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TVB Awards 2011: Final Preshow Post

So that this blog doesn't fade into oblivion I am updating it even though I really shouldn't be with the amount of work I have but I just wanted to update my predictions for the awards.

Sorry for the lack of photos, they just take time!


TVB's Choice
Lock Ons - Kevin Cheng, Michael Tse, Wayne Lai

Others - Moses Chan, Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Ruco Chan (in order of likelihood)

We all know it is a battle between Kevin and Michael but as the weeks have passed I feel like Kevin is slowly edging ahead. Personally I feel Kevin did a good job but it would be so unjust if Kevin wins this award for the second time. I find it amusing that nobody seems to remember Kevin in Home Troopers where he wasn't that great. Michael has been getting a lot of negative news about his personality but I liked his acting in Lives of Omission so I'd much rather he won than Kevin. Wayne is a given, he's the new Gallen Lo to TVB.

I think TVB might complete the list with Moses just for old times sake, he has been in the top 5 like every year! Raymond might make it because I can't see TVB just blanking him the whole night, unless he wins one of those pork awards like Professional Performance or Blog Popularity. Bosco was pretty well received in Lives of Omission so if TVB is trying to slowly increase his chances of winning the award someday they need to start portraying him as a contender. Whilst Ruco Chan is a dark horse but yet again he received a lot of attention from The Other Truth so it would seem odd for TVB to blank him. Would TVB include Steven Ma? It seems like everyone believes Steven should win it some day.

Just a note I find it interesting that Sunny has acted in a number of leading roles this year but has gained no traction.

My Choice (not necessarily in Top 15)
Raymond Lam - My Sister of Eternal Flower
Bosco Wong - Lives of Omission
Ruco Chan - The Other Truth
Michael Tse - Lives of Omission
Wayne Lai - Forensic Heroes III

But as you know I want Steven Ma to win it because he's the most worthy of the award right now.


TVB's Choice
Lock Ons - Myolie Wu, Fala Chen

Others - Maggie Cheung, Kate Tsui, Tavia Yeung, Linda Chung, Liza Wang, Charmaine Sheh

Yet again another two way battle this time between Myolie Wu and Fala Chen. However I think TVB favour Myolie at the moment and I think the general consensus is that Myolie is a better choice. With Fala's illness I wonder how it will affect her chances, will it give her a better chance because TVB wants to maximize her opportunities when she recovers or will she be forgotten because she might be gone for a while?

As I see it Maggie Cheung is being promoted as TVBs headline "powerhouse" actress because she's the only previous generation actress that is still with them so I'd believe TVB would like to be in Maggie's good books. Kate, Tavia and Linda will all be fillers to boost their reputation. Liza will always be a good filler if needs be whilst I don't know what TVB will do with Charmaine. And I wonder if TVB will continue to blank Jessica.

My Choice
Yoyo Mung - Only You
Charmaine Sheh - My Sister of Eternal Flower
Myolie Wu - The Rippling Blossom
Tavia Yeung - The Other Truth
Fala Chen - Lives of Omission

I really want to add Maggie but I've only watched one episode of Forensic Heroes III but I thought the above 5 did well. To be honest I support Yoyo and Myolie and am I the only one that thought Charmaine did well?


TVB's Choice
Lock Ons - Ben Wong 

Others - Pierre Ngo, Law Lok Lam, Sam Lee, Elliot Ngok, Derek Kwok, Jazz Lam, Power Chan

If Ben doesn't win this I honestly can't imagine who else would, Ben's the only one talked about so I think it's 99% his. Pierre hasn't actually won the Best Supporting Actor gong yet so maybe he'll be the other 1%. I see Law Lok Lam being nominated to continue the gimmick whilst the others are just more names (to TVB) to fill up the list.

My Choice
Raymond Wong - Twilight Investigation
Damian Lau - Lives of Omission
Ben Wong - Lives of Omission
Elliot Ngok - Grace Under Fire
Power Chan - Twilight Investigation

Besides Raymond Wong and Damian Lau nobody has really struck me this year. I consider Damian's role as a supporting because the story never really focused on him. I'm really becoming a Damian fan, I remember back in the day when I couldn't stand him.


TVB's Choice
Lock Ons - Sharon Chan, Nancy Wu, Elena Kong

Others - Joyce Tang, Natalie Tong, Aimee Chan

I think Sharon is most likely going to get this but I'm not saying Nancy and Elena don't have a chance, to be honest Sharon is only in the lead because of the momentum she has received from the press and Nancy is also favoured by TVB as her series are always aired around the anniversary period.

Joyce and Natalie seem to be two safe options as well because they were both liked in their roles. To be honest I think there are a lot of fillers in this category. I hope TVB doesn't go crazy and put Aimee Chan in the Top 5!

