Thursday, 24 September 2009

Ella Koon

I love how Ella Koon is finally getting the attention she deserves. She sang really well on The Voice and now she's recording a single in Japan I think. Go Ella! She's so funny as well.

ANTM 13 Episode 4

Oops, didn't realise that I didn't post about the previous episode. Anyway I'll talk about Episode 4.

I don't like this cycles intro because all the girls look plain but funnily enough I think that this cycle has one of the strongest casts. Lulu and Ashley are now being edited to be the "bitches" of this house. Go Nicole for shutting both of them up! Brittany's probably going to do badly since she's featured much more in this episode (which turned out to be true). This idea was also shoved down our throats courtesy of Miss Lulu. What was the point of Diva doing her 30 second thing? They invite celebrities but they barely use them! That sounded wrong!

I loved it when Sundai said to Bianca that Courtney spoke behind her back. Bianca looked crazy in those 10 seconds! It's a shame that Bianca has more walls up now because I know she can be a nice girl, at least it seems as if she's formed a mini friendship with Nicole. I knew Courtney had an inner bitch in her anyway. Oh no, I wanted Lulu to stay for longer - I haven't seen enough of her.

I actually think this episode made me like Bianca again. She's not my favourite but I don't dislike her as much now. Ashley isn't nasty she's just bitchy lol! I kind of wish Courtney was still in as then Courtney would be assigned the bitch role. Nobody tried to hang from the bars with their legs up in the air, but that would have been a disaster! I loved the set though, there was so much to work with.

Why did Tyra say us and we when she was talking about being short? In my opinion Sundai is giving us the same face in every photo, the slight pout and to the side face. Rae on the other hand is just dissapearing, she's not shown at all nor is she performing that well in the photos - I'm expecting her to go soon. Whilst Lulu is one of the prettiest there and has one of the best walks in the bunch imo but sadly she hasn't performed well.

Call Outs

Now listing my favourites
On TOP: Nicole and Jennifer
Bubbling Up: Erin, Brittany
Ladies in Waiting: Kara, Sundai, Ashley, Lulu
Erm... :Rae
Girls I Like But Sadly At the Bottom of the Bunch: Bianca, Laura

Nicole - Still my joint favourite because she's real, pretty, a good model, unwittingly funny, friendly and intelligent!

Jennifer - My other joint favourite because she's ASIAN! lol, not only that actually! She's also funny, friendly, cute, unafraid to speak up and energetic.

Brittany - She's third in my rankings because she's quirky, intelligent, funny and underneath all that she's a damn sex kitten! jk.

Erin - She has jumped up the rankings quite a lot because I'm beginning to see a very modellesque girl, her blonde eyebrows make her different and stand out. I'm not too sure about her personality yet but she has performed well in general.

Kara - I so see her modelling potential but I don't know her personality, she may be in the band of Lulu and Ashley idk but I'll have to wait and see as I don't think she's going anywhere yet.

Sundai - I love her personality but she's an average model. Her photos are also annoying me a bit.

Ashley - Her bitchy side came out to us this week (and I thought she was a sweet ballet dancer!)

Lulu - I had high hopes for her but she let me down.

Rae - I'm just not too interested in her at the moment. Her appeal is dwindling.

Laura - I'm beginning to like her more but she's still a bit behind the other girls in my rankings.

Bianca - I like her more now but she has made a bad name of herself in the past two episodes so she has a mountain to climb.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

A Joyous Day

Justine Henin is returning! Could you imagine how happy I was when I heard this news from a friend! I'm ashamed I wasn't the first to know, lol! I love Justine, she's my all time favourite female tennis player - I only put Serena as my favourite once Justine retired. Now to know that Justine is coming back with a vengeance has made my entire month - this is as good as (or even better than) Del Potro beating Federer in the US final. I do hope she does well in her comeback because if she doesn't then it would be a huge dissapointment. I guess Clijster's win really did seal the deal but I don't like hearing negative press like - Justine only came back to take the attention away from Clijsters - that's just stupid and silly.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Catfights and .... more catfights

