Friday, 3 February 2012

Beauties of 2011

I can't believe it has been more than a year since I made my Beauties of 2010 post. I was so into pageantry at that time I followed all four of the big pageants. This year, I regret to say, I only really focused on Miss Universe but to be honest I think most of the best girls came from Miss Universe. 

Let me remind you this is not a list of the best delegates from 2011 this is simply my favourites of 2011 so not everyone's favourites will feature and this year they'll be a lot of omissions - for some reason my opinions differed quite a lot from the pageant community - but it's all just a little fun so enjoy my Top 50 of 2011!

oh before we start here's a spoiler out of the four beauty queens this year only three make my list. Can you guess who missed my Top 50?

50. Gillain Berry
Aruba Universe/World (Unplaced)

Gillain got us all re-interested in this island nation and don't lie a week before the finals I bet you were all thinking Gillain would be the best black delegate in MU11. She just managed to ooze a classy sex appeal which made her just so right for MU. However I wasn't as convinced with her stunt at Miss World leaving this black beauty unplaced in both pageants.

49. Kyung Min Doe
Korea World (Top 7)

She's not classically pretty but she has a sophisticated appeal, which isn't a bad alternative. She slowly made us all believers when initially she wasn't on many people's radars. I just love her backwards glances, she's like a sexy millionairess.

48. Lee-Ann Forbes
Trinidad and Tobago World (Unplaced)

Lee-Ann was a slight disappointment because I thought she was a frontrunner but still Lee-Ann is a beautiful girl who I championed for a good finish at Miss World, she is just like a black barbie. Though she was unplaced in Miss World I think she carries on a strong lineage of contestants from her island.

47. Chanyasorn Sakornchan
Thailand Universe (Unplaced)

Cute as a button but also unimaginably sexy. She's not as strong as the plethora of Thai beauties that came in 2010 but she's a good addition to the list. I wouldn't have given her a Top 16 place in the strong Miss Universe field but she definitely deserves recognition for keeping Thailand in fighting form.

46. Barbara Franco
Portugal World (Unplaced)

Barbara was a discovery of mine after going through all the delegates again. She's just so delicately beautiful that I'm amazed nobody picked her out beforehand. Is the Portuguese Revolution coming upon us?

45. Cherry Liu
Chinese Taipei Earth (Top 16)

When I was briefly following Miss Earth I happened to come across Cherry a lot of the time and was amazed why she didn't get much attention because I thought she shone in every photo. A few days later she won Miss Photogenic and it seemed like every other pageant fan began to put her in their lists. Whilst i'm not as big a fan of hers as I was initially she's still one of my favourite Asians this year.

44. Maria Fernanda Cornejo
Ecuador International (Winner)

Our first queen of the list. Maria was a semi shock of a winner but everybody seemed pleased with her win. To be honest I think she's bland but she's undeniably pretty however after 10 years I think we won't remember much of her.

43. Viviana Ortiz
Puerto Rico Universe (Top 16)

You cannot deny Viviana had the most exquisite evening gown performance in the preliminaries. Whilst my love for Viviana has slowly died down she still makes my Top 50 because she is just that good.

42. Riza Santos
Canada World (Unplaced)

Riza the Filipina from Canada. I loved her first photos but she never seemed to catch on at Miss World, I wonder why?

41. Alize Mounter
England World (Top 7)

Old patriotism? I don't think so, Alize is strong enough for her to make my Top 50 on her own credit. I wasn't originally that keen but she was beautiful in the finals.

40. Cassandra Becerra
Mexico Earth (Top 8)

The reason why she's up here is because she has bundles of sex appeal. I never favored her when I was looking through the Miss Earth photos but I couldn't deny that she was very well prepared and oozing sex appeal in nearly every photo.

39. Keity Mendieta
Panama International (4RU)

She has a very interesting look and one of the most amazing portraits I've seen this year, that is enough to win me over despite not knowing much about her and remembering even less about her performance at Miss International, what the heck she did manage to grab the 4th runner up spot.

38. Betta Lipcsei
Hungary Universe (Unplaced)

An amazingly beautiful girl who was ignored at Miss Universe but she was a little bland and never gathered any momentum. She ranks this highly because of her potential but I can never regard her as a favourite of mine.

37. Erin Cummins
USA World (Unplaced)

One of the many early favourites at Miss World who were blanked, I don't get it? Miss World had so many good semifinalist choices this year but they settled for a rather ordinary batch.

36. Lindsay Katarina Japal
Cayman Island World (Unplaced)

I know not everybody would agree but Lindsay just has the sunniest smile that would brighten anyone's day. She is just so exotic and beautiful in my eyes. I can't wait for her stint at Miss Universe next year and potentially feature in my Beauties of 2012 list!

