Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Exams are OVER

Haven't been posting recently because I was trying to revise (I emphasize on the trying). I actually don't feel relieved too be honest, I feel I've done awfully and will be kicked out by my school. I'm anticipating 4 D's! But I'm predicted 4 A's and an A* here and there, I feel awful, I feel like I've let everyone down but I don't know how to correct it. I'm worried I actually have one of these illnesses people talk about e.g. ADD. But honestly I hate the education system, AS levels should not be straight after GCSE's, there is so much to do for AS. In my opinion GCSE's should start in Yr.9 and last for 2 years so that A levels start at Yr.11, it would be a much better indicator of the students abilities as nowadays I find exams only test your memory. Exams should get people's opinions rather than test how well you've revised or listened in class, that's why exams should only be at max 30% of the whole grade. I don't know what they could do rather than exams but exams just don't work, maybe they should have a "supervised" coursework assignment or long essay, it would be expensive but it would be a much better indicator.

Enough of my yabbering got to get back to normal life!

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