Thursday, 5 August 2010

Miss Hong Kong 2010

Hi guys, I think my blogging here is slowly going to cease. I'm just deflated by all the spam comments I'm getting. I think I'll have to find another refuge for my writing as I no longer feel happy about posting things on this blog.

Anyway my main purpose today is to talk about Miss Hong Kong 2010, I know it has been a while but I really needed some time on this one. The results were definitely controversial for Hong Kong. I wasn't over the moon with the results but I was Ok with them.

Firstly the 3 winners. I think No. 13 Toby Chan is a decent winner. She isn't the prettiest of delegates but she is Ok looking. She is by far the most eloquent of the 15 girls and answers questions with wit and intelligence. I think what made her sparkle was her Q&A round. Actually the girl who has sparked the least controversy is the girl I think shouldn't have made it. I don't find No.15 attractive nor do I think her Q&A was particularly good - I'm utterly confused why she isn't getting some negative comments whilst the other two are. Whilst No.5 is by far the girl given the most hate. I actually quite like her, to me she seems like a shy but sincere girl. Yes at angles she may look a bit plain but I don't think any girl in this competition doesn't have a bad angle. I just find it rude to disregard her performance when in my opinion she did quite well overall.

This year could really have reversed the tides on MHK spiralling downwards but sadly I felt the results weren't able to do that.

However whilst I say that I was definitely shocked with the results. I also don't understand the Final 4 thing? That just doesn't seem logical. I think it would have been better to do a Final 10 then a Final 5 with one or two rounds in between. The way that TVB did it I'd much prefer they just went straight into a Final 4. I also felt that the Swimsuit and Q&A should have been split and I think there weren't enough segments for us to clearly judge the girls. The dance segment was utter useless and the modelling segment could have been spiced up a bit.

Anyway my perfect Top 8 would have included 1,5,7,8,9,10,13,14
Ok I omitted No.2 because I think she was slightly fake - I think she had a decent night but she wasn't as instantly likeable as some other girls.
No.3 was omitted because I thought she was the worst girl on the night - her Q&A was ok (as in not the worst) but I still believe she wasn't deserving of a Top 8
No.4 - even though she has the same surname as me I didn't really like her.
No.6 - forgettable.
No. 11 - Elle was the press favourite but I have always found her features to be rather awkward. I liked her but I honestly thought the competition this year was just above her. A Top 8 was hard to pick.
No.12 - Ria was my early favourite but tonight she just looked awful and performed averagely on top of that.
No. 15 - As I have said.

Then My Top 4 would have been; 7,8,10,13
This wasn't an easy process;
1. I liked Alice, she was reasonably pretty and she actually reminded me a bit of Mandy Cho but I chose to eliminate her because her performance on the day wasn't memorable enough.

5. I also like Lisa and I felt she did well on the night. She was just marginally squeezed out by me as I don't think she looks very MHK.

9. This was a difficult one. I love Crystal but I think her physique lets her down hugely. I think she and No.13 did the best on the Q&A but I don't think Crystal was as strong throughout the night. She would have been in my Top 5.

14. Yet again I like Kitty but there wasn't a strong enough reason to keep her as far as the Top 4.

So based on pre pageant and the pageant itself my Top 3 would be...
2nd Runner Up: No.13 Toby Chan
1st Runner Up: No.8 Phoebe Pang
Winner: No.10 Queenie Ma

Sadly No.7 Krizia Ho lost out, the reason being I think she really didn't perform on the finals night. At times she looked lost but I really grew to like Krizia through the finals - pre pageant I thought she would be quite stuck up but during the night she just looked so genuine and sincere. On terms of favourites she would be right up there but sadly I don't think she was as strong as the others on the night.

Ok the Top 3. I actually thought Phoebe and Queenie's Q&A was much weaker than Toby and even Krizia's but personally I felt that Phoebe and Queenie had a good night overall. It was definitely a difficult year as I think there were girls that did well on the dance, catwalk etc segments and girls who excelled at the Q&A. I think this year really needed a Top 5 and that would have included 7,8,9,10,13 - in which I actually wouldn't really mind what combination made the final 3.

One interesting note; as I didn't watch this live I was trying to avoid all news of who were the winners. However I accidentally saw a piece of news with No.8 Phoebe Pang as the headline - at once I thought Ok, she probably won, I then heard on TV that No. 13 Toby Chan was one of the winners - making me confused on who the winner was - and then my dad comes up to me and said he heard from the news that someone with the surname "Lee" won, most probably be being No.9! It did make it more interesting to watch though :)

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