Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Apprentice UK Series 8 Episode 2

I was shocked again by Lord Sugar's decision this week to fire Maria because whilst she didn't contribute that much on the team, Katie provided absolutely no contribution in the first task so why wasn't Katie fired over Bilyana for contribution last week. In all honesty I found it very difficult to pin down who I thought would be fired but I ultimately believed Jenna seemed the most vulnerable because of her ludicrous costings but it seems like if Lord Sugar could fire a second person it would have been Jane. Whilst the girls' product was terrible, I thought they didn't perform as badly as Lord Sugar thought. The main problem were costings and product. It was also rather odd of them to make a u-turn on the tap-cozy after market research loved it. Yes there would have been problems with the aspect of having a one size fits all design but I think they should have explored that option further before dismissing it.

Anyway both ideas were pretty shoddy. The boys' idea, championed by Duane, sounded pretty standard to me and I found it hard to understand the use of the product they created. Yet again none of the boys particularly impressed me but it is evident that Duane is showing himself in the best light at the moment.

After the first episode Maria was a character I thought would last on the show so I was shocked with her dismissal. Yes she had yet to show her use but Lord Sugar has always loved those with a voice so firing two of the strongest characters on the first two shows seems irregular to me.

Now that we are two episodes in I have some opinions on each of the candidates so...

Adam Corbally - Seems like one that would push his idea to no end and bend those around him to think the same, not keen on him at the moment.

Azhar Siddique - Supposedly he created a rift in the group but I think the only thing he lacked was communication, however he has yet to show me his strengths.

Duane Bryan - Obviously a strong voice in the boys group, I'll be interested to see his leadership qualities.

Gabrielle Omar - Sadly in both tasks she has shown lack of ability, unless she turns it around our resident architect will be fired soon.

Jade Nash - She strikes me as someone who could potentially go far but with how Lord Sugar has been doing things lately she might be a huge miss also.

Jane McEvoy - Whilst I don't have a favourite on the show yet Jane is probably the closest for me. Whilst she lost this task she showed good leadership qualities and has a great way of speaking which commands attention but doesn't force it down your throat.

Jenna Whittingham - I can't see longevity in her, she doesn't stand out as a threat.

Katie Wright - I am more and more intrigued by what she has to offer, she can either be a great success next week or ultimately fail terribly and get eliminated. Ultimately Lord Sugar has given Katie her last chance by, I believe, delegating her project manager for the boys team - it's all or nothing for Katie as I think if she were to lose it would mean immediate firing from Lord Sugar.

Laura Hogg - She seems pretty charming and a potential threat but I need to see more of her.

Michael Copp - WHO? I can't see where this one is going.

Nick Holzherr - I don't have a particularly strong opinion on him

Ricky Martin - I think he could go either way to be honest.

Stephen Brady - Obviously he's already set himself out as a leader and has shown good as well as bad qualities but he should be in this for the long run considering only Duane (in the guys team) has been featured in the show as much as he has.

Tom Gearing - I have yet to see what he can do but he doesn't strike me as a threat as of now.

But at this moment I think I'd be stupid to predict a winner as nobody has really shown any true potential but if I was to outline people to look out for I'd place Duane, Jane, Laura and Stephen and maybe Jade and Nick as dark horses.

I won't be able to watch the next episode of the Apprentice as I'll be in SPAIN! But I'll do my best to update right after I'm back.

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