Sunday, 29 November 2009

Strictly Come Dancing

Haven't posted in a while but now we're down to the final 4 so had to post! The shows seen a lot of ups and downs this series with Zoe and James going much earlier than expected and Jade and Ian leaving due to injury, its been sad but I have to say I like this years final 4! I must say I'm shocked that Chris and Ola are still here but I like them, unless they win! I wouldn't mind Ali, Ricky or Laila winning but I think Ali or Ricky deserves it more. Anyway this week the couples did two dances, I thought Chris and Ola's Charleston was the best of the night, closely followed by Ali and Brian. I think Ali danced better but Chris and Ola made me smile throughout. Natalie was sadly the worst of the night, on both occasions but it was time for her to leave anyway. I fear that Laila will be leaving next week unless she has a stellar performance, personally I think Laila has a lot more to give than Chris but she's metaphorically hit a roadblock and just doesn't know how to manoeuvre across it. I think Ali and Brian are the judges favourites at the moment but I'm not going to predict who'll win. I think it's between Ali and Ricky but I just don't know who has got the popularity vote as Ricky was in the bottom 2 this week when he scored higher than Laila but Ali has been in the bottom 2 before. It's difficult!

T4's Worlds Greatest Pop Star!

YEAH, Beyonce won! She deserves it, she's a greats singer, dancer, performer and is a role model for women and men alike. She's definitely miles better than Britney Spears (who came 2nd). I'm so happy she actually won because I was worried that she wouldn't, but it proves good music wins in the end! YEAH!

Friday, 27 November 2009

ATP Tour Final

NO! Djokovic is out! STUPID SODERLING FOR LOSING TO DAVYDENKO! I bet he lost on purpose!!!! :(
Now that Murray and Djokovic are out I've only got Del Potro! BOOOOOO!!!!!!!
Federer against Davydenko - ughh... Federer's going to win
Del Potro against Soderling - I hope Del Potro wins! But then Federer may beat him in the final! I don't know if I'd rather Federer win but Del Potro be in the final or Soderling win and Del Potro not even making the final! Hard decision! Well considering Soderling will probs lose to Federer lets just hope Del Potro gets through to the final.

TVB Awards Note

I'm so disappointed with TVB for not listing Nancy Sit for any awards! I've watched the first few episodes of Born Rich and I love Nancy's tantrums! She also acts them out really well. I'm quite shocked that she's not even mentioned, she worked hard in that series considering she was ill throughout the series.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

TVB Anniversary Awards!

Only about a week left! As I've seen part of Beyond the Realm of Conscience and Born Rich I'll make my Top 5 choices!

Best Actor
Gallen Lo - Born Rich
Wayne Lai - Rosy Business
Bosco Wong - Burning Flame III
Damian Lau - In the Chamber of Bliss
Moses Chan - Beyond the Realm of Conscience

I don't really think I was spoiled for choice, in fact I was reluctant to put some of the Top 5 in the Top 5! Anyway the 5 above are my Top 5. Based solely on acting I'd give it to Wayne Lai with Gallen Lo 2nd.

Best Actress
Ada Choi - The Gem of Life
Tavia Yeung - Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Anita Yuen - Born Rich
Kathy Chow - EU
Sheren Tang - Rosy Business
Charmaine Sheh - Beyond the Realm of Conscience

Oh my god! The Top 5 were difficult to pick! I believe Ada truly deserves a Top 5 whilst Kathy Chow and Charmaine Sheh acted well in both of their series. Sheren Tang has to be in the Top 5 whilst Tavia Yeung's evil role in Beyond is making my mouth water! I don't think I could justify cutting Anita Yuen either! So in the end I was left with a Top 6! In fact I'd like to mention Jamie Chik in Born Rich. She's a really good actress who deserves to be mentioned even if it's not part of my official Top 5 (or 6!) list. I would love Sheren to win it as she hasn't yet and she deserves it, I don't think I could chose who did the best this year tbh!

Best Supporting Actor
Michael Tse - EU
Raymond Wong - Sweetness in the Salt
Evergreen Mak - The Stew of Life
Dominic Lam - In the Chamber of Bliss
Kenneth Ma - Born Rich

I think this section is more competitive than the Best Actor! Special mention goes to the Rosy Business supports' Pierre Ngo and Ron Ng as well as Joel Chan who I really like. But anyway the 5 above deserve my nomination I believe. To be very honest I liked Michael Tse but I also like Kenneth in Born Rich so those are my top 2. Dominic Lam will be 3rd on my list.

Best Supporting Actress
Susan Tse - Rosy Business (I think she should be nominated for Beyond tbh)
Mary Hon - Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Michelle Yim - Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Linda Chung - The Gem of Life
Selena Li - Beyond the Realm of Conscience

Worthy Mentions: Kara Hui, Kiki Sheung, Nancy Wu, Christine Ng, Angela Tong

I'm being sneaky here as I haven't actually seen Selena in Beyond yet! But I love Selena so I had to include her! This group was just tough tough tough! All 4 Rosy Business supports should be mentioned as well as Christine Ng in the Stew of Life and actually Angela Tong in In the Chamber of Bliss.
Like last year I think this is the most competitive group! I'm going to chose Susan Tse simply because she did well in both series and I like an actress who sticks up for her own character! Linda Chung also did well in Gem so she'd be second.

Favourite Male Character

Michael Tse - EU
Kenneth Ma - Man In Charge
Dayo Wong - You're Hired
Wayne Lai - Rosy Business

I'm not going to name 4 as TVB has done stupid things with this category. Moses should be nominated for Beyond whilst Kenneth should be nominated for Born Rich. To be honest I didn't like Dayo's character that much and neither did I like Chai Gau that much.

Favourite Female Character
Charmaine Sheh - You're Hired
Anita Yuen - Born Rich
Kathy Chow - EU
Sheren Tang - Rosy Business
Tavia Yeung - Beyond the Realm of Conscience

Was about to put Charmaine Sheh for 2 characters but that would be unfair to all the other great characters who deserve to be mentioned. I think my favourite character was Charmaine's in You're Hired possibly with Anita Yuen's in Born Rich in 2nd place whilst Sheren and Tavia in 3rd.

My Choice
Actor: Wayne Lai
Actress: Sheren Tang
Supporting Actor: Michael Tse
Supporting Actress: Susan Tse
Male Character: Kenneth Ma (he's had a good year, deserves a mention)
Female Character: Charmaine Sheh

Miss International 2009

I dislike how 3 of the major beauty pageants are all like within a months of each other especially considering how busy I am as well! Anyway I've been a quiet browser of the Global Beauties site for a while and I've listed 15 of my favourites (I don't even know if 15 go through to the semifinals?)