I love the current mini wizz around Keisha Buchanan's departure (/sacking) from Sugababes. It does strike me how stupid it is that no founding members are in the current line up! What's even more intriguing is that supposedly Keisha was sacked in favour of Amelle Berrabah (love the exotic names!), because supposedly Amelle now has more added value because she recorded a hit with Tinchy Stryder. Though it feels weird without Mutya or Keisha I'm still not 100% alienated from the Sugababes since Heidi Range is still part of the lineup, she has been in the group long enough for me to recognize her as a main stay. When Heidi leaves the group then they will definitely have lost it. In all honesty when Mutya left it felt like the beginning of a spiral downwards, though they produced some good songs e.g. Denial and About You Now it was obvious that they were losing steam. Though I never loved Mutya she was iconic to the group and with her gone it was obvious that the group would never feel the same. Now that Keisha's left I think it will be too big a blow for the "Sugababes" to handle, maybe Jade will bring a spark to their new album - a good media spinner in order to get more press attention unlike Catfights and Spotlights but without Keisha the group doesn't feel as gritty, it feels (and looks) more like a candyflossed girl group. I'll probably continue to follow the Sugababes with the occasional praise of their new singles but I believe I'm correct in saying that they'll never be as good as they use to be.

Maybe the Sugababes should start making this a routine! Considering that Siobhan left in 2001, Mutya in 2005 and now Keisha in 2009 maybe, if they last that long, Heidi should leave in 2013, Amelle leave in 2017 and then Jade Ewen (the new girl) leave in 2021! They can be the British Morning Musume. I've been a quiet fan of the Sugababes for a quite a while now and it's sad to see that Girls Aloud has truly overtaken them in popularity and press attention. At least it's still true in saying that the Sugababes have sold more than Girls Aloud and Girls Aloud are riding a wave of success and attention whilst the Sugababes had theirs a few years back. I'm also bitter about Girls Aloud winning so many awards with The Promise e.g. the Brit Awards and rubbing salt in the injury is their Top 10 nomination as the best pop act on some music tv, trivial but still aggravating. Believe it or not I actually like Girls Aloud but for them to surpass the Sugababes is honestly an outcry in my opinion. This belief comes from my opinion that I haven't heard a single by Girls Aloud that I've really liked since Chemistry (and in that album I only liked about 1 song!)

Anyway back to the Sugababes, I'm actually quite interested in what the new sound of Jade Ewen will bring to the Sugababes. I like Jade as I think she's a decent performer matched with the hate it or mildly like it song of It's My Time by Andrew Lloyd Webber, in all honestly It's My Time was an average track and quite irritating after a couple of listens as it lacks the power and drama to push it into superstardom but yet it doesn't have a good enough tune to be placed on radio or TV. However Jade performed it well and deserved to do relatively well on Eurovision. But hopefully Jade's solo career and career with the Sugababes will bring a much fresher Jade to the table.

On a sidenote I just wanted to talk about the Jae Bum (2PM) incident. It's another interesting piece of news in my opinion. From being hated by the Korean public to being pleaded to come back to Korea - make your mind up! The news is that Jae Bum, the leader of the group 2PM; who have become pop superstars due to their recent singles, posted a rude message about Korea and Koreans on his Myspace a few years back (when he was training to be a member of 2PM - don't understand why he was training to be in a boy band? well that'll be for another post about Kpop!) This caused a major uproar in Korea to boycott 2PM and demand Jae Bum be sent out of the country. Jae Bum reacted by leaving Korea, a few days later, returning to Seattle - his hometown. Since that occured fans have been pleading for him to come back to Korea and 2PM, as it had been stated that Jae Bum would no longer be part of 2PM.

