Saturday, 7 August 2010

A Pillowcase of Mystery

Before I go into my nominations I want to say one thing - why was Jessica Hsuan's character only 20? Sorry I just can't accept how the series manages to cast Jessica as a 20 year old - I understand why Jessica was cast but please don't ridiculously make the characters so young! And Bobby Au Yeung's character is 30! It seems that TVB doesn't mind cutting off 15-20 years off an actor/actress. The character's could easily have been mid 30's and mid 20's to make it slightly more realistic.

Also I don't actually like this series that much, I find it confusing why this series scores higher ratings because I don't find it much better than series such as "In the eye of the beholder". The ending was not very interesting imo.

Anyway here are my nominations

Best Actor
No Nominations

This may be shocking to some as it is also shocking to me but I've decided to not nominate Bobby. He was the best actor in this series but I still don't think he was interesting enough to be nominated as Best Actor (maybe Best Supporting lol) I just found his portrayal repetitive and actually slightly odd. I am a self confessed Bobby fan so there is no bias whatsoever I believe in my judgement.

Best Actress
Jessica Hsuan

I do think Jessica was better than Bobby in this series because she was more natural in my opinion. I just felt that a lot of Bobby's expressions were too overdone. I was however slightly disappointed with Jessica. I still think at times Jessica is about to burst out laughing in her scenes, it's something to do with her eyes, she slightly cocks one of them at points which just doesn't look very natural if you are really sad.

Best Supporting Actor
Joel Chan

I don't think Joel was a great actor in this series but he was memorable and provided good comic relief at times. I think his faults actually worked quite well with his goofy character.

Best Supporting Actress
Leila Tong

Leila always does well in her series but for some reason she isn't that memorable - I think it's the problem with the characters she portrays.

Recognition Award
Cha Cha Chan

She just stood out in this drama for some reason. I really hope she gets bigger roles in the future.
Sorry for the bad pic

Rosanne Lui

I like Rosanne, she also did well in this series I think. She needs some recognition.

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