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Hong Kong Music: Best of 2011

This post has been long overdue but now that I've finished my first year in uni I can finally write this. I do feel that this year (2011) was a stronger year in terms of music for Hong Kong, so much so that I had about 40 songs vying for a spot in my Top 20. I listened to every song that charted on the four main Hong Kong stations to arrive at my list. Yet again I have not featured any artiste twice in my Top 20 list, unless of course it is a duet. I have scrapped the Best music video category because I simply haven't seen enough good MVs but I'll be commenting on my favourites during my list and Best Artiste Born After 1980 will be changed to Most Promising Artiste.


These are artistes who I want to see more in the future, they made the most impact on me this year.

Phil Lam

I already took notice of Phil last year, placing 4th in my best newcomers list. This year he continues to intrigue me as an artiste. I really hope Sony keeps promoting him because Sony seems disinterested in the Hong Kong market to me.

Recommended Songs: 寫詩, 傷仲永

Erika Li

Like fellow newcomer Phil last year, Erika continued to sustain my interest despite only releasing one song, I would really like to hear more from her but I think she might fall into obscurity like so many newcomers after their first year.

Recommended Songs: 夢伴

nb. Just like Erika, Philip Wei also did a cover of a very famous song, 愛與痛的邊緣 , I quite liked it. Just saying.

Sita Chan

Who says I can't include newcomers in this list, in fact she isn't even a 2011 newcomer because she hasn't released an album yet. I remember hearing her song on TVB and was so intrigued I used soundhound to find out who she was. That song is one of my favourites this year and would have featured in my Top 20 list but because I want to include as many songs I like as possible I'm not including songs by newcomers in that list.

BTW she was the girl that cried uncontrollably at JSG.

Recommended songs: 記念悲, Crazy Love


It's odd that TVB is actually introducing me to a lot of artistes this year, Kolor being one of them. I like Kolor's style of rock, more conventional but still distinctive. They are now TVB's favoured rock band, featuring a lot on TVB.

Recommended songs: 愚公, 費城實驗, 時差

Yoyo Sham

I would never have known this girl if I didn't do this post so thank you guys. Yoyo is absolutely fascinating to me so I really want to hear more from her, currently I've only heard one of her songs and I'm already hooked.

Recommended Songs: 沒故事的人

Aarif Lee

Aarif Lee continues to be one of the artists who I want to see make it really big, well he kind of has but I still think his music career has a lot more potential. Hopefully Leon Lai won't stifle it like how he has with Janice.

Recommended Songs: 速度對比

Shiga Lin

Hot from the top spot of my 2010 newcomer list Shiga Lin continues to figure strongly in my mind. To be honest I didn't really notice her in 2011 but when I was reviewing she popped up and surprisingly has quite a hit song on youtube under her belt! (uncharted though)

Recommended Songs: 讓我享受談戀愛

nb. since writing this Shiga has been embroiled in a scandal which I hope doesn't affect her music career.

Ella Koon

To be honest Ella had a hit year this year and narrowly missed my Top 20 list therefore to recognise her achievement she is on this list instead. I liked many of her songs in 2011 and wish she continues to release good song after good song.

Recommended Songs: 由他去, 依依, 一刻感應, 相對時空

Ellen Loo

I love Ellen's style and can't wait for her to release a huge hit. I can't believe I never noticed her talent when she was in At17 but hopefully there is more to come.

Recommended Songs: 雀斑, 不脫知女生, 一個人​回家

Terence Siufay

It wasn't until later this year when I remembered how much I liked Siufay when he debuted, thank god he is back with his smooth vocals and catchy music.

Recommended Songs: 日落時讓戀愛終結


Wallis Cho

To be honest I still don't know that much about Wallis Cho, this year the industry has been so focused on three particular newcomers that everybody else has been forgotten but Wallis has a few good songs and whilst technically his debut song is from 2010 I'm still going to recommend it. He has a nice voice, though tends to strain it in choruses but I'll like to hear more from him.