Well my opinion is... so what! So what if Jae Bum was unhappy with his training days, so what if he left for Seattle, so what if he won't be part of 2PM anymore! In my opinion it was stupid that Korea felt so abused by Jae Bum's post at first anyway. Think about it, he was a young kid away from home being trained until he died (we all know the Kpop industry!) and missing American life, on top of that Jae Bum looked and probably was a mini rebel with an attitude - well that was what he was marketed to be anyway, it's quite obvious that he'd have hated his early days. What's even more annoying is that people are pleading for him to come back with protests and stuff - well you've done the damage, stop trying to reconcile what's been done, if you didn't want this to happen you shouldn't have caused an uproar in the first place and supposedly these protestors will boycott 2PM until Jae Bum returns - isn't that doing even more damage to the group you supposedly love! Though I'm not a uber fan of 2PM's music I do like the group and their personalities so it'd be an awful shame if they had to disband for something like this. My favourite is Taecyeon because he's funny, dorky and Korean American - I love it when I know I can communicate with them! Then is Junsu because he's good looking then Junho because he looks like Rain! Then Nichkhun because he's adorable and then maybe I would have out Jae Bum at 5th. Whilst sadly Chansung and Wooyoung feel like forgettable spare parts to me!

Finally, as I'm in the mood for catfights! I wanted to talk about the Kanye West debacle. What Kanye West did was uncalled for, it was Taylor's moment so he shouldn't have butt his mouth in - if he wanted to express his opinion at least wait for Taylor to finish or say it after the show. But what was nearly as shocking was yet again the press attention it received. Why did the countless number of celebrities give their take on it? This should have been a problem between Kanye West and Taylor Swift and maybe Beyonce at most. Let Kanye West apologize and leave it at that as it was obvious that Kanye West would apologize no matter what after the show.

Oh, whilst I forget - you haters stop hating on Miss Universe 2009. Stefania is beautiful, intelligent and charismatic stop making her feel worthless and below that of other people. Voice your disapproval with respect to the person and stop bitching about her as if you didn't like the result it is the judges and the MUO you should be hating on not poor Stefania who is by no means a lesser compared to Dayana Mendoza.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Strictly Come Dancing Week 1 Dance 2

Well one couple left tonight and to be honest I wasn't expecting it.

Best of the Night: I'm actually not giving this honour to the highest scoring couple, I'm going to give it to Ricky and Erin, purely for the comedy factor. Ricky made me laugh throughout the whole performance and that's why he deserves this honour. I'd have given the best to Ali or Chris but they weren't good enough yet.

Worst of the Night: It's a bit nasty to give this to Joe but he was the worst of the night. He was overthinking everything and uber tense, he was not fluid and just felt like a spare part.

Overrated: Nobody was overrated tonight I thought but Chris & Ola and Ali & Brian's scores had the most variation to my own simply because I'm a tight marker but yet I'm not tough e.g. I rarely score couples really low.

Underrated: Though I gave this couple the same score as the judges and personally I dislike her I'm giving it to Martina & Matthew, I think she's actually Ok but the judges (Bruno and Len) don't seem to agree especially considering she was voted off this week.

One to Watch Out For: As I don't know who to give this to I'm giving it to Martina and Matthew, in the sense of; watch out for any hissy fits from Martina that she was voted out first!

Overall I was quite shocked that Martina left as although I like Rav he is weaker than Martina so I was shocked he was saved. Did anyone see Martina's face when Ricky came in - everyone was smiling but she looked pissed! lol.

Rav - Sadly his bulky frame isn't going to do him any favours so I see a departure in the coming weeks.

Ricky - He may have pulled it off this week but he can't always pull off the fun factor, he'll ultimately lose out before the Top 8.

Chris - A dark horse of this series, I'm expecting about a 6th place finish.

Jade - She's obviously going to be in the upper half of most weeks but when the competition starts thinning she'll be finding it difficult to pull in the votes.

Lynda - I love her but it's obvious she'll go in the coming weeks.

Ali - Currently the favourite, but remember Cherie Lunghi and Lisa Snowdon? Cherie was the favourite at the start but then withered whilst Lisa failed at the start but built up momentum with the judges. However I think Ali is prime to make it at least to the quarterfinals.

Joe - There will be a point when even his die hard fans will not support him!

God Save my Brother!

