Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Eurovision 2012 Final

I finally got to catch up with Eurovision, so here are my notes - although very late.

United Kingdom
Sorry 'The Hump' I found this a lull. He might have been famous in his career but this style of music does not attract in Eurovision anymore. The vocals were decent I must say but the song is so boring and the big notes were just odd.


He still sounds constipated and the vocals just don't work for this track, his voice isn't big enough. The whole thing also sounds very generic. I also didn't understand much, sorry Compact Disco.


Despite not knowing what she's singing every time I hear it I'm touched, anyone who can sing this song well deserves kudos. The piano track, the vocal, the performance everything sounds so emotional. However I think the song could have been improved by having better placed rests. I do have to say I think she was better in the semifinal though as she sounded slightly screechy at parts today


The start sounds so 90s pop, actually let me rephrase that the whole track is so 90s. His thrusts were so embarrassing they looked like the stuff you see dad's do at the local pub. The vocals were decent though but the whole performance was just too karaoke.


Bosnia and Herzegovina
The whole thing was beautiful, the music, the voice and the singer! However this might not leave a strong memory on viewers because it doesn't really have a big moment. It's a nice simple track. I agree with Graham Norton this year there are quite a lot of good songs sung by good singers.


I agree with Graham Norton, it's difficult not to like them actually even though it's pretty bad. This is typical Eurovision nonsense. However I must say I only really remember the "Party for everybody, come on and dance" bit and the "boom boom" part.


I just find this forgettable. It isn't a bad track but it's hard to remember this because nothing really stands out. The vocals are only ok, the track is ok, the lyrics are ok, everything is just ok. They build the song up and then break it back down so it's kind of all over the place.


This is as Graham Norton said a very infectious track. It's the classic good looking girl - catchy pop track - sexy performance that Eurovision continually showcases and she's arguably the best one this year. It sounds like it could be on the radio now actually. I do find her hand gestures very odd though. 
I think if Rihanna were to release this it would make No.1, that is not a compliment by the way!


I'm amazed, if she's the most listened to French speaking artiste then why didn't she do better? This isn't awful, yes not amazing but arguably should score better. Her vocals were a little rough for me but I do quite like this track actually, if only she sang better I think this song could have done quite well. How did her dress flow but not her hair?


More 'boom boom boom's and la la la's!' It's quite catchy but something doesn't work. I quite like it though. It reminds me of something but I can't remember what. It kind of sounds like two song mashed together.


Another very beautiful sounding track that I don't understand a word of, as cheesy as it sounds it does prove that music is universal. This is almost the male version of Albania but this is definitely sweet rather than emotional. The singer is amazing.


I personally find this better than Popular by Eric Saade last year because that was just so egoistical. However this is still not great, it is however one step away from being catchy. I do feel for Tooji though, this track sounds so camp (though not as camp as Malta last year). I do agree that it's a mix of Eastern and Western European pop.


This is just in the same vein as Ell and Nikki's track last year, it doesn't sound the same but it's very familiar. I'm not really keen on it to be honest but it's ok. The vocals range from good to average (sometimes screechy), the track is a bit bland and generic and the weird guy screaming in the background is so odd. This track is undying.


This track along with Greece's are the two 'love-to-hate' tracks of mine, it's just so catchy! I just can't help but want to move with this track. Zaleilah leilah lei! One word of criticism, I think they should have kept the energy up throughout the track.


Graham Norton was so rude (but funny) to her! I do like this track but she doesn't sing it well enough. I think she was better on the semifinal as well. They also should have had a full xylophone. I don't get her outfit.


I don't know why I don't like this as much as Cyprus and Romania, I just don't. But it is still quite a decent Eurovision track.


I like it but it's not my favourite, it sounds like any other dance track except for the decent singer Loreen. The dance is quite amusing, though could easily catch on. The thing is this song is memorable even though it might not be the best track or the best vocal and it taps into the current market.


I guess he does look a bit like Sasha Baron Cohen, a better looking one though. I still think he sounds odd and this whole track sounds odd. This sounds like something you'd here when a friend starts singing outside of a club.