Recommended Songs: 擁抱, 騙人的

Sammi Yip (YT)

Sammi suffered the common problem of debuting too early in the year which meant that she lost a lot of steam by the end of the year, even I was confused whether she was a 2010 or 2011 newcomer. However I still remember liking Sammi's first charted plug but now she seems to only book TVB children's shows.

Recommended Songs: 新一天, 蝴蝶飛

Karene Mak

I'm going to treat Karene as a 2011 newcomer because she only made any sort of impact on the charts this year unlike her partner Jason Chung. To be honest most of her success comes with Jason Chung but you can't deny they produced some catchy love songs.

Recommended Songs: 拖泥帶水, 勾手指尾, 不必失禮

Cherie Q

Cherie's music is very cutesy so I'm worried about her longevity but for now I like one of her songs.

Recommended Songs: Hea

Terry Zou

In any other year Terry would probably have made a decent impact but this year any newcomer related to TVB has dominated the newcomer charts leaving Terry at a low but respectable 6th. I especially like the chorus for his third plug.

Recommended Songs: 盲目

Gin Lee

Gin amazed me on The Voice but sadly her debut has left me disappointed. The type of music her company is producing for her is not what I'd expect from one of the best voices in Hong Kong. However because of her potential I have ranked her this high.

I don't have any recommended songs but here is a performance of hers on The Voice.

Ngok Mei

Ngok Mei didn't get much attention this year which I have no idea why. One of her songs is so captivating that I catapulted her up to 4th instantly. I'm actually not sure if she's considered a newcomer but if Metro gave her a newcomer award I guess she is.

Recommended Songs: 水漫金山

Alfred Hui

I'm still not a fan of Alfred but I can't deny he released some catchy tracks this year, his place here is testament to his team rather than himself I feel.

Recommended Songs: 螞蟻, 出走, 知己

Joyce Cheng

Joyce has released some really good tracks this year though I think her style isn't current enough. However she has a good vocal in her music and really deserves to make it this high.

Recommended Songs: 半份關心, 配角

Mag Lam

Yes Mag has been pushed like crazy by TVB et al but you can't deny she has produced some memorable songs. She is a bit overrated but she's still a newcomer so she has time to really impress of with her actual ability.

Recommended Songs: 洗澡, 鳥籠

There were 2 others that attracted my attention when I was making this list, given more time to decide they might have taken over some of my current Top 10 but I don't think I should spend anymore time on this post so here are the three names.

Manting Chan 陳文婷, Tikchi 迪子



I'm not a fan of Swing but it's sad that they're disbanding (again). They produced some of the most interesting MVs this year and because I couldn't think of anyone else to put here they make 5th spot.

Recommended Songs: 那邊見, 無限

Dear Jane

Bands didn't really make an impact like they did last year which gave rise to many lesser known ones to showcase their talent. Dear Jane have been around for a long time but I've only really noticed them this year.

Recommended Songs: Rising Star, 逼


I think Sugar Club's music has matured, but in a way they are now less distinctive to what they were a year ago. However I do quite like the two recommended songs below.

Recommended Songs: 別煩著我, 跑出天際


As I said above TVB introduced me to Kolor and I'm loving it!

Recommended Songs: 愚公, 費城實驗, 時差


Mr. are still my favourite Hong Kong band despite the controversy they were embroiled in this year they are still the band I look forward to listening to whenever I go to Cantopop. I had a hard time choosing between 零時起哄 or 兩大無猜 to put in my Top 20.

Recommended Songs: 零時起哄, 兩大無猜, Tonight Tonight


Denise Ho

Denise Ho is still quietly producing some of the best tracks Cantopop has to offer. She might have dropped down one spot from last year but she really is a mainstay in Cantopop and it looks like she's doing quite well for herself in the Mandopop industry as well.