We were just talking about the nutrient cycle and my brother said something like don't we have to purchase from other countries to restore our nutrients cycle. I said: Well surely buying goods from other countries will destroy our ecosystem through transportation of goods. He said: Yeah..., but we are buying information to help our ecosystem so we buy to restore. Me: Erm yeah... - GET TO THE POINT! Brother: We sometimes aid to restore and we purchase to recover our ecosystem - this is simple you should understand what I'm saying blah blah blah....

Now forgive my low IQ for not understanding him, as supposedly even a 2 year old understands what he is rubbishing about, but honestly he really needs to get his facts and arguments right as he begins to make things up when he realises he's said something stupid or wrong, if I state that to him he gets angry and will rip my head off. It's annoying talking to him sometimes as he thinks he knows it all.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Strictly Come Dancing

First Night, First Show and here is my thoughts!

Lilia seems to have put on some weight, agree? Or Maybe it's because there are a bunch of new girls making her look big :O.

I like Alesha but it's so obvious that it's an attempt to draw the young audience in - the show with Arlene felt homely/cozy, the show with Alesha feels like they are trying to be more international - X Factor-esque.

I thought Ricky would be more lad-ish but in fact he's a true gentlemen - didn't know who he was so I was quite shocked by that. Chris looked adorable in his suit. Jade's disappointed look may not get her votes e.g. Gabby Logan. Lynda does not look 61, in my opinion anyway. Ali shocked me, she's definitely moving up my list! Lynda & Darren and Erin & Ricky will have to watch out as I think these two pairs may get the lowest scores including the viewers vote - just speculation.

Best of the Night: Ali & Brian (by far!). Her waltz was elegant, smooth and beautiful, she hid her hiccups well, it was a great first dance.

Worst of the Night: Joe & Kristina (by far!). Sadly Joe was boring and systematic. Kristina didn't help as she chose a monotonous piece of music making it feel repetitive. It was painful to hear the audience's phony clapping!

Overrated: I loved Chris and Ola but I didn't think they were the 2nd best of the night. I thought they did awesome but 26 is a bit high I thought.

Underrated: Lynda and Darren were good I thought. Lynda was a bit pedestrian but I thought she did well considering all the factors (you get what I mean). It was a lovely performance which deserved better than a 3 from Craig.

One to watch out for: This award goes to Ricky and Natalie (NOTE: not Ricky and Erin), I thought Ricky performed fantastically in the Group Mambo so I'm extremely excited for this gorgeous pair.

So with the first show done here is my commentary on the 8 competitors of this week...
Rav - Great guy and likable but sadly he has a long way to go, especially with his bulky frame. I hope he improves as I really do like him but at the moment I don't see him making the Top 8.

Ricky G. - Sadly he looks like an early leaver, poor Erin! He's a nice bloke but ultimately will not get enough votes with bigger vote getters like Rav and Joe behind him.

Chris - I really like Chris, love him on BBC Breakfast. He really did shock me but it's sad to say I think it's going to be a one off.

Jade - Athletes normally do well, her biggest problem is her elegance but I'm sure she'll get over that with a few more weeks. I don't think she'll be a strong vote getter so she'll need to stick with good dancing to save her butt.

Martina - I don't like Martina but I thought she did well tonight, a second for my Underrated award. She'll not be a popular vote getter I don't think so a middlish leave I expect.

Lynda - She's a very nice woman and I'd love to see her more but I don't think she'll last long as she will never get a high enough score by the judges.

Ali - I didn't have high hopes for her but she amazed me, she's definitely a one to watch for tomorrow I'd say - she has quickly jumped into my favourites.

Joe - He's a bit cool and not a great dancer but he'll obviously have his fans. If he doesn't improve I can quickly see him moving into my - VOTE HIM OFF category.

Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Come Dancing is back TONIGHT! I love Strictly Come Dancing, I began watching it since the 2nd series and was hooked straight away. This year there are a few interesting couples in the mix, here's my inital opinion.

