst the Meatballs were quite average when supposedly it's their most famous dish. The brown rice was horrible, dry and tasteless.

Overall I do not have fond memories of Leon and don't plan on going back any time soon. If I'm around there next time I'll try Del'Aziz or Tsuru. 

Sunday, 25 September 2011

The next step...

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I just moved to my uni today and it has been a bit hectic. It's going to be difficult to continue with this blog but I assure you I'll continue to post, however infrequently.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Miss Universe 2011 Final Review

I've re-watched the Miss Universe pageant and my main comment is that it was an odd year.

Lets start with a fuller review of the Top 16.

FRANCE - When Laury won her national pageant there were so many haters, I was one of few who thought she wasn't that bad and even considered her a contender however when everybody started liking her and putting her in their Top 16 I was unconvinced and placed her in my Top 30. I predicted she would make the Top 16 though.

KOSOVO - Way back in my first list she was in my Top 8. If you read that post you'd know I was unsure whether she deserved that placing and I was right to feel like that because when she arrived I was disappointed. She never climbed back to that high and slowly fell in my rankings to 42nd. Yet again I predicted her Top 16 placement though.

COLOMBIA - Colombia was never a favourite of mine, she did start to gather some steam before and after the preliminary competition but I didn't expect her Top 16 placement. To be honest I thought her "panties" fiasco was enough to bar her from placing and there were so many other Latinas I thought would take her place like Peru, Nicaragua, Mexico and Paraguay. She was 33rd on my list.

CHINA - China finally gave me something to cheer for, after 3 girls outside my Top 20 list I finally got someone inside my Top 10; China was 7th on my list. China has always been a predicament because I never found her beautiful instead it was her style and presence that caught my attention. It was also, for me, difficult to ignore a Chinese delegate who could actually do well in the competition.

ANGOLA - I'd be lying to you if I said I was ecstatic about her placement. At this stage I was praying for some of my favourites that another girl placed outside of my Top 20; 28th, wasn't a happy sight. Angola was always part of my bubbling under list and in fact her rather forgettable performance throughout the competition never excited me. However I was happy that Africa had a representative and she was on my 8 alternatives on my prediction list.

AUSTRALIA - Scherri-Lee was one of my favourites so I was over the moon about her placement. She was 6th on my list. Whilst most liked her prior to the pageant I think I grew to like her from looking at all the photos of their activities, her interview and her prelim performance. She represented a healthy, sporty girl and I loved her bubbly personality. She was amongst my Top 16 prediction list.

PUERTO RICO - At one point I loved Viviana, she peaked at 4th on my list but she slowly found her resting place at 13th. She just didn't provide as much spark as I had predicted and to be honest she didn't look her best on the night in my opinion. I was surprised to find out that it was her birthday on the finals. She also made my Top 16 predictions.

BRAZIL - Yet again a girl that once peaked inside my Top 15/16, at 12th, but just before and after the prelims she started to die down for me and ended at 29th. To be honest I didn't expect her placement despite being the home delegate because I thought her story was too much for her to handle but I did put her in my alternative 8. I think if she had been more vibrant during the prelims she could have stayed in my top 20.

NETHERLANDS - I jumped out of my seat when I saw this, I thought Kelly would be the favourite to fall or as some name it the "Ruth Ocumarez Award". I had not even considered her as an alternative in my predictions because I really had a feeling she'd be an Alida D'Angona of Miss Universe. I should have had more faith. She has been a permanent fixture in my Top 5, placing at 5th in the end.

USA - Thank god she made it. USA was always my No.1 until her preliminary which dropped her to 8th but she was still one of my faves. It would have been a shock if she didn't make it but I would also have understood her none placement. At this point I was really wondering how she'd look in the swimsuit competition because it could be what makes her lose before the Top 10 or even win it all.

UKRAINE - She was always my No.3 even when others thought she was a dud. I found her stunning and didn't really understand why others did not but that didn't matter anymore because she made the Top 16 (and we quickly found out that wasn't where she'd end). I was sure she'd make the Top 16 because of her undeniable sex appeal.

PANAMA - It was only after the preliminary pageant that I jumped on the bandwagon. She became my No.12. I thought she looked stunning when glammed up and I was extremely pleased that she made the Top 16. She was also in my Top 16 prediction list.

COSTA RICA - Costa Rica recently peaked at 16th on my favourites list so I was pleased with her inclusion. However I only put her as an alternative for my predictions list because I didn't expect the judges to like her much 

PORTUGAL - Portugal was 24th on my list but never did I expect her to be in the Top 16 nor did I expect her to be voted in, but it was definitely a pleasant surprise I wouldn't want to see the viewers vote to always be between Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Puerto Rico. She also looked beautiful on the night.