35. Sora Chong
Korea Universe (Unplaced)

I just love a good Korean candidate and Sora is beautiful, end of. She might not have performed as well as hoped at Miss Universe but she managed to regain trust in me that Koreans still have it at Miss Universe. Plus she speaks fluent English, always a positive.

34. Astrid Ellena
Indonesia World (Top 15)

This Indonesian girl is amazing, especially the style she sported in the live finals. I didn't notice her until I looked through all the candidates but when I saw her she just climbed and climbed now upto 34th but I can't say she wouldn't have climbed higher if I did this list a week later.

33. Melisa Asli Pamuk
Turkey Universe (Unplaced)

She's not a good delegate but she's beautiful and this list is to celebrate beauty and personality and all things I love thus Melisa does well even if she stood no chance at Miss Universe.

32. Sarka Cojocarova
Czech Republic Earth (Unplaced)

I don't think Sarka's that pretty but I love her name! Ok not just her name, I love her whole aura. However she is over-rated imo.

31. Hasleen Kaur
India Earth (Unplaced)

Hasleen was another frontrunner randomly shut out this year, all four big pageants committed this crime for some reason this year.

30. Pia Pakarinen
Finland Universe (Unplaced)

I never liked Pia during Miss Universe, in fact I found those that supported her odd but then I saw a video of her resigning from her Finnish crown, in those few minutes I was mesmerized by her beauty - don't cry Pia!

29. Priscila Machado
Brazil Universe (2RU)

Priscila was undoubtedly the most controversial delegate of any pageant this year but behind all of that she was actually a very strong delegate. Yes she outstayed her welcome in a very strong Miss Universe field but she is undoubtedly the best Brazilian sent to Miss Universe since Natalia Guimaraes.

28. Kerstin Cook
Switzerland Universe (Unplaced)

Kerstin is a very interesting beauty that I championed from the start, yes at times even I question why I like her but it's sentiment to Kerstin herself that I keep on coming back for more.

27. Johanna Solano
Costa Rica (Top 10)

She has an amazing body and a beautiful smile, a hot contender for Miss Universe but she just didn't have the whole package for me.

26. Nicoline Artursson
Sweden World (Top 15)

Nicoline is undoutedly beautiful but I find her look pretty old, she makes me think of the 70s instantly! However her candids always show her off in a better light, I would love to see her in person to judge.

25. Anedie Azael
Haiti Universe (Unplaced)

I admit if it wasn't for her videos I probably wouldn't have placed her this high but through her videos I got to know a bit about Anedie and she's absolutely adorable therefore how could I deny her such a ranking.

24. Leila Lopes
Angola Universe (Winner)

Our second winner plops in at No.24. Leila is not a bad winner but yes I must agree she wasn't the best on the night. However lets forget about that because Leila has a classic beauty and she put Africa back on the MU map.

23. Linda Szunai
Hungary World (Unplaced)

Absolutely gorgeous, Hungary have done themselves proud with Linda and Betta, though neither penetrated the ranks at MU or MW, such a shame.

22. Roseline Luo
China Universe (4RU)

Roseline is not pretty, it took me a month to finally admit that. But Roseline is gorgeous. She is sex on a stick gorgeous and has amazing presence, it's such a shame she's not conventionally good looking because if she was she'd be unstoppable. 

21. Dianne Necio
Philippines International (Top 15)

Dianne, the comeback girl, I have such a love/hate relationship towards her but at the moment it's nearer love than hate.

20. Antonella Kruger
Argentina World (Unplaced)

She's gorgeous, why did she not place! She should try Miss Universe.

19. Natalia Rodriguez
Argentina Universe (Unplaced)

I can't stand looking at her in the live finals because I'm reminded how they sabotaged her chances. This photo is impossibly amazing and it just breaks me to see potential sabotaged like that.

18. Renate Cerljen
Sweden Earth (Top 16)

When she competed in 2009 I don't even think I would put her in my Top 50 but for some reason I was routing for her in Miss Earth, she was actually one of my favourites! I loved her. Maybe I was biased against her at MU09 but now I finally see how gorgeous Renate is.

17. Zhanna Zhumaliyeva
Kazakhstan World (Top 15)

Such an interesting exotic gem, I'm really happy she made it far into Miss World  who appreciate the hidden beauty from small pageant nations unlike at Miss Universe.

16. Laura Goncalves
Portugal Universe (Top 10)

If she didn't win the online vote I wouldn't have noticed this beautiful girl, thankyou voters for reminding me of her because she's absolutely gorgeous, the more I see her the more I love her! She was sizzling in the finals.

15. Natalie Vertiz
Peru Universe (Unplaced)

Absolutely robbed! Such a doll, she would have been a perfect addition to the Top 16.

14. Kim Edri
Israel Universe (Unplaced)

So sweet, so demure, I wish Israel was loved by MU because they keep on being shut out.