A short comment for my Top 15.

Belarus - Like her freshness
Brazil - based on photos on hector joaquin
Colombia - sporty athletic image
Finland - captivating eyes
France - Loved her pre pageant photo
Mexico - an all round stunner
Panama - Latina viva!
Philippines - Charming look
Slovakia - A good looking girl
Thailand - She looks like a joy to be around
USA - She seems great, and she's half asian!
Venezuela - Come on it's Miss Venezuela!

Now just wanted to distinguish 3 of the Top 15 as my favourites
India - She has a unique style, elegance and poise splashed with the fun factor that makes her irresistible, definitely one of the strongest Indian delegates of any pageant in recent years. I'm amazed she isn't even considered a winner on the Femina Miss India website! She's definitely better than Miss India Universe and Earth!

Japan - Sweet, demure, a classic beauty. She stood out to me the first time I checked the Miss International delegates. I'm somewhat biased however as I love Japan and Korea but I think she's a top notch delegate who could easily be in the Top 10 of any pageant.

Spain - I love Spain, she's a beautiful girl who looks sweet as well. However considering Spain won it last year already I doubt she'll win.

Here are 15 alternatives I've found
Dominican Republic
Lebanon - Originally had Top 17, she was one of the 2 I knocked down
Macau - she is so much better now compared to her Miss Macau days!
Norway - nearly made Top 15
Poland - Same as Lebanon

Overall I think Miss Earth 2009 had a better bunch of girls but lets see what happens here!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Miss Earth 2009 Results

I was quite shocked when I read Brazil won Miss Earth but as I haven't really seen much of it I can't really complain but I thought it was a shock that a lot of girls didn't make it, here's a list of girls I thought were hard done by...

5 girls who I thought were sure fire bets
Cuba - disappointed she didn't make it
Czech Republic - same as above
Slovak Republic - was on the edge on whether I thought she'd make it
USA - Very shocked
Turks and Caicos - shocked

6 girls who I thought should have been considered
Indonesia - because supposedly she was really intelligent.

Well this years contest was really strong, even I got that vibe from looking at 2 photos or so! Congrats to Philippines, Venezuela and Spain for making the other spots - 3 of my favourites as well. Looking at Brazil in the photos I think I'd have liked her, shame about her pre pageant photos.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Miss Earth 2009

I'm so ashamed to not have had the time to give full attention to this pageant as there are a slew of excellent contestants in this contest, I'm quite disappointed that time flew by so quickly that I don't even have the time to post that much on this before the finals take place, hopefully this will not be the case with Miss International and Miss World. On another note I hope these 3 pageants will make my life easier by having easier navigation in their galleries anyway a short but sweet list of my Top 18, having only seen 2 or 3 photos of each contestant!

Czech Republic
South Africa
Turks and Caicos

Those are my Top 18, I guess I don't have any time to change it as the finals are tomorrow! But lets see what happens! Oh and here are some (a lot of) alternatives from me, 21 in fact!

Costa Rica
Guam - Nearly made Top 18
Northern Ireland
Puerto Rico

Supposedly France is decent but as I've seen very little of her I can't really judge her higher.
Same with Brazil, Dominican Republic, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands.


YEAH NICOLE WON CYCLE 13! I loved Nicole and she deserves to win, she had everything and was a great model too! I was actually afraid that she'd lose out to Laura - if Laura won she'd be one of the weakest winners in ANTM history - sorry Laura fans. I do have to agree that Laura had a better final runway but overall Nicole was better and if you put Laura in an actual catwalk I'd doubt she'd be memorable.

In memory of Cycle 13 I compiled my Top 14 photos - you may say why Top 14 well I guess 14 is the amount of girls in the cycle and 14 is the next cycle!

Brittany - Horse Shot
I love this shot of Brittany, imo it's the best shot of her. She looks sexy, sophisticated and in control. Her legs are also gorgeously long, I love the headpiece and her stare is powerful, she compliments the horse a lot as well, maybe she could have used her hands better but to do that on top of a horse is already very good. BRAVO!

Erin - Hapa Shot
Many of you probably disliked this shot but I loved the emotion and how cinematic it feels. The slight arch just makes it a bit more interesting but Erin's look already makes this image very enchanting. Erin has her distinctive look whilst some may say she's just doing the same thing over and over again as long as she's using it well it's fine by me!

Erin - Horse Shot
At first I wasn't a huge fan of Erin's horse shot but when I was reviewing the photos it did stand out. Her hair compliments the horse's mane and her angles are interesting enough to make her stand out from the image. Her killer stare is also captivating me through and through.

Erin - Pele Shot
I like Erin's Pele shot as it does feel washed up and though the colours don't compliment each other if you look at it in a different perspective it kinds of makes you feel washed out. I think the face is what makes this shot stand out because the body is a bit plain but still this is a good shot.

Erin - Scarf Shot
Another Erin shot! But this one is my absolute favourite of the 4 and will probably be one of my favourite ANTM shots ever. Though not everyone liked this I found her shot very eerie very mystifying and all in all full of emotion. I love the vulnerability yet strength in this shot and it will definitely be one of my favourites for this Cycle.

Jennifer - Hapa Shot
Not everybody liked this shot but I liked it because of the National Geographicness of this shot. I don't think that just because it feels National Geographic that it isn't modellesque. It's very cinematic and a monumental move for Jennifer as it is the first shot (I think) that she closes her mouth! But anyway I love this shot.

Jennifer - Ninja Shot
This is a nice shot, but she looks like a hag in some shots! However I think that increases to the effect to this shot, it feels very authentic and though sometimes she may look a bit off I think it's not off enough to be ugly so it's still modellesque imo. All in all I like this shot because of its movement and authenticity.

Jennifer - Underwater Shot
Though Jennifer's face may seem like a dead fish it somewhat compliments the underwater effect. I love the power she shows and yet she still looks as if she's sinking, there's a story to this shot and that's why I like it.

Laura - Circus Shot
This is my favourite shot of Laura because of her angles! The first time I saw Laura in this shot I thought wow how did she make those angles, now I'm less amazed but I still think its a hot shot! However I'd love if her face was a bit better.

Nicole - Baby Shot
I don't think this is the best shot of Nicole but I like it because this was the shot in which I saw Nicole's huge huge potential. I love the angles and the hair. It was pow, right in your face even though the background props were so so bland!