PHILIPPINES - Philippines was always just outside my Top 10 but as I said she was amongst my Top 12 favourites for the finals. I have been a fan of Shamcey since Binibining Pilipinas and I'm proud to have been one of the few believers in her ever since she won her national pageant, I would also like to add whilst I liked Patricia Tumulak and MJ Lastimosa I think they wouldn't have fared as well at MU this year because they seemed to favour more natural girls this year. Personally I also like her more than Venus Raj and thought there was potential for her to make the Top 5.

VENEZUELA - I have never been a fan of Venezuela ever since she won her national pageant, I am one of the few who have never been a supporter, there were a dozen girls who I'd prefer over her but I did predict her Top 16 placement but she only placed 40th on my list. I would be more shocked if she didn't make the Top 16.

So I predicted 11 out of 16, and 2 in my alternative 8, pretty normal for me. I also had Greece, Malaysia, Peru, Spain and Thailand in my prediction list.

If I was to pick a Top 5 from this bunch of 16 without having watched their performances on the night I would have chosen Ukraine, Australia, Panama, USA and Netherlands

Anyway I want to talk a bit about the excluded girls

GREECE - Along with Malaysia and Peru she was the biggest shock exclusion. She had performed so well throughout the activities and she was so right for the pageant that I was left in shock she was excluded. By the end of this whole pre final process she was actually at the top spot for me. I was so upset she couldn't do her thing in front of Isabeli Fontana because she'd have probably advanced to the Top 5, though maybe she was cut because she was too much of a threat to Ukraine - both had that amazing stare.

MALAYSIA - Another absolute shock. She was my No.2! My top 2 both out! How come? GB even dedicated a section as to why they thought she missed the cut. I think if there was any reason to it it would be that MUO didn't want her to win and as she was too much of a danger if she made the Top 5 they wanted to be safe rather than sorry because there's no way she'd perform badly in the interviews and we all know very well she performed well in the prelims.

PERU - Another WTF non-placement, she was elegant and beautiful so I have no idea why she didn't place, the only reason I could think of is that maybe she rubbed the MUO the wrong way (as I said I expected she had a bitchy attitude) or because of her sash.

Others from my Top 16 favourites who missed out: Switzerland, Argentina, Russia, Israel.

MEXICO - As I had said her placement was in question because she was, in my opinion, stiff throughout this pageant process. She is undeniably gorgeous but she had everything against her including Ximena's win last year.


Overall I wasn't pleased with the Top 16 because it missed out three of the strongest girls in the bunch.

I would have liked some more traditional sounding music for the swimsuit segment, maybe a capoeira inspired piece. I didn't like the song used for the swimsuit segment but the segment they used when the girls were walking was fine.

I hope MUO learn from this that the Lux Fan Score is rubbish because it degrades delegates that get 2 or 3 for their scores. They should just not have anything and then release the judges score, per judge, after the finals. I also don't understand why the public don't like Panama, she came bottom on both scores.

I also didn't like the stage, it was too small and I thought they would do something similar to MU2005 with the bridge but instead it looked cheap and awkward.

A small note on the girls
France - sexy and energetic but her flailing arm was distracting
Kosovo - undeniably sexy but I still don't like her look. Her walk was also a tad too slow
Colombia - A bit too pageant patty but decent
China - I actually found her a tad boring, but she was aided by her physical assets
Angola - Sadly I thought she was the weakest out of the 16
Australia - I love her sunny aura, she's such a beach babe
Puerto Rico - I actually found her walk too stumpy and a tad disappointing
Brazil - Her walk looked uncoordinated
Netherlands - Sadly flat and awkward hip bones
USA - Whilst she walked well and looked healthy she was undeniably much thinner than her compatriots and in Brazil that's an even bigger no-no
Ukraine - Gorgeous, her beginning pose was to die for
Panama - I liked her slight headflicks but her walk was average.
Costa Rica - I found her walk too fast
Portugal - I don't get why people disliked her, she did well
Philippines - Her walk looks good head on but not from the side
Venezuela - Surprisingly average

At this point my bottom 6 were Philippines, Venezuela, China, Brazil, Netherlands and Angola but realistically I would have eliminated Brazil, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Netherlands, Costa Rica and Angola, yes Angola I thought she was the weakest in Swimsuit.

Australia, Ukraine and France were my Top 3 after the swimsuit.