Recommended Songs: 癡情司, 拋磚引玉

Kary Ng

Kary really made an impact on the industry this year owing to her hit song. She's also with Cinepoly now which can only be a good thing since Kay has left she'll be Cinepoly's Big Sister.

Recommended Songs: 我本人, 雞蛋愛石頭, 我傻女

Kay Tse

Kay has suffered this year, a lot of things happened and it seems her career has dampened and her music isn't as catchy this year as it has been, but they're beautiful if you spend some time listening to them. I actually went to see her in concert this year and I can tell you she's as good as she has ever been.

Recommended Songs: 十二月二十二, 你們的幸福

Ivana Wong

This has undeniably been Ivana's breakthrough year with success in her songs, albums and concerts and rightfully so she has made an impact in the award's season as well. I was so happy for her this year because she was really lounging in her career for the past few years.

Recommended Songs: 末日, 水百合, 柳暗花明, 下次愛你

Joey Yung

Joey's continued dominance of the Cantopop industry is stunning. Whilst others hit roadblocks she always manages to keep her level up. Yet again she has produced some of the most memorable songs this year, I just hope she continues for many years to come.

Recommend Songs: 牆紙, 13 點, 澎拜, 花千樹


Pakho Chau

I really didn't know who to put as the 5th best male this year so I decided to base it on success and Pakho has really had a good year, he is forging his own path in the industry and is one of the newer singers with actual longevity.

Recommended Songs: Smiley Face

William So

I'm ashamed to say William only makes it for the lack of any other male singer with the clout to be among my Top 5 but he has produced a great song this year.

Recommended Songs: 那誰

Paul Wong

Paul has produced a number of songs that I've liked this year and he has been everywhere, working with his band and in duets. Rock is the "it" thing in Hong Kong now.

Recommended Songs: 這是我姿勢, Can't Bring Me Down, 天與地, Control

Love the Paul Wong chorus (not the 24 Herbs song in general), this is my image of Paul Wong.

Eason Chan

Eason got pushed down to second this year but even though he dropped one spot he managed to remain in the minds of everyone with his performance of 六月飛霜. Eason really doesn't go down without a fight.

Recommended Songs: 六月飛霜, 張氏情歌, 因為愛情

Khalil Fong

This is undoubtedly Khalil's year, the culmination of his work in his album "15" has really impressed and I can't wait for what's next for him.

Recommended Songs: 好不容易, 因為你, 自以為, Take Me


Charmaine Fong - To Haters

I really like the beat of this track with the double bass stringing at the back. Charmaine also produces a very cool vocal for this track, you just can't but tap your feet along with it.

It was a good year for Charmaine, I also liked 大同 a lot.

William Chan - Baby Don't Cry

Not many people seem to like this song but I find it really catchy, or has my taste in music suffered a downturn? I applaud William for continuing the dance trend because it's obviously not taking him anywhere.

Endy Chow - 陽光燦爛的日子

Initially this song didn't figure in my Top 20 because I'm also not that big a fan of Endy's voice but the more I listen to it the more I liked it, obviously not helped by watching a sweet video with this as a backing track.

Siufay - 日落時讓戀愛終結

This came in quite late on my list but the more I listened it the more I was reminded by how much I liked Siufay's voice. He is definitely underrated.

Shin Wong and Chet Lam - 桂花釀

The video below isn't the official MV, I just couldn't find it but the song is beautiful nonetheless. Shin just makes this song stunning, really want to hear more of Shin.

Denise Ho - 癡情司

This song features in my Top 20 helped a lot by the MV. This is my favourite MV this year because it's simple but emotive. I don't care what the hidden meaning of the MV is it's just beautiful and Shu Qi acts perfectly, it really brought out the emotion of this song.

I also love the big track of 拋磚引玉, a very close second.

Jason Chung & Karene Mak - 拖泥帶水

I'm guilty of liking this duo but this song is pretty good I think. The chorus is really catchy.

