Tuesday, 17 December 2013

TVB Anniversary Awards 2013 - Winner's List

I have just finished watching the show and I am pleasantly surprised. The results are unexpected but the winners are all deserving in some way or another. I remember last year I felt the winner's list seemed to be less political and more eclectic. This year the results seem to have built on that. It goes to show that TVB results really aren't influenced that much by "behind the scenes" events, why should they need to? There will always be those that cry foul but in the end why would a TV channel go through all that effort to award artistes which it could easily do by giving them more filming opportunities. The awards show is for the audience and whilst I agree that in the past there have been many questionable winners I really can't imagine the whole result to ever be purely influenced by TVB management, though of course favouritism is rife in any company.

I think TVB finally realises that for people to accept you nowadays you need to be transparent and fair. No shove down the throat winners. In a society as critical as that of Hong Kong's TVB is doing the write thing (if not a bit too clinical) in creating clarity and transparency in its voting system and results. This is definitely the year of change and I wish TVB will keep up with this. It is hard to find any instance of outward bias in this ceremony and that is how it should be. Whilst the winner's might not have been my choices they all settle well with me.

There are still some quirks I would like TVB to change though!

Best Actor
Dayo Wong

Dayo trounces Chilam!
When Dayo's name was announced I'm sure everyone was in a moment of shock, the awards had already given us a number of pleasant surprises but awarding Dayo was the final straw for TVB to clarify its stance - they are not influencing the results. For one Chilam was the touted favourite, he was even sitting there throughout the night, for two Dayo wasn't even at the ceremony.

The exclusion of Wayne Lai and Moses Chan
This was very interesting. Two of TVBs "pillars" were blanked in favour of two of TVBs rising stars Kenneth Ma and Ruco Chan. This is good to see as both Wayne and Moses really didn't have much claim for the title this year. And it's amazing to see Moses' record broken! He has been in the Top 5 Best Actor every year since god knows when!

When will the rise of the next generation begin?
Can we even call Kenneth Ma the next generation? He will be 40 next year! Raymond might be back next year with the Apostle, which looks interesting. Bosco has been floundering the past year or so but Midas could be his breakthrough. Ruco is probably the next legitimate choice right now.

Favourite Vs Best
The reason to announce the favourite character awards after the Best awards are probably because they wanted to give more attention to the 100% audience voted result but if they wanted to do this I think they should have totally done away with the voting in Best Actor and gave it all to the judges which I would still like clarifying. Who exactly are these 800 people? Are they directors/producers, are they with TVB or not?

Best Actress
Kristal Tin

Kristal wins judges, audiences and colleagues support
Kristal Tin is arguably the big winner this year. In a year where there was no obvious stand out Kristal managed to capitalise by starring alongside and overshadowing her closest rival Linda Chung. I really feel that half of the reason why Kristal managed to win is being at the right place at the right time. I would have preferred others but Kristal was really a great choice.

The Top 5 actresses
What was really interesting was that there were no "veterans" in the Top 5, something which has been quite common in the past instead they gave that spot to Fala. If there was any instance of favouritism it was probably in the Top 5 Best Actresses list. No Louise, No Esther, No Ada! And interesting is that Myolie was shut out whilst the other fadans made it on the list.

My Favourite TV Male Character
Chilam Cheung

Is Chilam angry?
To an extent Chilam must have felt cheated, that's why he started off his speech in a somewhat dissatisfied tone. However I'm sure he didn't mean it with any ill intent. It's just when all the pressure is on you, that even your fellow competitors are shoving it on you, and you lose you just got to let off some steam.

My Favourite TV Female Character
Kristal Tin

No longer a consolatory prize
What I like about this year is that TVB finally addressed the problem of the "My Favourite" being a consolatory prize and how even the artistes think that too. By giving more importance to the "favourite" aspect of the award and handing it to the viewers now this award is more distinct from the "Best" awards. However to truly clear the line I still think the Best awards should be solely decided by a announced set of judges.

If this was seen as consolatory then Kristal had no need to win this award since winning Best Actress was already a great feat for her and arguably her role/performance didn't have as much gravitas to claim both.

Best Supporting Actor
Benz Hui

The Veterans take charge
The question for this award was really, will the 1st lines get this as a consolation or will the Most Improved get this to solidify their status? In the end TVB went with neither and gave it to Benz. Good choice.

Edwin goes home empty handed
Edwin received the most nominations this year but went home empty handed, which in hindsight is quite interesting that Vincent Wong managed to nab the Most Improved over him. But Edwin has a clear path in front of him, he's clearly highly promoted by TVB so he shouldn't worry about his opportunities.

Best Supporting Actress
Elena Kong

Former ATV artistes finally appreciated
Elena has been there every year but every year she has been one spot away from being recognised. This year she finally took the honour home and I was elated to see her win. Mandy really provided her strongest opposition but I am happy TVB decided it was Elena's overall portfolio which deserved the title over Mandy. I'm sure Mandy will have many more opportunities in the future so she needn't worry.

Most Improved Actor
Vincent Wong

Vincent's win was somehow expected since I envisaged Edwin or Him winning BSA but in hindsight it's interesting that he won since neither Edwin nor Him won BSA. Vincent definitely had strong support towards the end of the year but I just wonder does that mean TVB will not nominate Edwin or Him in this category next year? Will it be a battle between Jason Chan, Benjamin Yuen, William Chak, Sammy Shum, Matt Yeung etc next year?

Most Improved Actress
Eliza Sam

TVB have been dying to give Eliza something ever since her debut so with all the legitimate contenders beside Priscilla gone she was bound to get it. If Katy Kung is now a BSA choice I hope she doesn't drop back down to become a filler again for Most Improved. I hope to see Oceane because a more solid contender in the future as well as see the likes of Lin Xia Wei, Rebecca Zhu, Samantha Ko and Koni Lui make the list.

Best Drama
Triumph of the Skies II

Impossible for it not to get it after the absolute flops (in ratings) of all the anniversary series.

Best Variety Show Hosts
Tony Hung and Priscilla Wong

As I said Priscilla wouldn't leave the awards without anything! But actually I do agree with them being the best hosts this year. However I was surprised that this show won Best Host and Best Information program.

Best Variety Show
Three Amigos go Bon Voyage

I have still yet to watch this show but I highly anticipate the chemistry between the three veterans. I was however slightly surprised this won with the other four nominees having been highly touted shows whilst I haven't heard as much from Three Amigos. Joe Junior's reaction was very sweet.

Best Information Program
Pilgrimage of Wealth

I would hardly call Pilgrimage of Wealth an info program but I do like it so I don't mind the award.

Outstanding Artistes
Suet Nei, Mary Hon, Anderson Junior, Helen Ma, Lau Kong

Another great selection of winners for this award but I wonder how they come up with this list?

Lifetime Achievement Award
Lau Siu Ming

I posted a want/prediction list a few weeks back, both lists failed catastrophically!

My wishlist ended with only Elena Kong winning an acting nod whilst Priscilla and Tony winning Best Host.

In terms of predictions I really went for a gamble since when I posted HC2 and Bounty Lady were still in there early stages. However Chilam and Kristal both won Favourite character awards and Eliza Sam and TITS 2 predictably took home the MI award and Best Drama awards respectively.