Firstly, shame to see Camilla and Karen leave the Strictly ballroom, I liked both of them and it's sad to see them leave. Another girl left but she was only in like 1 series for like 4 shows or something so barely remember her.

Ali Bastian & Brian Fortuna - Forgive my lack of knowledge but I have no clue who Ali Bastian is - as I rarely watch Hollyoaks and have never watched The Bill. I'm not a fan of Brian Fortuna to be honest but I think this pairing could be Ok - probs a bit boring though.

Lynda Bellingham & Darren Bennett - Darren 32? That was shocking! I thought he was 35+ !!!! Anyway he's paired with Lynda who is about double his age - Darren you better wave goodbye to a 2nd crown! I think I'll enjoy Lynda's possible outbursts but like previous series I'd rather have a real contender join the ranks.

Joe Calzaghe & Kristina Rihanoff - Joe will be one of this years biggest stars and will join the platinum blonde vixen Kristina Rihanoff. I can just imagine how clumsy Joe will be but hopefully I'm wrong. By the way Oddschecker has them at top of the 16 to win the thing!

Natalie Cassidy & Vincent Simone - I'm not sure if I'll like Natalie to be honest, it's currently hit or miss with her.

Richard Dunwoody & Lilia Kopylova - Don't know Richard and I'm not a huge fan of Lilia either, so it will really come down to personality, vibe and of course talent on the dance floor.

Ricky Groves and Erin Boag - I was mortified when Austin and Erin was voted off so early last year. Erin has been my favourite professional on the show since her partnership with Colin Jackson, I thought Austin would bring Erin back to the top and alleviate the sore of losing to that cricket player but sadly they fell short. Sadly I don't think Ricky will do her record any good.

Martina Hingis & Matthew Cutler - I don't like Martina because of her infamous tennis career but I was shocked to find out that Matthew was actually 35 - one of the oldest professionals. Now I didn't think Matthew was young but I honestly didn't think he was older than most of the other professional dancers.

Chris Collins and Ola Jordan - I like Chris but I don't see him doing well in, besides his height most News presenters fail to make it far or score highly.

Jade Johnson and Ian Waite - Ian has been so close to the title in his Strictly career, Denise Lewis coming 2nd and Zoe Ball coming 3rd, Jade could really make winning a possibility for him I think. I also like Jade a lot but let's wait and see.

Craig Kelly & Flavia Cacace - Sadly this is another soap star I don't know as I rarely watch British soaps so I'll need to see him in action before I judge.

Zoe Lucker and James Jordan - Her profile pic on the strictly web site looked like Tess Daly! Zoe is still pretty but I'd have enjoyed Tess dancing much more! Anyway I hope she is good as I dislike James.

Laila Rouass & Anton du Beke - Wow Anton gets a young and pretty one, is it so that he stays for longer? I have high hopes for this pair as I love Anton and Laila looks gorgeous - let's hope they'll dazzle us with their skill and humour.

Phill Tufnell & Katya Virshilas - Not really interested in Phil but I hope Katya will be good.

Ricky Whittle & Natalie Lowe - Another new professional taking the reins from Camilla Dallerup I believe - she has a good record on the Aussie version of Strictly and hopefully I'll fall in love with this pairing.

Rav Wilding & Aliona Vilani - Aliona looks old for 25 sad to say but I think I'll like Rav, definitely on the look out for Rav.

Jo Wood & Brendan Cole - OOh this looks interesting, wonder what will happen?

Couples I'm excited about...
Jade Johnson and Ian Waite
Laila Rouass and Anton Du Beke
Ricky Whittle and Natalie Lowe
Rav Wilding and Aliona Vilani

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Del Potro woops Nadal's Ass!

LOL! The Del Potro Vs. Nadal match has made my day! Del Potro is currently 6-2,6-2, 4-2 up on Nadal - come on how is he going to lose from that scoreline! I'm so happy, if Djokovic makes the final as well that would make my year! More on tennis later!

Friday, 11 September 2009

ANTM 13 Premiere Part 2

Why does Mr. Jay always look flawless? How many products does he use? He glows for god's sake!
So we didn't get an explanation to why God loving Amber decided to quit!

