Friday, 6 January 2012

Miss Chinese International 2012

After a long wait MCI finally comes back but without much of a bang. Despite having 28 contestants this year there seems to be even less anticipation for this years event compared to the past and considering there's only 9 days until the final I have doubts whether the public will even know any contestants before they are pushed onto the stage.

This year's batch varies, despite huge anticipation for some contestants nobody seemed to shine in the few pictures I saw of the press conference. Nobody naturally stood out and initial frontrunners seemed to have been relegated to common bystanders. I think TVB really should have taken the opportunity to fight against Miss Asia Pageant since both are being held in January but whilst ATV has prepared months for their pageant TVB is holding theirs in a matter of days.

From early glances my frontrunners are

5. Kuala Lumpur
15. New York
16. Toronto
26. Hong Kong

However none of these four shone at the press conference thus I'm confused for the finals.

The reason why I like No.5 Lenna is because she has a good vibe about her and has a natural elegance, she is not as strong as some pit her to be but she's still a hot contender if she performs strongly.

No.15 Jasmine is a risky bet. I expected her to shine at the press conference but she didn't, she'll need to be much more of a standout if she wants to win this pageant because being mixed can be problematic in TVB. MCI has now become a big recruiting ground for TVB and the winner is now obviously someone TVB thinks will do well with them but being mixed race will immediately limit the amount of work she can participate in so winning could be difficult for Jasmine.

Prior to the pageant No.16 Hilary was always my favourite, she had a great smile, a natural elegance, a good physique and a very marketable look but she was nowhere to be seen at the press conference and I didn't even recognise her in the group shot!

No.26 Rebecca is still a frontrunner for me despite looking pretty average at the press conference. I'm definitely going to be biased in this point because I've seen her perform already so know her potential. TVB is also pulling all the stops to promote her so if the other 27 girls don't step up their games Rebecca is going to run away with the crown.

Other strong contestants at this point look like...

No.3 Bangkok
No.6 Manila
No.11 Chicago
No.17 Toronto
No.25 Dalian

I didn't know of Bangkok or Manila's participation until today but I'm pleasantly surprised. No.3 Bangkok looks to have a decent chance, though I need to see more photos of her whilst No.6 Manila instantly stands out with her height and slender figure but she sometimes photographs masculine.

No.11 Kelly was a disappointment but who wasn't today! I was expecting a lot more from a professional model, maybe it's just the angles.

No.17 Ashton is a huge question mark for me, she manages to look amazing in some pictures but plain in others. However I should expect a good calibre candidate from Toronto however seeing the two Vancouverites doesn't help solidify this point.

No.25 Miao Yu looks like the only Chinese delegate to stand a chance at the moment however I'm still unsure about her.

These girls could potentially rise up I think.

No.1 Auckland
No.2 Auckland
No.7 Melbourne
No.10 Sydney

No.12 London
No.18 Vancouver
No.22 Beijing

The girls from Auckland don't look like strong contenders at the moment but I think with the right styling they could provide a shock.

No.7 from Melbourne looked surprisingly good at the press conference. I've seen some photos of No.10 from Sydney, I think she has potential. I remember No.12 Roro at MCE where Simwayn won, it's such a shame that MCE discontinued the pageant because they were producing great girls; Oceane, Julie and Simwayn all had winning potential. I think Roro can be a hit or a miss, her look can work at MCI but it depends on her performance entirely as she isn't facially as strong as Oceane, Julie or Simwayn.

I think both the Vancouverites are weak which is very odd for this MCI powerhouse but if one has potential I think it's No.18 not No.19 who has a lot of connections and will probably make the Top 5.

The other decent girl from China I think is No.22 because she looks fresh.

Hopefully there'll be more news reports in the following days so I can form a decent favourites list.


  1. Did you watch the final? I favored Ashton as I have mutual friends with her and she is also a model for convertible dresses (Search it). I like contestants with good posture.

  2. I finally got to watch the whole show! My personal favourites were New York and Bangkok but I believed that Chicago made a great winner. All in all the results were fare but I'd liked to have seen a Top 5.

    As a side note I was rather disappointed with Hong Kong, she seemed freer than her MHK stint but she lost her presence. To be honest the Canadian contingent did not perform as strongly as their predecessors, none of them stood out.

  3. She was probably too confident from MHK. The MHK was easy for her, so maybe she thought that MCI would be easy too.