Nicole - Covergirl Shot
This is one of my favourite Covergirl shots in ANTM history. This shot is near perfect! It seals the deal with Nicole, you'd never expect Nicole to be a Covergirl from her look but here she is overpowering Laura's Covergirl shot over and over and over again! This is possibly my favourite shot of the cycle and definitely my favourite shot of Nicole!

Nicole - Hapa Shot
It feels like she is being chased! I love the movement, it's part of the action and she looks very very very beautiful (love the power of 3!) GO NICOLE!

Nicole - Horse Shot
I like this shot because Nicole is so sweet and endearing in this shot, her eyes speak a thousand words and her arm is weirdly very beautiful! LOVE NICOLE LOVE!

Rae - Circus Shot
BOOM! Rae's Circus shot is utter fantastic! Just look at the fierceness! She stands out even though she's at the back. This shot is just fantastic for her because she looks BAM!

So out of the 14 shots Nicole and Erin tie with 4 each, Jennifer has 3 (more than I expected) whilst Laura, Brittany and Rae each have one. I definitely would stick to my original belief that Nicole and Erin have the most potential out of the 14. If I was Tyra my Top 4 would be Nicole, Erin, Jennifer and Brittany. So sad to see Cycle 13 leave us but if Cycle 14 is as good as what I see from spoilers then I can't wait for the next Cycle!

Miss Asia 2009 even more!

No.16 Wang Jin Jin
GO WANG JIN JIN! I loved Jin Jin's personality. She did seem to deflate a bit towards the end. However I was extremely happy, a bit shocked as well, that she won Miss Photogenic however Wang Jin Jin is indeed a pretty girl but I think her personality and interview technique is where she wins out in. Personally I think she'd be a perfect 2nd Runner Up but instead that went to No.17 ughh....

No.17 Hsu Cha Huei
Still don't understand her being 2nd Runner Up the only reason would be that she is from Taiwan and so they needed a Top 3 to be from Taiwan. She just didn't have anything worthy of Top 3! If she had a good interview I'd understand but she didn't, in fact she was one of the weakest. Well what's done is done.

No.18 Liu Yi Hsin
Despite knowing perfectly well that she was fake I decided to like her probably because there were fake(r) girls in the competition imo such as No.7 and No.2. She was sweet and cute and though fake she was worthy of a Top 6 and imo a Top 3. It's not possible for me to know the contestants entire personality just from watching a pageant so personally it comes down to stage presence and pageant technique - in which she was very good at.

No.19 Chiang Ying Hsuan
Not the prettiest girl in the bunch, being nice! But I thought she had a decent personality, I was somewhat shocked that she didn't make the 2nd Round - Top 16, but I knew she wouldn't get far anyway.

No.20 Tung Wen Yi
Call me naive but I like Wen Yi. Her Q&A was funny and sweet so I don't understand why she was eliminated before the Top 12. She definitely deserved a spot in the Top 12 even though I'd probably have had enough of her before the Top 6 lol!

And finally it's done, if I think of anything else I'll be sure to post it but for now I guess it's farewell to Miss Asia!

Miss Asia 2009 continued

It's been a while since I posted the start of my Miss Asia review but now I'm back! Spurred on by a comment from an actual contestant I decided to finish it! Oh and for info on each contestant go to the website below...

No. 6 Sheng An
I love Sheng An! She was so cute and nice, in fact she was probably one of the best delegates the only thing she lacked was a confident interview technique but she still went through her interviews with charm and sweetness. She was unjustly barred from the Top 3 in my opinion.

No.7 Lindsey Yang
I think her presence made me naive to the fact that she wasn't the only bitch! I just sensed the bitchiness from her at the beginning even though she was a decent interviewee. She did look a bit old towards the end as well. Shouldn't have made the Top 12 imo.

No.8 Cheung Ka Wai
Supposedly she was really nice but I don't think she should have made the Top 12 considering there were better contestants that lost out before the Top 12. She didn't really excel in any point but I guess each pageant needs a Miss Friendship/Congeniality towards the end.

No.9 Li Xueting
She wasn't a favourite of mine tbh and in fact I didn't really want her in the Top 12. She was an Ok contestant but relatively forgettable in the mist of strong or annoying contestants.

No.10 Wang Chen
What I liked about Wang Chen was how genuine she seemed. She was a likable girl who was also a good orator. She was a sophisticated-sweet type of girl and that's what caught my attention. Imo she should have made it to the Top 6 and possibly tackle the Top 3.

No.11 Wang Zifei
Though I rarely remember her I thought she didn't deserve to lose out before the Top 12. She was on the edge of my Top 12 but I thought she was good enough to deserve a Top 12 spot. Sadly I don't remember much of her so I can't really comment.

No.13 Su Haiqin
Not being nasty but how did she get in? She does not have the pageant look and like No.1 she rarely smiled. The judges were definitely correct in eliminating her in the first round.

No. 14 He Qing
I liked He Qing and I thought she answered her question quite well, honestly how could you justify Hong Kong football to be better than the English Premier League! Local Hong Kong people don't even watch Hong Kong football! She was sweet and sophisticated and did well in her Q&A sections I actually don't understand why she was eliminated before the Top 12 considering she isn't ugly either!

No.15 Xu Ying
The winner! Well I liked Xu Ying, she had the height, the look, the talent, the body but I don't think she had the charisma a true winner should do - maybe it's just my Miss Universe self trying to instill some Miss Universe flair in every pageant. I definitely liked Xu Ying and I do think she was a decent winner but I do think there were better girls for the title.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Novak Djokovic

DJOKOVIC is GETTING SOOOOOOOO GOOD! He thrashed Nadal 6-3,6-2 (or 6-2,6-3 don't remember which) GO DJOKOVIC!

Friday, 13 November 2009

Goodbye to my first favourite Tennis Player

Marat Safin, I'll miss you! Before I developed an interested for tennis I already liked Marat Safin. I liked his personality and his style, he may have had a fiery personality but that didn't really matter to me. It's a shame to see Marat leave the tennis world mostly because he never achieved his full potential, I believe I share this belief with a lot of people. Marat could have been one of the best in history but he failed to achieve that success, but in my eyes he's still a great tennis player and a fantastic personality as well.

