Sunday, 22 August 2010

Miss Universe 2010 Final Preview

So Miss Universe is tomorrow. I've been following this since the start and tbh I still don't have an outright favourite of mine. The first year I followed Miss Universe was 2007 where I supported Honey Lee (Korea), in 2008 it was Marianne Cruz (Dominican Republic) and in 2009 I supported Stefania Fernandez (Venezuela, the eventual winner) but this year I'm not sure I have a sentimental favourite, I have about 10 girls I like a lot but nobody out of the 10 really stands out as my No.1. Sadly I haven't been able to watch the prelims which is a shame but anyway here are my Top 10.

Top 10 in no particular order
Colombia - I actually finally see the nose thing, anyway I think she's fierce and will "rip!" the runway.
Jamaica - I like her look and how sweet yet sassy she looks.
Philippines - Not the prettiest but very engaging, natural charms.
Puerto Rico - She's like a doll
Russia - Beautiful 
Trinidad and Tobago - Fresh and liked her since the start
Venezuela - The nose does get on nerves but besides that she is actually near perfect 
Ireland - Whilst I'm not as deeply in love with her as some fanatics are I like her, she's different - but I actually don't like her mouth. Her eyes are mesmerising though. 
France - I didn't like her at the start but I like her now (actually since I saw her at Roland Garros, I think)
Mexico - I also didn't like her at the start but she has built her way up with me.

I originally wanted to make a Top 5, Top 10 etc etc but as my Top 5 had 8 candidates I decided to add two more girls to make a top 10.

The 5 others making my Top 15 were a much harder process, in fact I haven't actually got a list. The following two girls are definitely going to make my Top 15.
Israel, Great Britain (it's not only about patriotism here)

The other 3 are much harder atm the list for those 3 include
Australia, Japan, Honduras, Thailand, Korea, Poland, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Ghana, Norway, Slovak Republic, Spain, Switzerland, South Africa, USA, Greece, Bahamas, India, Brazil, Belgium, Curacao, Haiti, Canada, Panama, Paraguay, Ecuador, Peru

Yes a lot of girls are fighting for my final 3 places! Basically anyone not listed here are girls I don't really want in my Top 15 - which includes Albania (who is in a lot of Top 15 lists) I just don't like her look. 42 girls! Basically everybody in my Top half can make my Top 15 atm.

I hope the winner will come from my Top 10 list, it would be a shock if it wasn't.

Anyway here are my predictions for the night, a difficult decision...

Top 15
Japan - I'm a bit iffy on this one but I think she may just scrape through
Venezuela - She'll get in but I think she won't get far - a three-peat is possible but very unlikely for MU
Poland - I have a feeling she'll make it on the Trump list
Switzerland - I think she'll be another trump card
Tanzania - I think she is for some reason the most plausible African candidate to make the Top 15 - I don't think Africa will be totally excluded

Top 10
Albania - I hate to say it but there is normally one of these type of girls that gets through (girls I don't like but are loved by others and the judges)
France - I think she'll get in but won't make it to the Top 5
Jamaica - I see a Chloe Mortaud performance in her
Ireland - I don't know why but I can't see her answering the final question, unless she looks very sophisticated on the final night
Peurto Rico - Yet again I don't know why I can't see her answering the final question
USA - If you look at her Miss USA performance she scraped in both times, it'll be harder here

following properly? Then you'll realise I had 6 in my Top 10!

Top 5
Colombia - I just think if she makes the Top 15 it'll be hard to exclude her from the Top 5
Russia - There needs to be somebody demure looking in the Final 5
Mexico - I'm not actually convinced she'll make the Top 5 - in fact I think it may be unlikely but as I had 7 girls in my Top 10 I had to choose 2 to make it in here.
Philippines - I think she'll make the Top 15 and if she does she'll make the Top 5. However it's possible she'll be missing from the Top 15 list as well.

Weirdly enough I don't see any of my 4 girls from my Top 5 winning!

Alternative 10:
Czech Republic
Slovak Republic
Trinidad and Tobago

This year is so hard to predict, I'll be happy if I make 7 out of 15 right.

See you on the 23rd :)

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