Ken Hung - 藍色星球

Firstly sorry about the annoying video which says 9m25, it's only half the length. This song was in my head for a while so I must like it, I think it's the chorus yet again.

Kay Tse - 你們的幸福

Originally this wasn't my favourite plug from Kay but the more I listened to it the more I got into it, especially the first 20 second intro. I find this song incredibly sweet when listened to with the MV.

十二月二十二 is also a very sweet track.

Raymond Lam - 讓我愛你一小時

If it wasn't for Chok I would have granted this Raymond's most successful year in terms of music as he released a few memorable songs, his first attempt being my favourite of his. I like the emotion Raymond has in his vocals, it really enriches the song.

熱能放送 is also a respectable dance song, so much better than Chok! If only Chok wasn't there!

Phil Lam - 傷仲永

I love the arrangement and how there's a mysterious tone to the track. Phil Lam is showing a lot of hope for a relative newcomer but I wonder how he'll fare singing in Mandarin in Hong Kong.

林奕匡 Phil Lam - 傷仲永 MV from crossfade creative on Vimeo.

Charlene Choi - 年年

I never expected to like this song that much but whilst reviewing all the songs this song was one that I kept thinking about when listening to others.

Ivana Wong - 末日

I love the message behind this song. I get a bit annoyed by the whole obsession Hong Kong has with the end of the world and how so many songs has hooked on this but I actually like how it was managed here.

水百合 and 柳暗花明 were also very strong plugs showcasing the diversity of Ivana.

Mr. - 零時起哄

Supposedly this song was copied from another one, can't remember the details, that's why it has so many dislikes on youtube but to be honest it's a good song and it's not my concern whether there has been an infringement of copyright, I just want to hear good music.

兩大無猜 was very close in becoming my 'Mr. - track of the year' but I chose 零時起哄 because I felt that my list was inundated with slow songs this year.

William So - 那誰

The smash hit this year brought William So back into the picture. It's definitely catchy and pretty easy to sing or hum which explains it's popularity I think.

Listen Music

Kolor - 愚公

Kolor climbs all the way to 5th! This is my favourite band song this year, it's so catchy.

Kary Ng - 我本人

Like many songs this year I didn't like it initially, I found it a lull but two weeks into listening to this song it was the only thing in my head. This is definitely the most catchy track of 2011 whether you like it or not.

Eason Chan - 六月飛霜

This is definitely not a CD track, you just don't experience Eason's powerful vocal on CD, it is definitely made for a live performance. I was blown away by Eason's performance of this song, without it I don't think this song would have made it that high.

Faye Wong's part in 因為愛情 is absolutely beautiful.

Khalil Fong - 好不容易

To me Khalil was undoubtedly the best Hong Kong male artiste in 2011 and this was his crowning song. Khalil provided us with so many good tracks this year but 好不容易 was what defined his year I think.

因為你 is also a great 2nd plug for Khalil this year and I love Lala Hsu in 自以為.

好不容易 - Khalil Fong 方大同 from mo-c on Vimeo.

Joey Yung - 牆紙

Joey + Khalil = perfect match! I love Joey's swooning voice working especially well with this soul/jazzy track. I also like the MV, not biased because it's filmed in London! I fell in love with this song.

花千樹 is also a great plug by Joey and in any other year would have been my favourite Joey track but 牆紙 is just too distinctive to forget.

As an added bonus I just want to mention 10 songs that I haven't featured in this post at all. They narrowly missed the cut but I thought they were also decent plugs.

聽說 - Eman Lam
If You Want Me - Linda Chung
仍然 - Jade Kwan
彳亍 - Juno Mak
愛沒有假如 - Janice Vidal
Take It - Sherman Chung
飄花 - Hubert Wu
兩心花 - Sandy Lam
有誰來愛我 - Vincy Chan
尊嚴 - Jason Chan

Sorry to everyone that this post has been half a year late. I tried my best to get this out as quick as possible without making it seemed rushed. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed reviewing this year.

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