TOP 10
Only three of my Top 10 favourites made it here and only 5 from my Top 10 predictions made the cut - a pretty bad prediction if I must say. I let Costa Rica and France stay in the Top 16 whilst giving Puerto Rico and Venezuela a slot in my Top 10 prediction. 

At first I was pretty shocked they left out USA, Puerto Rico and Venezuela but then they all underperformed. However leaving them but putting through Brazil was a questionable decision at that point. I was also shocked that Angola made it because I honestly believed she was the weakest in swimsuit.


Australia - Her gown should have been carried in a regal manner rather than the way she did.
Costa Rica - She looked stiff and the gown didn't work
France - A tad boring
Ukraine - She is indeed a sex bomb
Portugal - She really popped for me
Panama - She looked flustered
Philippines - Beautiful, she was the only one that put it all together for the evening gown segment
Angola - Elegant but not that special
China - She looked elegant but I was expecting more
Brazil - Didn't like her walk

In my opinion Angola, Costa Rica, Brazil, France, Panama were the weaker five in this segment but I would have eliminated Costa Rica, France, Panama, Brazil and Angola on performance alone throughout the night.

I had a firm Top 3 from this Top 10 and they were Ukraine, Australia and Philippines.

I did predict all five of them making it once the evening gown competition ended. Though I was unsure whether it'd be Brazil, Australia or Costa Rica filling the 5th spot. Yet again I had only managed to predict one of the Top 5 from my pre-finals list, China, and only one of my Top 5 favourites made the cut, Ukraine.

UKRAINE - from Amelia Vega (one of my favourite MUs ever)
If you could trade lives with anyone in history who would it be and why?
Answer - I simply live my life and am very satisfied with it. But if I did have the chance to trade positions with someone I think I would chose Cleopatra. I think that she's a very powerful and strong woman who is very much worthy of respect. And I think a woman can also be a leader like Cleopatra.

My reaction - She managed to save her answer with her last line, if not it would have been a pretty weak answer in my opinion. I know they are nervous and therefore say the simplest things to buy them some time but she could have done without the first sentence and used that time to elaborate on why Cleopatra would be her choice.

PHILIPPINES - from Vivica A. Fox
Would you change your religious beliefs to marry the person you love? Why or why not.
Answer - If I had to change my religious beliefs I would not marry the person that I loved because the first person that I love is god, who created me and I have my faith, my principles and this is what makes me who I am and if that person loves me should love my god to. Thank you.

My reaction - Personally I don't like religious questions and thus answers and what if you were atheist or agnostic? Though you would not dare say that to an American organisation if you wanted to win the pageant! However Shamcey provided the most considered answer and delivered it with passion and charisma. 

CHINA - from Isabeli Fontana
Nude beaches are common in many parts of the world. Is public nudity appropriate or inappropriate and why?
Answer - I think every country has its own rules and regulations and every country has its own habits as well. We should respect them and be more understanding.

My reaction - The flaunting of skin has never been a question well answered and sadly China didn't provide a strong answer either. She didn't really provide anything interesting to say, it was just very standard. And to those who said her translator did a terrible job, I can understand Mandarin and that's basically what Roseline said.

BRAZIL - from Helio Castroneves
What would you do to avoid fighting a war that you didn't agree with?
Answer - First of all I would explain to people the premier quality of human beings is respect and no war is based on respect. It is always on misunderstanding, it's always based on a lack of education. And so I would tell this person that they should respect each other as human beings. Thank you.

My reaction - Did I understand the question properly? Because he seemed to ask what would Miss Brazil do herself which is rather odd. Miss Brazil did very well with this answer, she spoke confidently and with a lot of poise however I just wonder whether she actually answered the question.

ANGOLA - from Lea Salonga
If you could change one of your physical characteristics, which one would it be and why?
Answer - Thank god I am very satisfied with the way god created me and I wouldn't change a thing. I consider myself a woman endowed with inner beauty, I have my principles. I have acquired many wonderful principles from my family and I plan to follow these through the rest of my life and now I would like to give all of you a piece of advice. Respect one another...

My reaction - She didn't get to finish her answer but to be honest she didn't answer her question despite it being a very stupid one. Why didn't she ask about characteristics alone rather than physical characteristics? Yeah I hate my nose so I want to get a nose job to make it look taller and thinner - ugh. Anyway I guess Angola twisted the question to the best of her abilities but it was rather a waffle.

I thought Philippines was the best followed by Ukraine and then Brazil. China was disappointingly the worst for me. However in review of the night as a whole my ranking was...

