Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Apprentice UK Series 8 Episode 3

This week was finally more predictable with Michael Copp leaving the Apprentice.

Michael played the nice guy on the show but was also very quiet, that was his downfall as three weeks into the show we've barely heard anything from him, even when he was in the boardroom to be honest.

I totally agree that Michael needed to go, he wasn't the reason why the team failed, it was down to production, but he was not suitable to be Lord Sugar's partner. I believe Lord Sugar is starting to warm to Katie, if she puts her head down and avoids the boardroom for a few weeks we might see a resurrection. I don't have much else to say about this episode so here is a short take on how I rate the candidates.

My favourites
Jane, Gabrielle, Jade

Duane, Katie, Laura,

In Between
Nick, Ricky, Stephen, Tom

Azhar, Jenna


As you can see I favour the girls team more, the boys have shown that they are pretty incompetent but have managed to smash out wins as a group. Jane is my current favourite whilst I obviously support Gabrielle because she's an Architect! I love Jade because she is just comedy to me.

Duane is my favourite out of the guys but he really has to deflate his ego. Katie wasn't my favourite initially but I've come to like her. Most of the guys fall in my I don't care section but Adam infuriates me, he is rude and has a huge ego. He really needs to be fired soon.

I think Azhar, Jenna and Gabrielle are just waiting to be fired, sorry Gabrielle but you just haven't pulled your weight. Most of the others could be fired whenever really as nobody is really a frontrunner at the moment but Duane is carving himself out as a favourite though he wasn't great this week.

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