Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Apprentice UK Series 8 Episode 5

Duane was fired this week, yet again I'm shocked. I think Duane was starting to get ahead of himself and trying to take charge of everything but I thought he was a likely candidate for the final 6 at least. For the final 3 brought back I'd say he did seem to be the person who was responsible for the failure of the task but as an overall candidate I felt that Laura has yet to show her strengths.

So five weeks in and I've been shocked four times out of five with the firing, what is happening this year. I can't believe that Bilyana, Maria, Jane and Duane are out before Adam, Azhar, Jenna and arguably Gabrielle. I still don't have a favourite yet this year but I just hope Adam, Azhar and Jenna disappear soon.

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