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Miss Universe 2011 Final (Live updates)

After the incredible high I've just got from the US Open finals I now go into another highlight of this year. As long as this stream doesn't get stuck and crashes like with the prelims I'll be posting a few updates here of the finals so watch out!

2:00 (GMT) It has started!

I'm literally shaking with excitement.

I can't believe it's all starting.

TOP 16
France - hmmm
Kosovo - not starting nicely
Colombia - actually awful start
China - finally someone I like
Angola - wow
Australia - YES
Puerto Rico - like she wouldn't - birthday girl!
Brazil - FUCK
Netherlands - YES!
Panama - YES
Costa Rica - ooh
Portugal - fan vote winner - wow - who expected her to win fan vote
Philippines - I saw the Filipinos fainting there.
Venezuela - F*CK SH*T F*CK SH*T F*CK - sorry.

I'm not liking the list atm.
Please Greece now no heartattack for me tonight please
Shit a load of shocks

This is a messed up list where is Greece, where is Malaysia, where is Peru

I'm seeing a riot here with Malaysia's exclusion.

Honestly how could they exclude Greece, Malaysia and Peru - they formed three of my Top 4! F*ck I so missed the cut - sorry for the constant swearing.

I new I should have included Portugal, just as I finished my Top 16 I was thinking about her placing because Miss Universe loves returning countries or ones that debut.

Unhappy with Kosovo, Colombia, Brazil over Greece, Malaysia and Peru.

I got 11 out of 16 from my predictions list, I guess that's about right and two are on my alternatives.

I can't believe with Isabeli Fontana Greece won't be performing for her.

Panama wins Best NC

So nine of my Top 16 made it. So happy for Netherlands, Ukraine and Australia. Another four were from my Top 30. Colombia was my No.33, Venezuela my No.40 and Kosovo my No.42.

For some reason I'm feeling that Alyssa will do well and make the Top 5, I hope I don't have to eat my words.

I'm shocked there aren't more "this is the 60th anniversary" doodle.

I won't be updating this until the swimsuit segment ends

Why couldn't they have used the Brazilian Capoeira music for the swimsuit segment.

Why didn't they use the bridge?

Sorry the jittering of the video I just can't score these girls, guess I'll need to watch it later for a proper scoring.

From the jittering I managed to see a bit of USA and she seems healthy, yeah!

Hah I hope MUO now realise how bad the Lux Fan Vote is with all those low scores.

Sadly I really couldn't see a thing from my stream, it was so jittery.

Top 10
Australia - Yippee
Costa Rica - woo.
France - wow
Ukraine - YES!
Portugal - WOW!

Sh*t this is going to be another shocking cut.

Panama - Woo.

Ok please China, USA, Netherlands.

Angola - WOW





This is a very weird Miss Universe this year.

So many shocks. I hope the Top 5 are Australia, Ukraine, Panama, Philippines and China.

So disappointed USA and Netherlands are out. And pretty shocked Venezuela is out - though extremely happy for it.

I'm very happy for Portugal.
Wait shit I just realised where is Puerto Rico? I didn't realise I missed her, yeah where is she?

I only managed 5 out of 10 for the Top 10. And if you look at my favourites list only three of my Top 10 made it! Ukraine, Australia and China - I'd be happy if they were the final 3 but knowing this pageant I might only get one.

Just looking at the 6 eliminated, Colombia, Venezuela, USA, Netherlands, Kosovo, Puerto Rico - it looks like the judges don't like Pageant powerhouses. In my opinion France and Angola have gone too far.

I really want to watch how Alyssa performed now because I didn't catch a thing with my stream, I wonder if she was eliminated with justification.

I'm not liking either music performances however the fill in music has been ok.

TOP 10 Evening Gown
Australia - No why is she holding her gown like that.
Costa Rica - uh oh same awful gown, ooh Shandi likes it.
France - Not really liking what I'm seeing.
Ukraine - gorgeous as ever.
Portugal - Not sure about the gown.

I guess we'll be seeing Portugal next year.
I think Ukraine should be a safe Top 5 bet.
I think France will yet again be barred from the Top 5.

Panama - I thought she changed her gown? Oh no not liking her walk from what I could see.
Philippines - Couldn't see a thing, jittered all the time but I know she'll be lovely! lol
Angola - The crowd loved it, she might make it.
China - I think she's in.
Brazil - I don't remember seeing this dress.

I'm going to do a fearful prediction of Ukraine, Philippines, Angola, China. I can't decide on the fourth, Brazil, Australia or Costa Rica maybe.

going well
very well
Australia and Panama please
BRAZIL - No Feck.

let's not even look at my pre pageant Top 5 I managed to predict four of the Top 5 just before it was announced, I'm pretty impressed with myself. However I didn't see Brazil making it.

Yet again MU11 has disappointed me with the exclusion of Australia and Panama. I hope the winner is between Ukraine, Philippines and China. However at this moment I can only imagine Shamcey doing well in the final question.

Honestly though who could have predicted this Top 5. I am not ashamed to say I only got 1 - China.

So the 5 eliminated
Australia, Costa Rica, France, Portugal, Panama

Personally I want it to be
MU - Ukraine
1RU - Philippines
2RU - China
3RU - Angola
4RU - Brazil

Ukraine - Amelia Vega - Trade lives with anyone in history - Not convinced with her answer. ooh final comment was decent though.
Philippines - Vivica A Fox - Change religious beliefs to marry someone - I guess this should work really well.
China - Isabeli Fontana - Public nudity, appropriate? An ok answer.
Brazil - Helio Castroneves - what would you do to avoid fighting a war that you don't agree with - I'm worried she might have hit the spot.
Angola - Lea Salonga - Change a physical characteristic - hmm... a boring answer but she looked stunning.

BTW what was the bridge used for.

Ok, this is tough, I can actually see any of them winning for different reasons.

erm my fearless prediction
MU - Philippines
1RU - Brazil
2RU - China
3RU - Angola
4RU - Ukraine

I can't believe I'm finally predicting Shamcey winning it all.

Looking back I'm pretty shocked Brazil is representing the Americas when North and South America managed to get seven of their girls in.

I'm going to cheer for Ukraine though. But I wouldn't mind any of them winning as long as it's not Brazil.

Can any pageant experts answer me this, are any of the Top 5 countries considered powerhouses? If not then it must be a first right?

even though I've predicted her as 5th.

Thinking back I really should have predicted Angola a top spot because it's obvious they want more Portuguese speakers.

Not liking the bridge.

I think Angola and Philippines are the current faves to win.

In a way I'm quite disappointed with this year, it promised to be so good but everything just gradually faded.

I'm still lamenting for the lost beauties of Greece, Malaysia, Peru, USA, Netherlands, Australia and Panama.

Funnily I'm not as excited as I was just before announcing the Top 16.


4RU - CHINA - wow
3RU - PHILIPPINES - WOAH! better than Venus though.
OMG I think it's going to be Angola but please be Ukraine however Angola would be good as well.

Honestly who would have predicted it, I did think it was between her and Shamcey in the Top 5 but still it's rather shocking. So pageant experts which one of you predicted this.

Angola was 28th on my list :S She didn't even make my Top 16 prediction list but she definitely stood out on the night. Twelve years after Mpule Kwelagobe of Botswana won we finally have another African winner. Whilst Leila wasn't my pick I'm rather happy with her win and it makes sense. Anyway I'll need to rewatch the whole pageant to give a much better review of the pageant. It has definitely been an exciting night. See you later!

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