Thursday, 25 March 2010


Ok I love this cycles ANTM but I have had very little time to post about it but can I just say after doing some tallying I'm shocked to find out that Angelea has the highest call out atm on ANTM! uh please... I also need to tell you, Angelea is in last place in my rankings.

Tried so hard to get Angelea's Bitch Please GIF on here but it didn't upload, I guess this shot is good enough :)

The other girls
RAINA - My absolute fave! She has been the most consistent for me and her perfume shot was dazzling! She's not getting enough love from ANTM I don't think as her callout is only pushed up by her FCO in her 2nd photoshoot.

SIMONE - She's consistent I think but has yet to burst out with a memorable photo, sadly I think she's on the verge of being eliminated as it's the 2nd time Tyra has voiced her disapproval of her - first time when they were picking the Top 13; Mr J saved her, and now saying her photo is average; Andre Leon Talley kind of saved her.

TATIANNA - I love Tatianna but she is quite up and down in terms on performance. In the end I think it's her face that needs the most attention as she's delivering interesting but rather awkward looks imo.

ALEXANDRA - She's a very beautiful girl who seems to be climbing slowly, I hope she does awesomely soon.

ALASIA - I love Alasia and this week was so good for her, she definitely deserved her first call out. If she can consistently produce those types of shots then she could potentially get to the final considering Andre Leon Talley's liking towards her.

KRISTA - At the moment she has surpassed my expectations as I thought I would hate her. However saying that her photos are still average and rather boring.

BRENDA - She can be amazing but she is an emotional train wreck atm. I want to see the magic she had in her first photo-shoot - her fallout has been on par with Ren's.

ANSLEE - She is not very memorable in my opinion and I've yet to see a photo I really like.

JESSICA - Whilst I love Jessica I do think she's overrated. Her first photo-shoot imo wasn't all that but I guess everyone loved it, her 2nd photo was average and whilst I placed her 3rd in this weeks photo-shoot I found it a bit bland after the 2nd look. She needs to bring her A-game.

Loves: Jessica, Alasia
Near the Top: Tatianna, Simone (Ren)
Likes: Alexandra, Brenda
Disappointed: (Naduah, Gabrielle)
Getting There: Anslee
Iffy: Krista
Go Away: Angelea

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