Sunday, 8 January 2012

JSG music Awards 2011

I really hoped these awards wouldn't be shambolic but it has been worse! Only one hour in and there have already been many questionable awardees. I'm a fan of Raymond Lam but honestly "Chok" a Top 10 song? I feel that somebody is trying to sabotage Raymond's career and sadly it's working because there is going to be so much backlash, they are not helping him to draw more fans.

EDIT (after ceremony)

JSG has dug itself a huge hole. I thought the recent news of TVB and HKRIA being on good terms would help JSG revive its former glory but instead it has turned worse with this years awards the most ludicrous of them all. I don't know why TVB even bothers anymore. The Top 10 songs was the first point of ridicule with Grasshopper's 華麗舞台 taking one of the spots and then Raymond Lam's Chok also given a Top 10! TVB seems to have forgotten these awards are about music not the amount of airtime you've given the artists. I don't see why TVB seem to be hellbent on recognising Raymond's music feats because its just sabotaging him. What's worse is they dare to give Raymond Gold Song Gold with Chok! Raymond is a good singer and I really like a few of his songs but definitely NOT Chok! It is a song that's enough to stop his entire career but TVB insists on replaying this song to the point that they'd give it Gold Song Gold! I don't understand TVB's logic and I thought last years Gold Song Gold given to Janice and JW was bad.

Other obvious biases, though of a lesser severity, were Mag Lam's three award wins, Leo Ku winning Top 10 song and Favourite Male even though he has had such a terrible year (but I understand TVB doesn't have anybody to award their awards to) and Grasshoppers winning Best Group! WHAT!

I also didn't like how Pong Nam managed to beat Ivana in the Singer-Songwriter category. In my opinion Pong Nam has not released a single noteworthy song and his most recent hit 晚晚禮拜六 is one of the worst songs this year in my opinion. What is also shocking was William Chan making Bronze for this category, I guess they had to award him something.

Disappointed that Ella Koon only took Bronze in that award (can't remember the name) when Wong Cho Lam and Jonathan Wong beat her!

The only thing I was happy with on the night was Ivana Wong being recognised as Asia Pacific's Favourite Hong Kong Female Singer. To be honest the name is irrelevant as it's like the Best Actor and My Favourite Male Character award in the TVB series awards in that Favourite Singer is above Asia Pacific's Favourite HK Singer but still having Ivana win this is amazing since Joey was obviously going to win one (or both!) I think most would have tipped Twins or Charlene on her own.

Anyway TVB's awards tonight have really put a huge question mark over Raymond's potential of actually becoming a legitimate and well received singer. It's not about awarding Raymond Gold Song Gold it's about awarding "Chok" Gold Song Gold and with that entails constant ridicule for Raymond as he has to live with this for the rest of his career. I really hope this time next year TVB will have smoothened the contract details with HKRIA therefore allowing the Big 5 companies back into contention, if not then there's no point even considering JSG next year. Instead it would be CRHK and RTHK, and maybe Metro.

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