13. Scherri-lee Biggs
Australia Universe (Top 10)

It's great to see a womanly body at MU and she had a beautiful one. She was also gorgeous from start to finish but sadly she didn't perform well in the evening gown segment or she might have carried Australia to another Top 5 placement.

12. Sheldry Saez
Panama Universe (Top 10)

Sheldry divided me initially but the more I saw her the more I liked her, she is just irresistible. Her natural beauty is enhanced by those luscious lips, they are not too big Sheldry, they are not too big.

11. Caroline Medina
Venezuela Earth (3RU Miss Fire)

When she placed at Miss Venezuela she seemed the demure, quiet beauty queen but at Miss Earth she was a sizzling Latina carrying the flag of Venezuela. I was shocked and amazed by her drastic change in aura. However it definitely made her a standout whereas in Miss Venezuela she was not.

10. Deborah Henry
Malaysia Universe (Unplaced)

How many times will pageant fans across the world be shocked over and over again when they rewatch MU11 and don't hear Malaysia being called? Deborah was one of those shocks that started off the whole line of 2011 shocks in pageantry, almost like aftershocks from a big earthquake. Anyway Deborah, you're just amazing.

9. Kelly Weekers
Netherlands Universe (Top 16)

I loved Kelly, and still do but I just wished she had done even better at MU, her figure just did not suit MU and therefore even though being one of the most beautifully facially she was cut in the Top 16.

8. Holly Carpenter
Ireland World (Unplaced)

Where do Ireland get these girls from? Ireland continue to send one of their girls into my Top 10, I just wish UK can do the same.

7. Shamcey Supsup
Philippines Universe (3RU)

Shamcey is one of the most talked about contestants this year and has been one of my favourites since the beginning. I must admit at first I felt that she was overwhelmed by some of the more natural competitors in the competition but she fought them off one by one. The more I look at Shamcey the more I love her, she's just amazing and I honestly believe she wouldn't have made a bad MU choice.

6. Tugsuu Idersaikhan
Mongolia International (2RU)

Where did she come from? I am mesmerized by Tugsuu! I just want to see more!

5. Ivian Sarcos
Venezuela World (WINNER)

Rewind back to Miss Venezuela and I felt that Ivian was a good candidate but still placed way too high. There were arguably two or three more girls more deserving than her at that time. Personally I think she looks much prettier and fresher now, though slightly anonymous because it has been a drastic change. However she is beautiful and will be the best queen of 2011.

4. Jessica Barboza
Venezuela International (1RU)

Still my sentimental favourite from the Venezuelan 2011 batch she is just missing that MU opportunity. If Venezuela hadn't won Miss International last year I'd expect Jessica to have taken it but nonetheless she performed valiantly to place 1st Runner Up in Miss International and become my favourite non-MU girl this year, yes the Top 3 are all from MU!

3. Iliana Papageorgiou
Greece Universe (Unplaced)

How Iliana could be shut out is beyond me. Iliana would have stormed the catwalk and made a brilliant Top 5! I think it all might have been a plan to make China look the most modelesque. But anyway Iliana performed amazingly in the prelims and I wish her the best for her modelling career.

2. Olesya Stefanko
Ukraine Universe (1RU)

The pinnacle of sex appeal Olesya was the perfect Miss Universe this year but it was taken away from her by Leila Lopes. Yendi last year now Olesya this year. I just wonder if Ukraine will ever manage to send a girl as good as Olesya because I will not be contempt with a Ukrainian win at MU if they were not as good as Olesya.

1. Alyssa Campanella
USA Universe (Top 16)

But despite all the power from Olesya she still could not topple my true queen of 2011, Alyssa Campanella. Alyssa did not look on form at MU and thus missed out on her rightful crown but we all know she has everything to become the best Miss USA ever. I don't want to go on for too long because if you've ever read my pageant posts you'll know how much I love Alyssa.

It will be a challenge for any girl to ever reach the level of favouritism I had for Alyssa, however Olesya did come close. Alyssa was just the perfect candidate, she had boundless potential which though unfulfilled at Miss Universe will eventually be fulfilled in another capacity. I wait to see Alyssa thrive in whatever she does because she's simply amazing and will always be my No.1 of 2011. She just has it all!

So a roundup. Unlike last year no country managed to send all four of their candidates into my Top 50 (Venezuela, Thailand and Puerto Rico did in 2010). The closest was yet again Venezuela with MVI Jessica Barboza placing 4th, MVW Ivian Sarcos placing 5th and MVE Caroline Medina placing 11th.

MU dominated my list this year with half of the delegates of my Top 50. Collectively only 11 girls came from ME and MI but I think that might be because I didn't really follow them this year but anyway it has been an interesting year of pageantry, full of shocks and delights also. I hope I'll still be here to give my list in 2013!

See you guys soon.