He has won 15 singles titles in his career and has been to at least the SF of all the Grand Slams (no easy feat considering only Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Nalbandian have achieved that, active players of course) winning the Australian in 2005 and the US in 2000 - I'd say Safin's 2005 Aussie title was his career defining moment as he beat Federer, who he lost to in the Final the previous year (and in fact beat Djokovic as well but Djokovic was a newbie then). Of course Safin's Davis Cup success is also a nice achievement.

Overall we'll all miss Marat, hopefully this won't be the last time we hear about him.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

X Factor

Before I get off to work I just wanted to put a quick comment on the uproar that Simon Cowell has produced. Quite funny actually how Simon always said he didn't want Jedward in but in the end basically saved them. Yes I do think Jedward are awful singers and yes I do think Lucie should have stayed, but was Lucie going to win? If you had read my previous post I'd predicted her to be 4th, behind Stacey, Joe and Olly. But I didn't think she had a chance of winnning! Out of the 8 I'd say she had the least chance of winning - but she could have gone further in the competition. Honestly though it's a TV show stop putting so much hate against it, watch it, comment on it, then leave it behind - I like to criticize but I let it go quite quickly. If you don't like what happened then just don't watch the show - simple!

Miss Asia Pageant 2009

I recently watched the Miss Asia Pageant 2009 and was impressed with the overall standard. Miss Asia is growing from strength to strength but Miss Hong Kong is falling year by year. However I don't like comparing Miss Asia with Miss Hong Kong as Miss Asia is an equivalent of Miss Chinese International as girls from China, Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, America etc get to participate. I'd say Miss Chinese International and Miss Asia are on par with each other.

The Top 3 (from L to R: Xu Ying, Wang Xiyao, Hsu Chia Hsuei)

In general it was a good show but I have to say the final results did shock me somewhat. No.15 Xu Ying was a decent winner, she had the height, the body, the look, the eloquence and the elegance the only thing she lacked I'd say was charisma and a vibrant personality however she was one of 3 whom I believed could take the crown. However No.2 Wang Xiyao (using Mandarin pingyin here) was an underserving 1st Runner Up. Her look was decent at times but at other times she looked tired, she didn't have the eloquence or charm to her interview section either. The only thing she had was the body, yes I have to say she was extremely fit! And she had a good walk. However No.17 was the most undeserving of the 2nd Runner Up. She was basically not considered pre show but managed to scrape in! She had average looks, a weak body, an average interview and very little charm. I was utterly shocked when she was chosen over my favourite 3 - none of which made the Top 3!

I must say Miss Asia provided me with 100 times more laughs than Miss Hong Kong did, I thought the show's production was good, there was a variety of segments and the quality of delegates were decent - overall a great show shame about the results.

My Top 6 were (in order);
No.18 Liu Yi Hsin
No.6 Sheng An
No.16 Wang Jin Jin
No.10 Wang Chen
No. 15 Xu Ying
No.5 Tiana Tran

Then I'd go for;
No.4 Trudy Tai
No.14 He Qing
No.20 Tung Yi Wen

and rounding out my Top 12 would be
No.2 Wang Xiyao
No.3 Lam Tsz Kwan
No.11 Wang Zifei

A shame that No.4,11,14 and 20 were all eliminated before the Top 12.

In my opinion the Hong Kong candidates weren't a strong bunch, but I must say most of them weren't from Hong Kong I'd expect. No.2,4,7 had an accent whilst No.5 was from the US and No.6 was from Canada!

Here is my opinion on the 19 girls

No.1, Rebecca Mok
95 lbs

Rebecca was the shortest contestant out of all, it was especially awkward when she would be standing with No.2 Wang Xiyao who is 5'9". However she failed to make an impression and was eliminated in the first round. Girls who are short need the confidence and personality to break them in but No.1 had neither. She walked around lacking a single smile and never really presented herself. Her frown aged her just look at her smile on the official portrait - much better than her live performance. Sadly I had to agree with her early dismissal.

No.2 Wang Xiyao
115 lbs
Merchandising Manager

Xiyao was a favourite of mine early on and I must say on certain angles she does look like Michelle Reis but she sharply fell in my books. I believe I've stated the reasons for my quick dismissal of her, I didn't dislike her and I truly didn't mind her getting into the Top 6 but 1st Runner Up was a bit too much.

No.3 Lam Tsz Kwan
122 lbs
High School Student

I didn't like Tsz Kwan that much in the beginning because I felt she was on the chubby side of asian girls and had an average look. I began to like her for her personality and interview technique. She was a confident and content girl so I was happy for her. However I wouldn't say I'd have liked her any further than the Top 12 but in all honesty I thought she would be in the Top 6. Overall she was a decent contestant to put into the Top 12 but not any further.

No.4 Trudy Tai
95 lbs
Ice Skating Instructor

I liked Trudy but one thing irked me with her, her honesty! She unbashfully listed why she was better than some famous model (or such) though this would show confidence it doesn't go down too well in Asian pageants, say you're better but leave some space and dignity for the one in concern. However she was a pretty and exuberant girl sadly she wasn't noticed in the competition and left before the Top 12. In my opinion she was probably the prettiest Hong Kong girl (not including No.5 and 6 as I don't deem them Hong Kongers) but sadly she lacked height and grace - something Miss Asia loves!

No.5 Tiana Tran
105 lbs
Student (North American West Coast Representative)

Tiana provided us with a number of funny moment with her weak command of the Chinese language, she was however charming and beautiful, a shame that she couldn't speak Chinese in any form or she may have made the actual Top 6!

I'll leave it there for now, I have a lot of work to do so I'll catch up on this at a later date - watch this space!

Monday, 9 November 2009

Brother Issues

Are all older brothers so annoying! My brother has been badmouthing me behind my back to my dad. He has no right to do that especially considering he's breaking away my privacy. I just want him out of the house cause he's just a pain! Can't believe I need to live with him for 3 weeks at CHRISTMAS! NO NO NO NO NO!

Friday, 6 November 2009

TVB Awards: Other Awards

Best Host
Leo Ku - Never seen Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader so can't comment.
Sandra Ng & Chin Ka Lok - GO SANDRA! She should win she makes me laugh every single time!
Eric Tsang, Chin Ka Lok, Louis Yuen, Wong Cho Lam - I'm not a huge fan of "Cheung Mun Yan" anymore, it's still funny at times but it's no longer compulsive viewing - for me anyway! The hosting isn't that great either.
Ronald Cheng, Alex Fong, Edmund Leung - The show is OK but the hosts definitely shouldn't win any awards for their efforts.
Kitty Yuen & Sammy Leung - Haven't watched what they hosted, though they're normally OK hosts.