Wow Brittany looks even better with the dark hair! She looks sexier.
Erin looked mad! I'll need some getting use to her platinum blonde.
Rachel looks better with her dark hair.
Jennifer is more striking now rather than cute.
Lisa's hair isn't really better, I like her long hair more.
I think Sundai's hair works better on a taller girl.
Courtney is definitely edgier now, which is good - if it weren't for the crutches before she'd be forgettable.
Lulu looks interesting but I don't know whether I like her hair more now or before, it's definitely a good interesting though.
Bianca really did lose her confidence after her eyebrows vanished!
Nicole is definitely more modelesque now.
I think Rae should have gone dark black actually - it would really emphasize her eyes.
Laura definitely looks better now.
WOW Kara looks so interesting - she looks pageanty though.
I love Ashley's weave.

Bianca really did annoy me this episode with her constant annoyed energy. It was also dissapointing to see people misunderstanding Nicole, just because she's quiet doesn't mean she doesn't know what to do. Bianca was also plain rude when she said she thinks something's wrong with Nicole.

Does anyone think that Ashley looks taller than 5'6 when she walks?

I LOVE CHANEL IMAN (I'm going to make a tribute post of her next!) She's so sweet but fierce, I can't believe she actually went on ANTM though. But why put her as guest judge when you don't even show her speaking half the time - isn't that a waste of a perfectly fantastic guest judge? Finally Tyra looks fresh rather than draggy - throughout the whole of Cycle 12 she looked so icky.

Personally I thought Erin looked a bit too washed out with the platinum blonde and why does Laura always look like she's about to cry when Tyra doesn't call her out early.

Ashley - It looks OK but I'm not crazy over it. You can barely see her face in the shot and there's just something fundamental missing; I think it's the meaning, the shot doesn't evoke any emotion it just doesn't convey anything to me. It's just a pretty photo.

Bianca - She looks like an alien walking out of some ET film! Her face looks a bit lost and distant. The shot looks awkward, though it wasn't awkward enough to be edgy. Her pose needed to be more angular. Like Ashley's photo it doesn't convey anything to me.

Brittany - This looks like an ASBO advert or something. She's just sitting on a bench with one leg up, looking pretty and holding some candy. It's not sexy, illusive, fun... it's nothing, no emotion!!!!

Courtney - As Chanel said this is an artistic piece, but where does the significance come into this? I like it though, it's quite enchanting but it doesn't really evoke an emotion, it's a beautiful shot but it's too artistic not modelesque.

Erin - This looks like a cheap movie poster of Marie Antoinette or something along those lines. Her pose is boring but her face is absolutely striking but as Mr. Jay said "she lucked into this".

Jennifer - It's quite a cinematic shot but I'm confused with it. The stretch lacks tension to give it some sazz, it's also too ghost out of water (e.g. drowning) to look ephereal. I think she looks OK but it's kind of awkward looking.

Kara - Her features are way too emphasized in this shot, it's quite interesting but a different angle would have suited her facial features better.

Laura - It looks like a screen-grab from an early Britney MV. I think it's a nice photo but she does look like she's in the middle of singing a pop tune or something.

Lisa - There must be a children's horror film with a clow in it that looks somewhat like Lisa! Grr....

Lulu - She looks long and lean and captures a childlike essence well. It's a nice photo - despite the weak props. Her missing arm doesn't detract from the photo that much either.

Nicole - I really like this photo. It doesn't look as good as on video but it's definitely good. She really did well with such lame props. I adore the angles she's producing though a stronger looking face would have been divine.

Rachel - Bag in mid air? What's the relevance of this? It just feels and looks weird and purposeless; how can you say this was inspired from any baby photo?

Rae - I like the broken down thing but I think the legs could have been more elegant and the look could have been less dead fish, the eyes just don't sparkle - nobody has those sparkling eyes this cycle.

Sundai - I actually like this shot, compared to the other shots it has a meaning - the good girl grows up! I don't think it's that bad a shot but the judges critique was harsh.

