Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Apprentice UK Series 8 Episode 4

In yet another bizarre turn of events Jane McEvoy is the 4th victim on the Apprentice. I really don't know where Lord Sugar is going with this because in my opinion Jane did nothing wrong on this task and was yet again caught out by sales figures but if you're out doing PR the whole day when are you supposed to sell? Lord Sugar simply puts too much emphasis on selling and everything else becomes pointless.

I really felt Laura would be gone, if not it would be Gabrielle, Jane was last on my list but there were precursors to her exit like Lord Sugar picking up on her sales figures. I didn't expect Jane to leave this early, I thought she had another three episodes in her at least. This means my new favourite has to be Gabrielle as everyone else annoys me.

I guess Lord Sugar just didn't see Jane as a viable business partner but his reason for firing her confused me because what has Laura done that has impressed him. No offence to Laura, she is a lovely girl, but she really hasn't shown any business acumen on the show yet.

Anyway I liked this weeks task as it involved a bit of creativity, good for you Tom and good for you Gabrielle for trying to reupholster 200 pieces of crap. Next weeks task looks very odd but I'm interested to see the result and hopefully the exit of some of the slackers.

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