Best Variety Show
"SING SING TONG HOK WUI" DEFINITELY! Sandra is so funny! I think "The Voice" is also OK considering it's a new thing.

Best Series
I'll go for Top 3... Rosy Business, Gem of Life and Beyond the Realm of Conscience either though I haven't seen it Popularity Awards

WHERE IS RAYMOND LAM! What is the criteria for being in this category! Is it that you have to be nominated for an award to be in tis category? If so that's stupid because Raymond is so popular and if this was a fair contest Yoyo Mung would be in it as she's currently top of the blog popularity thingy.

TVB Nominations 2009: Most Improved

The Most Improved nominees are a bit weird this year well lets start off with the men.

Johnson Lee - I'm not sure Johnson would really appreciate TVB handing this award to him, though he won't get it anyway! Giving someone in his mid 30's a most improved award when he's been in the industry since 1999 seems somewhat embarrasing. I like Johnson, I think he's a better actor than quite a few who have been nominated in Best Support in the previous years however I'd rather he didn't stand a chance in this award than to accept it.

Pierre Ngo - The likely candidate for this award. It's weird that most of those nominated are in their 30's! In a way he also deserves it because his character was probably the only memorable one he's acted in. I guess I wouldn't mind him winning but it seems weird that TVB hasn't nominated anyone that they are really promoting.

Raymond Wong - It must be quite embarrasing being nominated as Most Improved when you use to be in the film industry! His first film was in 1997 and his first series was in 2002 eek! At least I wouldn't want to be in his shoes! But in all honesty I think Raymond probably deserves this award as much as Pierre because at first I thought he was like Michael Miu - Botox Eyes! But in Easterly Showers and Sweetness in the Salt he was more versatile.

Raymond Chiu - He's OK but is he that memorable? Or is TVB just passing the nominations along the Off Peddar cast.

Jim Tang - Along with Him Law these two guys are probably the new line of actors TVB are promoting. They are both in their mid twenties and have been nominated for TVB awards so I guess TVB is trying to mount their screen time (as such). I like Jim but he has a long way to go.

My Pick: Raymond Wong
Most Likely to Win: Pierre Ngo

For the females...
These 5 seem much more like the TVB I know except for Catherine Chau.

WHERE IS SELENA LI! She was in 2006, Top 10 for 2007, in 2008 and now vanished! Why isn't she in this! For once Selena could have won it as no big TVB names are in their but she's not nominated! This could mean good or bad, good in that Selena has risen above this, bad that Selena will not win an award until long long later! I don't understand the reason for the exclusion of Selena when Catherine Chau has been chosen.

Queenie Chu - In a sense she probably has improved. I like Queenie but I don't like her acting but she won't win.

Koni Lui - YEAH! Recognition to Koni! She isn't a fantastic actress but she's OK for a newcomer - remember Charmaine Sheh in her early years! I really like Koni but she's probably not going to win.

Catherine Chau - Poor Catherine Chau, TVB didn't want to nominate anyone else so drew her into the NOMINATION of EMBARRASMENT! Well for someone like Catherine anyway, she has filmed like 50 series and now she's considered for most improved! I like Catherine but yet again I wouldn't want to be in her shoes. It would have made sense to put Selena here as she's always in this category.

Sharon Chan - Poor Sharon she's always in but never wins! TVB really should take her out of her misery and just hand her the award. Sharon is a good actress, better than say Sonija Kwok who's nominated for BEST ACTRESS! But she's probably not going to win this as...

Aimee Chan - It's obvious TVB is promoting Aimee to be their new bunny/Kate Tsui. I really don't think she'll lose this award as she's getting much more promotion than any of the other 4. Aimee has improved and I think she's actually an OK actress but I'd much rather Selena or Sharon win this for a change.

My Pick: Sharon Chan
Most Likely to Win: Aimee Chan

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

TVB Nominations

Seeing the Main, Supporting and Favourite Nominations list a few things were somewhat shocking...

Jessica Hsuan excluded from any awards! I know Just Love II didn't really deserve any awards but I was quite shocked that Jessica wasn't even on the longlist for Best Actress or Favourite Character considering her status - maybe because she's filming so many series with TVB they thought they'd caught her in their net already so don't need awards to do so.

Sammul Chan not in any awards either! This goes to show how being a signed artist is so much better than not being one. Sammul, though not the best actor, filmed in EU and A Bride for a Ride but isn't nominated. If Fala Chen is nominated for Best Supporting Actress for The Stew of Life (When she's obviously a main lead) I think Sammul can be nominated for Best supporting in EU.

Chung King Fai not nominated for Best Actor. Though he's not my favourite actor this year I think if Fala, Louise and Christine are all up for awards then King Sir should also be up for Best Actor, considering Chin Ka Lok's nominated!

Raymond Lam! Its weird seeing a year without Raymond Lam considering he's been nominated since 2006 for Best Actor. Hopefully Shall We State the Case would be good but I don't have much hope for Growing Through Life. I'm annoyed that Raymond hasn't got any series this year nor does he have a long list of series waiting to be aired, TVB needs to continue to promote him!

I'm happy that Bosco Wong got nominated but it's quite shocking that he's the only young gun from the Top 15! No Raymond, Sammul, Ron or Kenneth (well not exactly young but still part of that group technically). I'm shocked Joe Ma is nominated for Easterly Showers. He did Ok but I didn't think TVB would actually nominate him in that series considering hsi status with TVB - maybe it was the Liza Wang syndrome. Shocked that Chin Ka Lok is nominated when neither Kenneth Ma, Roger Kwok or Chung King Fai are nominated. It's quite shocking that these Top 15 are basically all the male leads TVB has used this year! Oh also a bit shocked that Adam Cheng wasn't nominated, I'm happy but I thought TVB would favour him.

As I said I'm a bit shocked that Jessica Hsuan isn't on the Best Actress list whilst I knew Sonija Kwok would be because she's always on there even if she performs dreadfully! I expected basically all of those Top 15 and yet again quite shocking that these 15 are basically all the main actresses TVB used for their series this year.

Pleasantly surprised that Joel Chan is nominated but in general most of the others are predictable. Michael Tse is obviously going to win this. The supporting actress fight seems really interesting with 8 of the nominees from two series! I'm confused why Fala Chen, Christine Ng and Elanne Kong are nominated as supporting actresses when they are definitely mains in their series. I guess it's just TVB's way of putting people in a category.

