Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Australia's Next Top Model Top 3

I haven't posted about this for a long time but I've been following AusNTM. I don't want to go into the specifics but I'm just amazed Clare was eliminated. She is by far the most model ready and therefore deserved a place in the finals. Just to emphasize I'm more of a Tahnee fan but I do like Clare. I actually don't understand Cassi's appeal. A startup model really needs to walk well and she just doesn't; they say she's improved but she still looks like a puppet! She has a great look (when she doesn't pout) but modelling shouldn't only be about one thing.

I just find it crazy that Clare was eliminated. Well modelling shows haven't followed my will this year! ANTM was probably the most predictable thing ever but Make Me A Supermodel was an utter shock. Branden has raw talent, but very very raw (I'd actually say that for Cassi as well, hope she doesn't win!) the other two outperformed him throughout the whole show so I was utterly gobsmacked when Branden won, I still like Branden and think he can have a great career if he smoothens out all his imperfections but overall I believe Jonathan would have been a better choice.

BNTM hasn't really followed patterns either really, I think BNTM has possibly been one of the most unpredictable shows I've seen. First it was Kasey, I wasn't really a fan but the judges were (enough to put her two weeks on top) but for some reason she was eliminated two weeks later! Hayley was their first huge error, she really shouldn't have gone that early and then Daisy two weeks later. Instead they left Ashley until the final 4! I didn't like Sophie but she's been doing much better lately; however I'm saying all this having only seen 1 episode of the show as I've only been looking at the photos.

Hopefully Tahnee will win AusNTM to restore some order. Cassi could be a great model but she needs at least another year or two of training before she can be put into the professional market.

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