Favourites after 2 Episodes!
Jennifer, Lulu
Brittany, Rae, Sundai
Ashley, Erin
Bianca, Courtney, Kara
Laura, Lisa, Rachel

Nicole - My favourites are rarely the really quirky ones but Nicole hits a spot with me. She's photogenic and knows what she is doing, she has a quiet confidence that is misunderstood.

Jennifer - Can you believe it! The asian is not my No.1 favourite! Well she's very close behind Nicole anyway.

Lulu - She's technically third but I'm putting her into the same line as Jennifer. I like her and her photos but I need to see more of her personality.

Brittany - She's still breathtaking to me but she's missing something atm.

Rae - She's gorgeous and has a great heart but I need to see some more.

Sundai - Bubbly and bustling with energy, a little downer this week though.

Ashley - Need to see more of her

Erin - She's still pretty but I think the platinum blonde has washed her out a bit, but it's definitely a change for the better, photo wise.

Bianca - The annoying attitude is putting me off her.

Courtney - Need to see more of her.

Kara - I like her but I've see very little of her.

The bottom 2 aren't girls I dislike, I just need more time to see them (of course Lisa doesn't have that luxury anymore whilst from speculations I've read nor does Rachel!)

Laura - She seems to be on the verge of tears everytime she's being called out - it's OK but a tad annoying. I still need to get use to her looks as well.

Lisa - I liked her but I saw barely 2 minutes worth of her footage.

Rachel - Sadly the Bambi eyes still haven't sunken in yet.

ANTM 13 Premiere

ANTM is back! and my ANTM fanatic self would like to post some comments on the latest bunch of wannabes.

Firstly where did Tyra get the inspiration of Le Cycle 13?!?!?! It's so tacky, well at least they didn't go into Space Age (Cycle 11) or Sparta (Cycle 12) - oh god those were bad! I guess Tyra's toned down but it's still blah...

In this cycle I thought there were a few interesting girls - not the emotional stories Tyra tried to induce us with like Isis and Thalia - who was overrated and then dumped when she had no media value anymore. Amber was extremely weird, she was the London that never came. London was a cool girl but honestly we were hoping to see some catfights regarding her religious devotion. But I have to say I like most of the girls this cycle. I love Jennifer because she's ASIAN! But sadly her posing seemed to be weak. I really like(d) Bianca's personality (I emphasize on the past tense). I thought she was a strong independent women but of course she had other undesirable traits. I think Brittany's gorgeous. Sundai is soooo bubbly and her past makes her really shine. Here's a better description of Amber (in my opinion anyway), she's London merged with Allison but with a crazy personality.

I'm not too keen on Kara's facial features but I know she'll photograph well. Laura on the other hand was so not how I expected her to be, I expected her to be a quiet southern country girl! Rachel's eyes are sooooooooooo large! There were also a few girls who I'd have liked to see more of e.g. Ciara, she was really pretty and outgoing. The latino girl that was elimiated before the Top 20 also looked good - I think she had big earrings. If Courtney's foot doesn't heal before Episode 3 I'm going to disagree with her inclusion into the Top 14 simply because it'd be unfair for her or the other girls that she wouldn't be doing her actual catwalk.

Nicole's reaction to getting into the Top 14 was priceless!

So after 1 episode I ranked the girls into favourites

Nicole, Jennifer, Brittany, Bianca, Sundai
Rae, Lulu, Ashley
Erin, Kara
Courntey, Lisa

Nicole - She is gorgeous and photogenic and I love her quirks.
Jennifer - She's ASIAN! and she's great besides that.
Brittany - I think she's stunning and it's good to be somewhat quirky.
Bianca - She's strong and independent.
Sundai - She's so bubbly and cute.

Rae - A mum who has been through so much is commendable, she's also pretty.
Lulu - She went into the second group (rather than the first) by a whisker. I think she's FIERCE but there's something holding me abck.
Ashley - Need to see more of her, but I like her.

