Saturday, 31 July 2010

Miss Universe 2010 Pre-Pageant

I haven't posted in a month because I've just been so tired of blogging these days. I just want a space to write what I want (idk if nobody reads it) but I'm bombarded with junk comments every day. I'm just getting tired of updating this thing. I wonder if I should delete this blog and start afresh to avoid all the junk but I don't know if that will solve it or not.

Anyway this year's MU is getting closer and closer so I thought I'd update you all with my favourite girls. These 3 are the ones I like the most, I have a longer list but I think that list is interchangeable whilst I think these 3 will always be in my Top 15. So here they are...


She has great presence and a very toned body. She seems very personable as well.


I actually quite like the "black" delegates this year even though many say they are a weak bunch. I love Yendi because she looks pretty and down to earth, she seems like she could be everyone's best friend.


At first I wasn't convinced (like many of the European delegates this year) but now I find her amazing, she is definitely one of the prettiest, if not the prettiest, delegate this year. Hopefully her stage presence will solidify my liking of her.

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