Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Apprentice Series 9 Episode 7

This was not a good episode, the only thing of note was the elimination of two floaters and Jason doing well in a challenge!

Yes this episode saw the elimination of Kurt and Natalie, both were inevitably going to be fired since they were seeing a downward spiral though I did like both of them. Kurt was doomed from the start, there was too much on the line for him and when he didn't sell it was obvious he was gone. Natalie was unlucky to be brought back in a double elimination because there was no room for her to stay. Myles should count himself lucky.

Back to my point of this episode not being good, it basically gave us nothing new. The ones focused on continued to be and the ones neglected were yet again unseen.

Alex - He is still a safe bet for the Final 4, I think his passion, age and "track record" will have been noted by Lord Sugar and since he hasn't made a fatal mistake he is a contender.

Francesca - I continue to feel confused about Francesca. She is the remaining floater but Lord Sugar has saved her time and again so I wonder what she has up her sleeve (or more specifically in her business plan).

Jason - The good editing means he'll survive at least another episode - ugh. Even Lord Sugar finds him a joke so why is he still in the process - it is beyond me, but he has to leave soon and it's at the point where there's little room for him to hide.

Jordan - Yet again continuing his downward spiral, these past few weeks he hasn't done anything of note so Jordan better watch out.

Leah - Unlike Jordan her downward spiral stopped in this episode. She was edited almost like the saviour to Kurt's team. She wasn't the wrecking ball she has been in the last few episodes and I think that means we'll see a more competitive Leah in the next few episodes.

Luisa - She continues to be steady, selling well in her team. I would love to see her in the interview stages because it'll be great TV I think.

Myles - He is the enigma, I'm confused as to what the editors want to do with him and why he has managed to come out unscathed so many times. The way he is edited is just odd.

Neil - The one edited as the favourite right now. I can't imagine Neil not making the Top 4 with Karen's strong support of him and his general success in the last few weeks. If I had to bet on a winner right now it would be him but it's still too early to tell.

The ones that will make it far: Neil, Alex, Leah

The ones to look out for: Luisa

The ones on the fence: Jordan

The ones in the middle: Francesca, Myles

The ones in the firing line: Jason (not immediately but he has to go soon!)

Friday, 7 June 2013

The Apprentice Series 9 Episode 6

This episode really hit the nail in the head, we are very much seeing a turning point with many of the candidates, some in which I do not like. Rebecca was the one fired, they billed her as a potential candidate in the early episodes but ultimately forgot about her, once she was brought back into the boardroom I knew her demise was imminent despite the general consensus being that Francesca should have gone.

Alex - He continues to be present but doing neither right or wrong, he is being given a very similar edit to Ricky from last series so I can't imagine him going before the Final 4/5 as of now.

Francesca - She has been saved yet again which speaks tremendously for what might be saving her, her business plan. I feel like she is skating on thin ice but then there's a reason why she has been saved again.

Jason - Just get out please.

Jordan - He really needs to start making a name for himself besides being the disrespectful one in boardrooms. If he is to make any leeway in the next few weeks he needs to make an impact on the tasks.

Kurt - He has been saved for his drive and passion for his business plan but if he doesn't show any other evident strengths I fear he will get the boot soon. What exactly was his role this episode? He is one of the weaker guys right now.

Leah - This was the Leah show today and continues to be a mark on her, recent, perfect score. She is being broken down as the perfect candidate and with direct praise from Karen to Neil, in a task she PM'ed, I think Leah has become somewhat a dark horse now. Last episode was the turning point and this episode was the start of the fall, if she wants to stay in Top 4 contention she needs to change this immediately.

Luisa - Her outburst made her a target but if she stays consistent I think she'll still be in contention of a Top 4 berth. She shows that she has the ability but she needs to desperately hone that into something manageable and useful.

Myles - Myles has yet to lose a task but I wonder if he's becoming forgettable for Lord Sugar but then he was also part of the double act with Neil, even though Neil stole the show. I wonder if he is actually the silent killer or just a - "you are too quiet, you're fired" candidate because the week he PM'ed was not a good week either.

Natalie - She desperately needs more screentime of her being productive, at this stage of the process if you're not being shown in an episode that's a problem, you are either being sidelined or you are waiting for a redemption and right now Natalie seems like she'll be an easy target.

This episode has changed my view on the "favourites" so to speak

The ones that will make it far: Neil, Alex

The ones to look out for: Jordan, Leah, Luisa

The ones on the fence: Myles

The ones in the middle: Natalie, Kurt, Francesca

The ones in the firing line: Jason

I really don't have any favourites right now, it's quite a travesty but I do seem to like Natalie for some odd reason.