Erin - She is stunning, the only reason why she didn't make it higher was because she swore. I thought she was a sweet and quiet girl but that made me think again, I don't mind her swearing I'm just worried she's fake.
Kara - I need to see more of her.

Courtney - I like her determination but it's almost as if I dislike her because of her crutches!
Lisa - She was barely featured in the first episode so don't know much about her.

Laura - I like her but I need to get use to her look and unexpected personality.

Rachel - I can't get over her Bambi eyes, the may be different but at the moment they're to the point of fraking me out.

If only she was there: Ciara and latino girl with earrings. Why wasn't Ciara chosen over Lisa (when Amber mysteriously left). I like Lisa but I like Ciara more!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

US Open 1st Week

One week into the US Open and already we've seen a number of big names lose to lesser known players, quite shocking actually but let me review the week.

The 4th Round in the women's draw is filled but some major names are missing from the top half. Dinara Safina was shockingly beaten by Petra Kvitova, something that I never thought would happen seeing Safina's run at Grand Slams. However Safina was really pushing it as in the first two rounds she had two three setters against lowly ranked players.

This now means the section of Safina/Jankovic is now missing a seed, players being; Kvitova, Wickmayer, K.Bondarenko and Dulko. Of course that brings me to Ivanovic's loss to Kateryna Bondarenko and Jankovic's loss to Yaroslava Shvedova - both quite shocking. In fact by Round 3 most of the seeds in that section had been beaten (besides Safina who was then defeated in Round 4).

The second quarter also lost some big names. Melanie Oudin now fills the spot of what would have been Elena Dementieva's or Maria Sharapova's. Melanie beat both big Russian names and will now play Nadia Petrova, if she manages to beat Petrova she may play another Russian, Svetlana Kuznetsova. Personally I thought Dementieva would have made the semis but I thought Safina would make the final, oh well. However Caroline Wozniacki and Svetlana Kuznetsova have saved the seeds grace by beating their opponents in straight sets and meeting in the 4th Round. It'll be quite interesting to see who will make the finals out of these 8 especially who'll make the semis out of Kvitova/Wickmayer/Bondarenko/Dulko.

The bottom half has also lost some big names. Victoria Azarenka lost out in the 3rd Round to Francesca Schiavone - so annoyed I took her out of my fantasy tennis team! lol. Na Li! Yeah she's made the 4th Round also. Of course Agnieszka Radwanska would have been in the Na Li spot if she had won her matches; another shocking (but less shocking) loss. Kim Clijsters is fighting strong but she'll have to face Venus Williams in the 4th Round to book her place in the QF's. If she does make it past she could reach the semis.

The last quartet hasn't been plagued by that many shocks, the biggest shocks were probably Amelie Mauresmo's loss to Aleksandra Wozniak and Samantha Stosur losing to Vania King - considering Stosur has been playing perfectly recently. Of course that now means Flavia Pennetta is in the 4th Round - YEAH YEAH YEAH! Hopefully she can progress even further. Hope this is the last of the shocks as if more shocks occur we may for the first time have no Top 10 players in the semis!

The men's haven't suffered as much but there has been a few shocks. The first quartet has gone to the plan of the top seeds with all 4 making the 4th Round. That was nearly emulated by the second quartet if not for the loss of Andy Roddick to fellow American John Isner - I knew Isner would do something big soon; so annoying that I can't chose him on my fantasy tennis team. I was slightly shocked when Mikhail Youzhny lost to Marco Chiudinelli, as I'm a fan of Youzhny.

The bottom half haven't completed their third round matches but most of the big names are still their. Murray/Nadal/Del Potro/Tsonga/Simon are still in contention. Of course there have been some losses e.g. David Ferrer, Stanislas Wawrinka and Ivo Karlovic. Of course Marat Safin lost in the 1st Round to Jurgen Melzer and completes his career sadly without a blast, a great player that should be honoured for his achievements (though he definitely had potential to be even greater).

All in all the men's draw hasn't suffered as much from shocks so hopefully this will be the last of them. But for once the seeds seem to be showing their weight in the mixed doubles.