MU - Ukraine
1RU - Philippines
2RU - China
3RU - Brazil
4RU - Angola

If I am true to myself Angola was simply average throughout the night so in that perspective no she didn't deserve the crown but everybody is fickle when it comes down to beauty pageants because for the winner it doesn't really matter how they performed as long as you like them it is fine and yes I do like Angola and her win sat well with me. But my favourite was Ukraine and in fact she deserved it so I was very glad she came in as 1RU. Brazil's performance in the final question was strong but she had gone too far and China was a decent Top 5 as well.

However saying all this my heart yearned for a Ukraine, USA, Malaysia, Greece, Peru Top 5.

Just a little side note. I showed the top 5 to my dad (whilst they were giving their final walks) and he ranked the girls, in terms of beauty, like this; Philippines - Angola - Ukraine - China - Brazil

It was definitely a year of unpredictable outcomes and who could have guessed that Angola would be the one standing tall at the end. I'm just going to put it out there, Angola is by no means the best girl amongst the 89 but her win was a good one because she is graceful, elegant and beautiful and my god is it good to have a non-latina winning!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

US Open 2011

Just a quick congratulations to Novak Djokovic, Samantha Stosur, Melzer/Petzchner, Huber/Raymond, Oudin/Sock they definitely provided one of the most exciting US Opens ever and America should be very happy with their wins in the women's, mixed and girl's singles.

Whilst the highlight for me this year was definitely the men's final we shouldn't forget how amazing Stosur played to defeat Serena in the fashion she did. And a further congrats to Oliver Golding for providing hope to British men's tennis.

What a year it has been and I can't wait to be at the Barclay's ATP World Tour Finals which I have tickets for! 

Miss Universe 2011 Final (Live updates)

After the incredible high I've just got from the US Open finals I now go into another highlight of this year. As long as this stream doesn't get stuck and crashes like with the prelims I'll be posting a few updates here of the finals so watch out!

2:00 (GMT) It has started!

I'm literally shaking with excitement.

I can't believe it's all starting.

TOP 16
France - hmmm
Kosovo - not starting nicely
Colombia - actually awful start
China - finally someone I like
Angola - wow
Australia - YES
Puerto Rico - like she wouldn't - birthday girl!
Brazil - FUCK
Netherlands - YES!
Panama - YES
Costa Rica - ooh
Portugal - fan vote winner - wow - who expected her to win fan vote
Philippines - I saw the Filipinos fainting there.
Venezuela - F*CK SH*T F*CK SH*T F*CK - sorry.

I'm not liking the list atm.
Please Greece now no heartattack for me tonight please
Shit a load of shocks

This is a messed up list where is Greece, where is Malaysia, where is Peru

I'm seeing a riot here with Malaysia's exclusion.

Honestly how could they exclude Greece, Malaysia and Peru - they formed three of my Top 4! F*ck I so missed the cut - sorry for the constant swearing.

I new I should have included Portugal, just as I finished my Top 16 I was thinking about her placing because Miss Universe loves returning countries or ones that debut.

Unhappy with Kosovo, Colombia, Brazil over Greece, Malaysia and Peru.

I got 11 out of 16 from my predictions list, I guess that's about right and two are on my alternatives.

I can't believe with Isabeli Fontana Greece won't be performing for her.

Panama wins Best NC

So nine of my Top 16 made it. So happy for Netherlands, Ukraine and Australia. Another four were from my Top 30. Colombia was my No.33, Venezuela my No.40 and Kosovo my No.42.

For some reason I'm feeling that Alyssa will do well and make the Top 5, I hope I don't have to eat my words.

I'm shocked there aren't more "this is the 60th anniversary" doodle.

I won't be updating this until the swimsuit segment ends

Why couldn't they have used the Brazilian Capoeira music for the swimsuit segment.

Why didn't they use the bridge?

Sorry the jittering of the video I just can't score these girls, guess I'll need to watch it later for a proper scoring.

From the jittering I managed to see a bit of USA and she seems healthy, yeah!

Hah I hope MUO now realise how bad the Lux Fan Vote is with all those low scores.

Sadly I really couldn't see a thing from my stream, it was so jittery.

Top 10
Australia - Yippee
Costa Rica - woo.
France - wow
Ukraine - YES!
Portugal - WOW!

Sh*t this is going to be another shocking cut.

Panama - Woo.

Ok please China, USA, Netherlands.

Angola - WOW





This is a very weird Miss Universe this year.

So many shocks. I hope the Top 5 are Australia, Ukraine, Panama, Philippines and China.

So disappointed USA and Netherlands are out. And pretty shocked Venezuela is out - though extremely happy for it.