A bit shocked that Kenny Wong is nominated for Favourite Character but I understand why TVB did that, I'm not sure Chin Ka Lok was liked that much in his series but I also understand why TVB did that. Considering in the past years TVB has begun to give people two awards this award will probably go to Wayne Lai with Michael Tse a possible alternatve and I guessWong He as a dark horse.

Wow Charmaine Sheh is nominated for two characters! How many times has that happened! But that may be to make her happy considering the Best actress will probably go to Sheren and favourite go to Tavia. Shocked that Gigi wasn't added to this list as it would be her leaving reward to be nominated! But I didn't think her character was that likable so I guess TVB finally did something right rather than motivated. But it does shock me that considering Jessica wasn't nominated in the Best Actress I'd thought she'd be in Favourite.

My Prediction (What TVB will do)
Best Actor Top 5
Wayne Lai - Rosy Business
Gallen Lo - Born Rich
Kevin Cheng- Burning Flame III
Moses Chan - Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Michael Miu - EU

Other Possibilities: Ray Lui, Bowie Lam, Wong Hei, Dayo Wong

It's obvious Wayne is going to be in the Top 5 but less obvious who would accompany him. In the end I chose the 4 above because of gut instinct anyway here's an explanation.
Gallen Lo - Though Born Rich isn't receiving great ratings it's still a major production, Gallen used to be TVB's Godson so in order to form better bonds I think Gallen will be given a spot.
Kevin Cheng - I think Burning Flame III will get a nomination. Common sense would have led me to Wong He but I went with Kevin because TVB loves Kevin, Wong He is thinking of quitting TVB whilst Kevin is also in Beyond the Realm of Conscience.
Moses Chan - Moses has been nominated for so many years at least to my knowledge he's been nominated in the Top 5 since 2005. With Beyond behind his back I'd expect him to be here again.
Michael Miu - TVB has this weird affinity with him. He was nominated for The Academy so why wouldn't he for EU?

Ray Lui - it's his first series back in a long long time. It hasn't received high ratings nor does Ray strike me as a Top 5. If Gallen didn't get nominated last year for Cats and Dogs then I don't think Ray will be nominated for Born Rich - though it could happen.
Bowie Lam - In an attempt to get Bowie to do more series TVB may enlist him into the Top 5. The Gem of Life was a huge huge production so it's only right to give one of the male leads some recognition - on TVB's logic anyway.
Wong Hei - This was a hard one to judge. I don't think any series would yield two Top 5 nominations for Best Actor so Wong Hei was beaten by Kevin Cheng considering Kevin won (unjustly) before whilst Wong Hei hasn't
Dayo Wong - Now Dayo is actually quite likely to get a Top 5 nomination, he just got kicked out from my Top 5 list because the 5 dramas the Top 5 are in were either grand productions or really high rating series. You're Hired was a highly rated drama but I'm not sure if it's enough.

Why the others don't stand a chance!
Damian - It's kind of "Geng Lo" to put him into the Top 15 considering Chamber of Bliss wasn't that highly rated a drama.
Bosco - He's still got a long time to go and it's obvious Kevin and Wong Hei will be considered before him.
Joe Ma - He's a filler and doesn't have TVB's support
Steven Ma - A Catherine Tsang filler.
Chin Ka Lok - eh!

Best Actress Top 5
Sheren Tang - Rosy Business
Ada Choi - The Gem of Life
Charmaine Sheh - Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Tavia Yeung - Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Teresa Mo - Off Pedder

Other Possibilities: Anita Yuen, Kenix Kwok, Myolie Wu, Louise Lee

Sheren Tang and Tavia Yeung are obviously going to be in the Top 5 and to some extent Charmaine Sheh also considering she's got You're Hired and Beyond the Realm of Conscience under her belt. The other two needed to be filled and here's why I chose the other two.

Ada Choi - Not officially naming anyone from the Gem of Life for the Best awards is unlikely considering how costly The Gem of Life was. Considering Ada was the most prominent figure from Gem I think they'll give her a Top 5.
Teresa Mo - Come on, Teresa is a famous film actress! For her to come back to TVB and film a long long series must have taken a lot of talk time! I think this would be a mini reward (on TVB's terms anyway) to put Teresa in the top 5.

Anita Yuen - Born Rich is not receiving great ratings. Considering 3 out of 5 spots are filled I think TVB will support Gem of Life over Born Rich considering Gem was sooooo expensive.
Kenix Kwok - The logic is that Kenix never won an award with TVB, as a comeback gift TVB will put her into the Top 5. Possible!
Myolie Wu - I don't really know why I listed her under the possible list. It's more of a gut feeling.
Louise Lee - Considering she's been prominent in the last two years, completely shutting her out this year may not be TVB's style

Why the others weren't listed
Jamie Chik - Michael Miu is already listed! No jk. There are too many comeback queens I'm not sure TVB has enough spaces to fill the gift list.
Maggie Siu - The Gem of Life wasn't that well rated a series therefore I don't think that other than Ada Choi Maggie or Gigi will have a chance.
Gigi Lai - Besides Ada already being the chosen girl for this series I don't think TVB will deem it necessary to nominate an artiste who has already left TVB.
Kathy Chow - Though she's a great actress she hasn't been in the spotlight nor has she been garnering any buzz.
Liza Wang - Though Liza is normally nominated at least to "Geng Lo" I don't think even TVB can justify nominating Easterly Showers when it recorded such low ratings.
Sonija Kwok - She's the always there but never Top 5 actress.

Best Supporting Actor Top 5
Michael Tse - EU
Elliot Yue - The Gem of Life
Ron Ng - Rosy Business
Kenneth Ma - Born Rich
Derek Kwok - DIE Again

Other Possibilities: Kenny Wong, Dominic Lam, Pierre Ngo, Raymond Wong

I don't know whether Ram Tseung or Lee Kwok Lun are really popular because of Beyond but if they aren't it's unlikely they'll be nominated. Michael Tse is obviously going to win but it was a difficult choice to put 4 other actors along with him on this category
Elliot Yue - A "Geng Lo" spot. If Gem was going to be nominated I think Elliot would take this spot over Kenny.
Ron Ng - Based on TVB not being able to support any of its young artists I think Ron will be nominated for Supporting actor especially considering he was in EU and Rosy.
Kenneth Ma - Same reason as Ron, in that he's one of TVB's younger generation that they promote.
Derek Kwok - I'm leaning towards him because I always thought Derek was going to get this award at some point in his career.

