Tuesday, 16 February 2010


I'm an avid fan of Strictly Come Dancing but I've rarely ventured past this into other dance shows. Maybe it was the lack of variety or maybe it was my general perception of dance shows. The only other dance shows the UK had was Dancing on Ice and Britain's Got Talent - both not really dance shows as such. However after watching the finals of So You Think You Can Dance I grew an interest in these shows. I've now committed myself not only to watching SYTYCD UK but also SYTYCD USA!

Besides those two shows I'm really excited about watching Got To Dance - Sky's own dance show. The winner was 10 year old Akai Osei, besides being a cute kid he's also from where I live! WOO!!!! Got to see him now! But there's also another competitor who looks interesting; Matthew Koon. He's already an established youngster and being Chinese has got to earn him extra points from me! Can't wait to see this show! If only it was on BBC or ITV then these two would be getting much more attention.

Wait just found out the winner of SYTYCD UK, Charlie Bruce, is from Beckenham! Where I used to live! Wow this is too much to take in! lol.

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  1. Hey Chen,

    I've been searching the web for Matthew Koon mentions and noticed your thread. Thought you might like to know about an exciting new project he's involved in.

    Here's the link.