I'm very happy for Portugal.
Wait shit I just realised where is Puerto Rico? I didn't realise I missed her, yeah where is she?

I only managed 5 out of 10 for the Top 10. And if you look at my favourites list only three of my Top 10 made it! Ukraine, Australia and China - I'd be happy if they were the final 3 but knowing this pageant I might only get one.

Just looking at the 6 eliminated, Colombia, Venezuela, USA, Netherlands, Kosovo, Puerto Rico - it looks like the judges don't like Pageant powerhouses. In my opinion France and Angola have gone too far.

I really want to watch how Alyssa performed now because I didn't catch a thing with my stream, I wonder if she was eliminated with justification.

I'm not liking either music performances however the fill in music has been ok.

TOP 10 Evening Gown
Australia - No why is she holding her gown like that.
Costa Rica - uh oh same awful gown, ooh Shandi likes it.
France - Not really liking what I'm seeing.
Ukraine - gorgeous as ever.
Portugal - Not sure about the gown.

I guess we'll be seeing Portugal next year.
I think Ukraine should be a safe Top 5 bet.
I think France will yet again be barred from the Top 5.

Panama - I thought she changed her gown? Oh no not liking her walk from what I could see.
Philippines - Couldn't see a thing, jittered all the time but I know she'll be lovely! lol
Angola - The crowd loved it, she might make it.
China - I think she's in.
Brazil - I don't remember seeing this dress.

I'm going to do a fearful prediction of Ukraine, Philippines, Angola, China. I can't decide on the fourth, Brazil, Australia or Costa Rica maybe.

going well
very well
Australia and Panama please
BRAZIL - No Feck.

let's not even look at my pre pageant Top 5 I managed to predict four of the Top 5 just before it was announced, I'm pretty impressed with myself. However I didn't see Brazil making it.

Yet again MU11 has disappointed me with the exclusion of Australia and Panama. I hope the winner is between Ukraine, Philippines and China. However at this moment I can only imagine Shamcey doing well in the final question.

Honestly though who could have predicted this Top 5. I am not ashamed to say I only got 1 - China.

So the 5 eliminated
Australia, Costa Rica, France, Portugal, Panama

Personally I want it to be
MU - Ukraine
1RU - Philippines
2RU - China
3RU - Angola
4RU - Brazil

Ukraine - Amelia Vega - Trade lives with anyone in history - Not convinced with her answer. ooh final comment was decent though.
Philippines - Vivica A Fox - Change religious beliefs to marry someone - I guess this should work really well.
China - Isabeli Fontana - Public nudity, appropriate? An ok answer.
Brazil - Helio Castroneves - what would you do to avoid fighting a war that you don't agree with - I'm worried she might have hit the spot.
Angola - Lea Salonga - Change a physical characteristic - hmm... a boring answer but she looked stunning.

BTW what was the bridge used for.

Ok, this is tough, I can actually see any of them winning for different reasons.

erm my fearless prediction
MU - Philippines
1RU - Brazil
2RU - China
3RU - Angola
4RU - Ukraine

I can't believe I'm finally predicting Shamcey winning it all.

Looking back I'm pretty shocked Brazil is representing the Americas when North and South America managed to get seven of their girls in.

I'm going to cheer for Ukraine though. But I wouldn't mind any of them winning as long as it's not Brazil.

Can any pageant experts answer me this, are any of the Top 5 countries considered powerhouses? If not then it must be a first right?

even though I've predicted her as 5th.

Thinking back I really should have predicted Angola a top spot because it's obvious they want more Portuguese speakers.

Not liking the bridge.

I think Angola and Philippines are the current faves to win.

In a way I'm quite disappointed with this year, it promised to be so good but everything just gradually faded.

I'm still lamenting for the lost beauties of Greece, Malaysia, Peru, USA, Netherlands, Australia and Panama.

Funnily I'm not as excited as I was just before announcing the Top 16.


4RU - CHINA - wow
3RU - PHILIPPINES - WOAH! better than Venus though.
OMG I think it's going to be Angola but please be Ukraine however Angola would be good as well.

Honestly who would have predicted it, I did think it was between her and Shamcey in the Top 5 but still it's rather shocking. So pageant experts which one of you predicted this.

Angola was 28th on my list :S She didn't even make my Top 16 prediction list but she definitely stood out on the night. Twelve years after Mpule Kwelagobe of Botswana won we finally have another African winner. Whilst Leila wasn't my pick I'm rather happy with her win and it makes sense. Anyway I'll need to rewatch the whole pageant to give a much better review of the pageant. It has definitely been an exciting night. See you later!