My Choice
Mimi Lo - 7 Days in Life
Elaine Yiu - The Life and Times of a Sentinel
Elena Kong - Lives of Omission
Sharon Chan - Ghetto Justice
Joyce Tang - Ghetto Justice

I liked Natalie also and I might have considered Nancy if I saw more of Forensic Heroes III. Can't think of that many I liked this year but I remember Elaine was quite captivating in The Life and Times of a Sentinel


TVB's Choice
Lock Ons - Michael Tse, Kevin Cheng, Wayne Lai

Others - Bosco Wong, Ruco Chan, Raymond Wong, Wong Cho Lam, Julian Cheung, Moses Chan, Steven Ma

Basically I think if Kevin wins Best Actor I think Michael will win this and vice versa. I think Kevin's role was the most well received but I can't imagine him winning both awards and I can't imagine TVB giving Michael a Professional Performance or Blog Popularity Award to compensate for losing on either of the main two awards.

Bosco is probably going to make it into the Top 5, depends on how his other nominations go. Ruco and Raymond will probably appear as a pair or neither at all. Wong Cho Lam might be a good bet as people seemed to like his character, same goes to Julian. I can't imagine how Moses' character is in any way liked but you know TVB.

My Choice
Raymond Lam - My Sister of Eternal Flower
Raymond Wong - Twilight Investigation
Julian Cheung - The Rippling Blossom
Wong Hei - Twilight Investigation
Damien Lau - The Rippling Blossom


TVB's Choice
Lock Ons - Linda Chung, Myolie Wu, Fala Chen

Others - Sharon Chan, Kate Tsui, Tavia Yeung

Rumor is that Linda Chung doesn't win this and instead it would be given to Fala, I can see that possibility but I still think it would make more sense if Linda won this.

Sharon Chan's role caused a mini storm as well so maybe she will get recognition for it. To be honest I find it hard to predict who will make this list but I'm sure that the Myolie/Fala war will continue and Linda will also be there.

My Choice
Yoyo Mung - Only You
Kate Tsui - Relic of an Emissary
Charmaine Sheh - My Sister of Eternal Flower
Myolie Wu - The Rippling Blossom
Linda Chung - Twilight Investigation

Yoyo, loved her. Kate's Qian Sham was very intriguing in my memory, felt sad when she died. And rather than in Yes Sir Sorry Sir I liked Linda much more in Twilight Investigation.


Jazz Lam is the only one nominated in Best Supporting so I think that automatically makes him the favourite. Then MC Jin comes closely behind 

My Choice
Oscar Leung
Sammy Shum
Him Law
Jazz Lam
Chris Lai

These are the 5 guys I can think of that TVB should promote. It's a shame that Chris Lai is still in this category.


Same situation for Sire Ma as Jazz Lam. I don't get how Cilla Kung is a huge threat to Sire though. I just really hope Mandy wins this.

My Choice
Sire Ma
Mandy Wong
Joyce Cheng
Claire Yiu
Yoyo Chen

The only 5 names I can think of now. I don't think TVB should promote Joyce but I think she has definitely improved.


I think it'll be Lives of Omission but I can equally see Ghetto Justice taking it.

My Choice
Twilight Investigation
Grace Under Fire
Ghetto Justice
Lives of Omission
My Sister of Eternal Flower


Best Informative Programme - Only remember Travelling with Koyo and Kung Fu Supernova but can't quite understand how they are informative.

Best Host - I can see Big Boys Club or Apprentice Chef winning this as a consolation to MC Jin or Steven Ma. Personally I think Margie and Kristal for Deja Love or Steven for Apprentice Chef would be good.

Best Variety Show - This will probably go to All Star Glam Exam, not been a huge fan of any and wow The Voice hasn't been nominated for anything, will Season 3 be the last?

Professional Performance Award - Tavia and Moses have won this, maybe this year it would go to Wayne to tell him that they still value him.

Microblog's Popularity Award - Don't know how this is given but I'm guessing Raymond or Wayne, some say Ruco but I'm not sure he's popular enough to garner a Popularity contest.

Lifetime Achievement Award - Don't know, only person I can think of right now is Lau Siu Ming.

So just to recap

Best Actor - Kevin Cheng
Best Actress - Myolie Wu
Best Supporting Actor - Ben Wong
Best Supporting Actress - Sharon Chan
Favourite TV Male Character - Michael Tse
Favourite TV Female Character - Linda Chung
Most Improved Male Artiste - Jazz Lam
Most Improved Female Artiste - Sire Ma
Best Series - Lives of Omission

So a few changes from last time

and just to remind you, I would like this to happen

Best Actor - Steven Ma
Best Actress - Myolie Wu
Best Supporting Actor - Power Chan
Best Supporting Actress - Elena Kong
Favourite TV Male Character - Julian Cheung
Favourite TV Female Character - Yoyo Mung
Most Improved Male Artiste - Jazz Lam
Most Improved Female Artiste - Mandy Wong
Best Series - Lives of Omission

See you tomorrow for the real results!

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