Sunday, 28 February 2010


It was my 18th today, well technically yesterday as it's past 12pm. I had a great day with some of my friends, the day was jam packed. We went go-karting in the morning, to my dismay I was terrible at it! For the first run I think I crashed at least 10 times! I didn't feel as embarrassed as I should have but thinking back I'm feeling really stupid! For the next 7 runs I basically spent the whole time stepping on the breaks on every single corner! I just didn't want to crash again. This doesn't bode well for driving a car, eeek...

We then went to watch Invictus. It was a good film, I'd give it 7 out of 10 - that's a relatively good score from me. I liked the idea but I'm not sure they really went for it. I'm not sure there were that many memorable moments or highs and lows in the film. My two favourite scenes were the ones where the South African rugby team were teaching poor, black children to play rugby - that was sweet, and when Matt Damon was in Nelson Mandela's (Morgan Freeman) jail cell. It was however relatively fast paced and didn't feel the 133 minutes it was.

Afterwards we had dinner at Inamo, a great place for a bunch of teenagers - besides the cost. But I liked the food, the atmosphere was good and the concept was engaging so I'd definitely recommend it. I must say the interactive side did wear off for me after a while but it was still decent. I ordered their Unagi Nigiri, I love eel! The sushi was nice but at slightly weird tasting, it's not the best sushi I've tasted but it had to do. I then had my main which was the Berkshire Pork Neck which I ordered boiled rice with. I liked the flavours and the apple confit was delicious but I did think that the meat was cut a bit too thick as it felt a bit heavy on the stomach. The Thai Basel Panna Cotta was fantastic! I did love it! I ordered Pineapple Juice as well but that wasn't anything special - besides the nice presentation I guess.

Finally we went to see Stephen K Amos. A bit annoyed they told me the wrong starting time but oh well! I also stupidly thought that the Hammersmith Apollo was at Earl's Court rather than Hammersmith tube station! Anyway the sub act - Sean Walsh was decent but I didn't really "laugh" laugh with his jokes if you see what I mean. We waited ages before Stephen K Amos started but I did "laugh" laugh at his jokes albeit a dampened laugh. I'd say on a laugh factor that probably was a 7.

Overall I did enjoy it, I'd probably give the day a 7 but I think just being 18 and doing a bunch of things I've never done before with my friends makes this day a worthy 8 :)

I'm 18 argh.....

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