Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Flipping Annoyed

Note: Wrote this yesterday night so the times will be different.

So flipping annoyed, for the last 20 minutes I've been trying to understand why my brother started a stupid argument with me and now I realise it's because I put his stuff which was in our storage room, in the living room for him to check whether he needed it or not, as we did some cleaning and organizing in there today, which I'd put back in the morning. Predictably, 15 minutes into the argument he said he never heard me saying that in the first place, piss off, I told him 5 times before the argument even started. He always acts like he's not trying to argue when he is; he just craves attention and an argument. He acts like he;s lecturing me like nothings bothering him but then 10 minutes later he does goes and blurts it all out. He's such a hypocrite, his face shows it all but he can't accept the fact that he's pissed! The funnisest thing is that he said he does the cleaning... lol... I wanted to burst out laughing! If he thinks he does any cleaning he must have gone mental 5000 years ago! He doesn't wash the dishes after himself, he throws his things all around the house, his rooms a mess, all he does is his laundry which he puts in the washing machine and never takes it out! Stupid hypocrite! Just find a job and live somewhere else, you're 30 for god's sake!

Argh... so pissed, he obviously wanted to start an argument because he was blatantly pissed off about something, maybe it's because his smoking chair, which is placed strategically on the patio so nobody can see him, got wet from the rain! At first he said the things weren't placed like that before, well of course they weren't like that before I TIDIED THE ROOM! He obviously thinks I threw his things away because he said he had more than the pile in the living room right now, all I can is I threw a 1999 notepad of his, knowingly, which had nothing in it, nothing else. He said I made the place look like a dump, well look at your room "brother"! All the stupid stores like "oh if a child came running in he would trip over" more like he would trip over all that crap you said! It wasn't even a mess, I placed everything in order and stacked them up so he could what he didn't need, argh, I should never be so kind hearted, should have just thrown all his s*it away.

He then goes onto say "do you think I'd need a floppy disk" well in my philosophy I don't throw people's things without asking for confirmation unless it's stupidly not useful, I can hear sounds outside at the moment - he's probably checking the things we thre away to see if anything is his, such a twat, I can't believe I'm reduced to swearing! What makes me angry is that he obviously doesn't trust us and thinks he's better than everyone else, you should see his face, his way is the only way! Argh the more I hear him searching through the rubbish the more aggravated I get, he's obviously going to find something of his that I knew he didn't want and say "why did you throw it you dips*it, you knew I needed it." If you really cared you would have cleaning this place ages ago, instead you ran off clubbing or something and left us to spend 6 hours clearing everything in there! And, as usual, he makes me think I'm dumb by saying "if you don't understand how much easier can I rephrase it... the lay man would say..." oh eff off, lay man? Then what are you! Oh I'm going to make 1 million in a year, oh I could have done sooooo much because I'm talented, oh I've done nothing wrong my entire life (when you've been to jail before and you seemingly aren't to well off even if you are sooooo "talented"!)

He portrays me as someone who needs psychological help when he's the one who needs it! HE@S MAKING SUCH A RACKET AND IT'S 2AM! The other day he was playing music louder than our neighbours, I swear it was louder than club music and it like 12am and this morning he was playing even louder music! Why doesn't he learn some respect and consideration to others! He thinks I'm all dumb on purpose, what the heck; you're the one who's trying to curve around problems and not go straight to the point by saying these lameass theories and anecdotes! I don't think I can stand the sight of him for any longer! I'm just going to avoid him until I'm at Hong Kong, for the whole month! I pray he gets a job and moves! Or even better, he marries his "girlfried" and never comes back, I think she's the only one he's subservient to because she's kicked him out like 10 times and he still goes crawling back! I think I'm getting a bit harsh now.

Why did they fire him from the takeaway, for the second time! Why does he never have a long term job so he can just get out of my life, all the good times doesn't even make up for one bad argument. STOP SEARCHING THE TRASH! Please just go to sleep! He's making me feel bad/worried on purpose as he knows my room is above the garden! I wish I could do a thesis on how I hate my brother; one rant already covered 900 words!

Woke up this morning to awfully loud music - only had 5 hours sleep. He's sooooo annoying! He's doing it on purpose, in spite! He's such a child - you're 30 for god's sake! Found that he'd packed everything into a plactis container and picked things out that he didn't want thrown, the most annoying thing is that the things he kept ain't even his! He kept a load of my things for some reason as well. He kept a few phonebooks, he obviously thinks I was just going to throw them away and he's obviously going to lecture me about it when he gets back from his therapy. The thing is all that was left there because it was getting dark - I don't expect anyone to trowl around things at 11pm, not anyone sane, but my brother likes doing it at 3am! I just left it there so I could check what needs shredding the next day! I'm so pissed off by him, why am I wasting so much time on him! Being the good boy so I don't have to get into a confrontation with him again.

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