Kenny Wong - As I only think one spot is designated for Gem I think Kenny will lose the spot over Elliot.
Dominic Lam - A very likely choice for Top 5. He just got edged out when I placed my Top 5 prediction.
Pierre Ngo - The buzz he created was short but not long lasting, TVB will probably support Ron rather than Pierre.
Raymond Wong - I don't know! He's been on the TV circuit for a while but hasn't had any recognition considering he's a Film-TV actor TVB must think he needs an incentive to stay.

The others:
Joel Chan - Not enough buzz or age to be nominated
Lee Kwok Lun - Beyond is a female drama, the men are relatively unneccessary
Ram Tseung - Same as Lee Kwok Lun.
Tsui Wing - I'm not sure his performance in Off Peddar will get him a nomination, though he was nominated last year but for a much more well known character.
Stephen Au - I doubt he'll be nominated for this character
Evergreen Mak - Unless Stew gets 45 points I don't think Evergreen will be nominated.

Best Supporting Actress Top 5
Michelle Yim - Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Susanna Kwan - Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Susan Tse - Rosy Business
Linda Chung - The Gem of Life
Fala Chen - The Stew of Life

Other Possibilities: Kiki Sheung, Elanne Kong, Nancy Wu

Michelle Yim - To win the previous year and drop to not even a nomination this year is unlikely considering she's in Beyond
Susanna Kwan - Susanna got the short end of the stick last year between Louise, Michelle and herself it's likely Susanna will at least be nominated here I think.
Susan Tse - I think she's going to win this award considering the buzz she's creating for her evilness!
Linda Chung - Just like Ron and Kenneth I think she'll represent the younger generation and of course Gem.
Fala Chen - She won in 2007 when nobody expected her to so I think she'll be nominated this year.
Nancy Wu - She won most improved last year and was nominated for supporting as well. I think it could happen but I don't think she's got enough of a buzz to catapult her into the Top 5.

Kiki Sheung - It's a small chance but I think possible if TVB doesn't go down the Linda/Fala route.
Elanne Kong - It's not unlikely considering the decent ratings of EU

Mary Hon - I love Mary and she's normally nominated in the Best Supporting but I think this year the category is too strong.
Selena Li - Considering Michelle and Susanna are already nominated for Beyond I doubt Selena will be in, to me it's already a plus that she's in this category along with Michelle, Susanna and Mary.
Kara Hui - Out of the older generation Kara probably has created the least buzz so I'm not sure if TVB is willing to make it an all over 45 affair.
Angela Tong - Chamber of Bliss will not be in any Top 5 trust me!
Aimee Chan - I don't think she'll be nominated for supporting in such a strong year. She's likely going to be a top contender for Most Improved.
Christine Ng - I don't think the Stew is going to get two nominations if Fala is already in the Top 5.
Joyce Tang - Though I love Joyce she's had no buzz at all.

Favourite Male Character Top 5
Wayne Lai - Rosy Business
Michael Tse - EU
Roger Kwok - DIE Again
Wong Hei - Burning Flame III
Dayo Wong - You're Hired

Other possibilities: Moses Chan, Kevin Cheng, Chin Ka Lok

Wayne and Michael are the two that are going to win the award. I think Wayne will probably get this as it would be weird if Wayne got 1 and Michael got 2.
I only just realised that Roger Kwok wasn't nominated in the Best Actor! SHOCKER! So I think Favourite Male Character will surely be a Top 5 for him. Wong Hei got a lot of support for EU so I think he's streamlined for this and Dayo Wong also got decent support for his role on You're Hired rounding out this to be the most likely Top 5.

Moses Chan - Originally he was in my Top 5 until I realised Roger wasn't nominated for a Best so that's why he's now in my possibles considering Gem was ages ago.
Kevin Cheng - TVB love Kevin, he was loved in Burning Flame III, so good possibility of making Top 5.
Chin ka Lok - The only reason to justify him even being in the top 15 is that TVB genuinely thinks he has a chance. Considering A Bride For A Ride was a comedy it's possible he could make it.

Michael Miu - I don't think even TVB can justify giving his annoying character a Top 5 nomination.
Ray Lui - I just don't know why but I don't think Born Rich will be competing for Favourite awards.
Gallen Lo - Same as Above
Bowie Lam - He created minimal buzz and I think my Top 5 are really likely the actual Top 5.
Kenny Wong - Too strong a category for Kenny to even get a look in.
Steven Ma - filler
Kenneth Ma - Very unlikely considering very few probably remember Man In Charge.

Favourite Female Character
Charmaine Sheh - Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Tavia Yeung - Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Sheren Tang - Rosy Business
Louise Lee - The Stew of Life
Anita Yuen - Born Rich

Other Possibilities: Kenix Kwok, Jamie Chik, Ada Choi, Teresa Mo

If it wasn't for my guess that Sheren will win Best Actress (considering it's long overdue and Tavia is too young for this award and Charmaine has won it already) I woud have put Charmaine as the favourite to win this but as Sheren in my prediction will win Best Actress I think Tavia will win Favourite Female. Whilst Charmaine is equally likely going to be nominated for Beyond or You're Hired. I put Louise here because she has been in this category for 2 years already I don't think the trend will buckle especially since she probably not going to be nominated for Best Actress. Whilst Anita being here was is because I think Born Rich wouldn't be barred out in too many awards and therefore it's possible that Anita would be nominated here.

Kenix Kwok - based on my Born Rich theory
Jamie Chik - Yet again based on my Born Rich theory
Ada Choi - She's probably going to be nominated for Best so why not for Favourite.
Teresa Mo - Her character is proably quite likable in Hong Kong and she's Teresa Mo.

Kathy Chow - Just not enough support from media.
Maggie Siu - There's a small possibility but she needs more buzz
Sonija Kwok - Even in a comedy you can't justify Sonija beating any of the other 14 for a Top 5 nomination.
Fala Chen - The Stew of Life received average ratings
Christine Ng - Same as above

It seems Miss Lok is losing power! Her favourite artistes aren't that dominant on the list.

Well I finally made it! I'll post my Top 15 when I've begun watching Born Rich and Beyond, which would be about Mid November.

Strictly Come Dancing Week 7

Best of the Night
Ricky and Natalie - Smooth and swift!

Worst of the Night
Craig and Flavia - Though there was obvious improvement I was bored.

As I thought most couples got just scores I have to say Ricky and Natalie as I'm not sure if it really deserved 39.

I'm going to give this to Ricky and Erin as I think they deserved better than 24, maybe 27.

