Friday, 31 July 2009

Music: July 2009

Just thought I'd post something to keep this blog going, haven't posted for about half a month.
Thought I'd share some thoughts on my favourite albums/singles that I've heard this month therefore it doesn't mean they are all new.

VV Brown - Travelling Like the Light

I LOVE VV Brown, I discovered her music on one of those music channels on Freeview. I loved Shark In the Water at once, now listening to her whole album (for the billionth time) I've totally fallen in love with her music. Though she hasn't produced another song that I've loved as much as Shark In the Water I think her album is fantastic. It's a shame that the British public don't really see (or hear) what I'm see (or hearing! :) as she's only peaked at 30th on the albums charts.

Little Boots - Hands

I was at first unconvinced about Little Boots but then having nothing better to do I listened to her album. My favourite songs (now) are New In Town and Earthquake but I believe with more listens the list may carry on. Though I'm not infatuated with her music (unlike Shark In the Water) I've enjoyed listening to Hands and hopefully she'll release more good music in the future.

Dan Black - ((un))

Random browsing on the HMV website landed me on Dan Black's debut album ((un)), I loved it at once. Symphonies, Yours and Pump My Pumps are my favourite tracks. Sadly Dan seems to be even lower on the radar than the two above with his wiki page a meer few lines and seemingly nowhere on the charts - searching black on the Album Top 100 gives you Black Eyed Peas and Amy Winehouse's Back to Black!

Ben's Brother - Beta Male Fairytales

Rather than promoting their newer release Battling Giants I'm more inclined to blogging about Beta Male Fairytales, which is in fact their more successful album. I really liked this album and there are quite a few good songs to listen to, their newer release is good but I much prefer Beta Male Fairytales.

I'm still quite behind on my music as I had a "drought" early this year where I just couldn't be bothered. Going to listen to Friendly Fires, full listen of Florence and the Machines - Lungs, Daughtry, Gossip, even further behind on Daniel Merriweather!

Further along the lines I'm looking forward to hearing from Pixie Lott, Frankmusic!, Calvin Harris truly embracing the UK music scene.

There has been so many good debuts in Britain recently, these 3 being my favourite this month, that we focus our ears on La Roux... not going to comment any further or I may get some backlash.

Let's fly to Asia now...

Miho Fukuhara - Rainbow

Miho Fukuhara's Rainbow was release in January I think, I only realised she existed from hearing the Asience advert. I loved the song on the Asience advert so decided to seek the singer out, my search landed me on Miho Fukuhara's 雪の光, personally I think the album version doesn't sound as good but her album is still quite sweet.

SNSD - Tell me Your Wish (Genie)

I remember posting about my craze for Gee and now I equally love Genie. Anyone who hasn't tried Kpop should honestly listen to some of their hugest hits, though currently Kpop is going down a dance route so if you're not a dance fan then look for older stuff.

I'm sure there's many more albums I can post about but for now here is my selection for July.

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