Another beautiful song and a beautiful voice. I like the buildup of this song, there's a definite story to it unlike a lot of stop-star tracks this year. This is in direct competition with Albania I think.


A very sweet song I think and showcasing that you don't need to hit big notes to showcase your vocals. It's definitely something I can imagine hearing on the radio, I can definitely here the Jamie Cullum influence.


It's quite a nice track I guess but it's still pretty bland and it doesn't have a big moment despite repeating "This is the night" so many times.


FYR Macedonia
The whole styling of this song reminds me of a French entry a year or two ago. There are so many good female vocals this year; Albania, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I find it a real foot tapping track. I like the rough tones to her voice but she can still hit those high notes - impressive.


I still don't like Waterline as much as Lipstick and I think it showed in the results. It just isn't as catchy or as energetic a song as Lipstick and it just seems a bit desperate to me.


He sings well but I just find this track a bit boring ala the UK's. Don't really get the love for it. However I still commend the smooth vocals and distinctively Eastern European sound of the track.


I must admit if it wasn't for the singer's very grouchy voice and squealing I think I would have enjoyed the chorus. I think the trumpets sound funny but are an interesting addition to a dance track.


Possibly one of the worst songs to close out a decent night of singing. Ok I'll be nicer, the song isn't that bad, very typical Eurovision, we normally have one of these every year and the vocals are decent but it just doesn't cut it among this year's powerful crop of singers.


I think I have a very strong Top 10, I actually like all of my Top 10 for the RIGHT reasons! So here is my ranking. With the countries scores and actual ranking next to it.

Albania                                 9.1                   5th                146
Spain                                    9                      10th              97
Estonia                                 8.9                    6th               120
Romania                               8.85                  12th             71
Germany                              8.8                     8th               110

Bosnia and Herzegovina        8.75                  18th              55
FYR Macedonia                   8.7                    13th              71
Cyprus                                 8.65                   16th              65
Sweden                                8.6                     1st               372
Italy                                      8.55                   9th               101

Denmark                               8.5                     23rd             21
Russia                                   8.3                     2nd               259
Greece                                  8.25                   17th              64
Serbia                                   8.2                      3rd               214
France                                  8.1                      22nd             21

Malta                                    8                         21st              41
Iceland                                 7.9                       20th              46
Azerbaijan                            7.8                       4th               150
Norway                                7.75                     26th              7
Lithuania                               7.6                       14th              70

Ireland                                  7.5                       19th              46
UK                                       7.3                       25th              12
Moldova                               7.25                     11th              81
Hungary                                7.1                       24th              19
Ukraine                                 7                          15th              65
Turkey                                  6.9                        7th               112

A few notes on the scoring,
In total Sweden got 18 '12 points'!
After 15 countries the Top 5 are already the same as the final 5.
I'm shocked Russia only got 1 '12 points'.
25 countries in Sweden makes the 200 mark!
I don't really understand how Sweden won by such a big margin.
Only Italy didn't award Sweden with a score whilst only Switzerland didn't give Russia anything. Both of which gave Albania 12 points!

I'm happy Albania made the Top 5 despite Graham Norton's snide remarks. But boo to Britain for not giving Rona anything.
Spain, Estonia and Germany also made the Top 10. Sadly Bosnia didn't make it anywhere near the top half of the table, I guess there were just too many similar performances. Kind of shocked that Cyprus only made 16th and Greece one below them at 17th! I thought Greece would do well as they always do Of note is this is the first time Greece falls out of the Top 10 since 2003.

I still don't really get why Serbia did so well, supposedly he's quite famous or something, but his song was a lull.
This is the 4th consecutive year Azerbaijan made the Top 5 and each time I'm baffled as to why. I guess Always by Aysel and Arash were a decent Top 5 but Drip Drop, Running Scared and When the Music Dies were not that great.

The UK continue to languish. In the past 10 years we have only managed to make the top half of the table twice; Jade in 2009 and Blue last year.

Anyway I'm kind of happy that Sweden won because firstly I actually liked the song and secondly it shows that bloc voting isn't stifling the results as in the last five years western Europe have won three times. However I still can't believe Sweden managed a score nearly as high as Alexander Rybak in 2009.

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