Monday, 9 January 2012

Miss Chinese International 2012 Update (10/01/12)

I don't think we're going to get much press of the girls so I'm treating everything as a bonus. Today we finally got the official portraits, despite the lack of coverage my favourites are starting to form.

Good Portraits
Contestants that look better or just as good from the portraits
No.2 Auckland Hilbe Cai
No.12 London Roro Chen
No.14 Montreal Amanda Chung
No.15 New York Jasmine Hayter

Awful Portraits
Contestants that look worse from the portraits
No.3 Bangkok Biliya Wiriyapan - old and chubby
No.11 - for a model...
No.26 - WTF she looks like a mamasan!

Top 7
2. Auckland (11) Hilbe Cai
3. Bangkok Biliya Wiriyapan

5. Kuala Lumpur (11) Lenna Lim
12. London Roro Chen
15. New York Jasmine Hayter
16. Toronto (10) Hilary Tam
26. Hong Kong Rebbeca Zhu

Basically these 7 are the only girls who I would consider for My Top 5 atm.
If I was to chose a Top 3 now I think I'd go for...
Winner - 15. New York
1st Runner Up - 16 Toronto
2nd Runner Up - 26 Hong Kong

Jasmine has been the most consistent girl I think. Hilary hasn't performed since she arrived but I'm still hoping she looks as good as she did at MCT. Finally Rebecca has been awful in most of her photos at MCI but having seen her perform at MsHK I know she has potential.

Bubbling Up
6. Manila Kady Wilson
9. Singapore Cheryl Wee
11. Chicago Kelly Cheung
14. Montreal (11) Amanda Chung
17. Toronto (11) Ashton Hong
22. Beijing Yuerong Huang
24. Dalian Alice Li
25. Dalian Maggie Yu

Kady has a great body, hopefully she'll look good on the night. Cheryl is pretty but she lacks height. I know photos can lie so I'm waiting to see Kelly on video. Amanda is actually quite photogenic but a bit bland. Ashton is my dark horse, we'll see what happens with her on the 15th. Yuerong could be a potential threat. Alice has suddenly sparked my interest, I want to see more of her. Maggie is still the best from China but she is facing tougher competition than expected.

My first prediction
Winner - 26. Hong Kong Rebecca Zhu
1st Runner Up - 16. Toronto Hilary Tam
2nd Runner Up - 15. New York Jasmine Hayter
Top 5
5. Kuala Lumpur Lenna Lim
19. Vancouver Erica Chui

It's hard to predict with such little to go on but because of that there's no reason to doubt TVB will not continue to love Rebecca. Come on she's already being heavily promoted, winning Hong Kong a 3rd MCI title, last time it was Sonija Kwok, can only create even more hype surrounding her like when Michelle Reis and Sonija Kwok won. However I can equally see TVB trying to reserve her at 1st Runner Up.

I think Hilary has potential to win. The first time I saw a photo of her I knew she had that winner's look. Despite performing poorly during these past few days I think if Hilary can produce an energetic and confident performance at MCI she'll make the Top 3.

Jasmine is a question mark to me because I wonder if she is more "gwei" or more Chinese. I think she'll make the Top 5 and depending on her personality break into the Top 3.

I think Lenna will be shut out of the Top 3 but her elegant but vibrant personality should secure her a Top 5 spot. I'm not sure I can see both her and Rebecca making the Top 3.

Finally Erica might make the Top 5 because of her connections or at least win an award I think.

Hopefully TVB will give me more to base my opinion on next time I update.

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