Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Apprentice UK Series 8 Episode 11

Just a quick post. Adam came in 5th, never really liked him but Lord Sugar seemed to love him and so did the viewing public.

So down to the final 4 I believe it's a totally different ball game, making the Top 5 and winning the actual £250,000 require different qualities and at this moment I think Jade and Tom are the ones to beat. For some reason I can't see Ricky winning even though he is my favourite. Nick could potentially win but he hasn't really been prominent on this show, which seems very odd for the eventual winner though he does seem the closest to Tom last year. Personally I never really felt Tom would win but with these four left it looks like it could be possible especially when Karen said she thought the other contestants would think he's the one to beat. I never really thought that Jade was that strong but she is on a high note at the moment so we might see a shocker. However it's all down to how their business proposals are portrayed. Well we'll find out in a few hours time won't we!

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