One to Watch Out For
Jade is slowly becoming one of the main contenders - a dark horse, but Jive may not be for her and I worry that next week if Ali places around 3rd or 4th and Jade gets like 30 and places 5th we may see Jade and Ali in the bottom 2 with Jade leaving!

Just thought that their should be a name for the James Jordan curse! Discounting Georgina Bouzova all his other three partners left earlier than expected. Gabby Logan considered a definite for the Top 7 but they left 4th out of 14 couples. Cherie Lunghi who was a favourite early on but withered out to an 8th place below that of John Sergeant, Jodie Kidd and Christine Bleakley and now Zoe Lucker, considered a Top 4 definite I'd say but goes out 10th! Well female celebrities, beware of James Jordan if you're ever going to go on Strictly!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

My X Factor opinion

Jamie Archer
He's a nice guy and has good stage presence but I think he's been drooping. He's been overpowered by the music as of late and I found him unfocused this week. He lacks the IT factor, he's a decent singer but he's not going to win. I think he'll go in the next 2-3 shows.

Lloyd Daniels
Cute as he is he's not a good enough singer so he really should be in a boyband - though everybody knows boybands are out of fashion now! He has a decent voice but he only suits certain songs, his range is poor and he rarely hits notes out of his 5 note range. Though I like Lloyd it seems that the general public agree that he needs to go soon. He'll go in the next 1-2 shows.

John and Edward
SAVE ME! WHY! They miss beats they have no vocal ability and I stress! THEY'RE NOT ENTERTAINING OR FUNNY! I think there survival goes to show that Britain is slowly getting bored with the X Factor and needs rubbish/"humiliating" acts to entertain them! I don't dislike them as people I just dislike the general public who keep them in and make them even more detestable every single week. I don't want to predict when he'll leave.

Danyl Johnson
I loved him for the first two shows, then I started to think he was repetitive, in every single piece he just booms out his signature big notes without much grace or meaning, he's just flaunting what he has. I still liked him though but this week he made me feel cold. He seemed to act the whole thing out, like a dramaqueen. It didn't look genuine and he was sulking like a child on top of that it wasn't a good performance (though very few performances this week were acceptable). I just hope Simon stops pushing him to be the next big thing, he's good; even in a weak performance he does better than most, but he isn't that good. He'll probably go 4th as he's not having the judges side with him.

Lucie Jones
I had great expectations for her, I like her more now but at the start she annoyed me. X Factor tried to promote her as the voice but now they know she doesn't have it they're promoting her diversity. I think she's OK but she needs to work her vocals and stage presence a bit. I'm predicting about 5th for Lucie.

Joe McElderry
He's become the favourite by the bookies, generally because he doesn't have many/any negative press and he's been consistent. The problem I have with Joe is his voice. It has become repetitive and boring just like David Archuleta on American Idol. He's a decent singer and one of the best on the show but his voice is just annoying me at the moment. He'll definitely be in the final.

Olly Murs
I like Olly. Though I don't think he's the best out of the 8 I think he's one of the best and has a great personality and vibe about him. He's also gaining a lot of momentum so I think he may be in the final 3.

Stacey Solomon
I don't get the craze with Stacey, her vocals are only OK and her presence is weak. She has a great personality though, which is probably why everyone loves her. But I just don't get Stacey that much tbh. I think she's probably one of the highest vote getters so I'm going to say she's in the Top 3.

The thing with all of them is I don't think anyone truly sings from the heart. I don't think they look at the music and really understand why they're singing it. They all just sing to impress rather than sing to convey emotion. They stress on random words and don't truly connect with the songs they're singing. X Factor this series is all about the showmanship.

My predictions
Next Out: Lloyd Daniels
After that: Jamie Archer
6th: John and Edward (by now I don't think they'll be amongst the top vote getters)
5th: Lucie Jones
4th: Danyl Johnson
3rd: Stacey Solomon
2nd: Olly Murs
Winner: Joe McElderry

Just my prediction.
Also wanted to add, if any of these 8 were producing record would I buy them...
Lloyd - I'll probably buy a single - if it was JT-esque, swoon style but I don't think I'd buy an album

Jamie - He's only going to attract me live, I don't think he has a recording voice.

John and Edward - Hell no, I'd run from the shop selling it.

Danyl - His voice is decaying, it scrapes away a bit of me every time I listen to him - so probably no.

Lucie - It would have to be a great album - Avril Lavigne-esque as I find her voice slightly boring.

Stacey Solomon - No, her allure is being from Essex and acting like she's just an average girl - everyone likes a fairytale and she's our fairytale this series.

Olly Murs - I don't think so, he'll lose his stage presence which is the main thing about him.

Joe McElderry - No, I'll be asleep by the 4th song. It'll just be too repetitive.

To our past contestants
Rachel Adedeji - Likely, because I think she'll produce music of my taste. It'll depend on what her album is like though.

Miss Frank - Maybe! If they brushed up on their vocals they'd produce a unique sound which would make them fresh. Definitely one of the better acts this series, just not enough popularity that's all.

Rikki Loney - No, I barely remember him, though I did like him!

Kandy Rain - It would depend. I generally like girl groups e.g. Sugababes, Pussycat Dolls, Saturdays, to some extent Girls Aloud so I guess if they did a decent job then yeah I would.

TV Gone nuts!

Popularity is so important nowadays that talent doesn't even matter! Both X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing have shown that popularity is all it takes to do well on these shows! The elimination of Rachel Adedeji was annoying. Though I knew she would leave early considering she's always in the bottom 2 she's one of the most consistent performers on the show and is in my opinion the best girl! (talk about my opinions later). Popularity is so important that a show like X Factor harbors a group like John and Edward!

Strictly come dancing is also an outcry, I thought SCD had some sense in them but why was Ali Bastian and Zoe Lucker in the bottom 2! Zoe, though not my favourite deserves at least Top 5! She's a decent dancer and though I find her overated I didn't think she should have been voted out at 9th! And why is Ali Bastian in the bottom 2 with her? Why is Craig still here! I understand why Ricky Groves and Phil Tufnell may get the popularity vote but why Craig? I fear next week we may see Jade and Ian kicked off due to a Jade and Ali bottom 2! If the Final 5 of SCD doesn't consist of Jade, Ali, Laila and Ricky W I may just puke! It's really time for Ricky Groves, Phil Tufnell and Chris Hollins to slowly waltz away from the competition with Natalie Cassidy joining them afterwards! I have faith in Laila whilst Ali, Ricky and in some cases Jade have proved their capabilities.