Friday, 12 March 2010

Final Fantasy XIII

Before I start writing anything I think you should all know this, I'm a FF fan! So if you don't like FF then look away.

I got FF13 on the exact UK release date - the only game that I ever buy just when its released. I'm at Chapter 3 at the moment and my overall verdict atm is good. I'm not a fanatics as such so I don't only have good things to say about the game so don't worry you're not about to embark on a all praise journey of FF13.

The story currently hasn't really engaged me, in fact I'm slightly lost. This is my 4th Final Fantasy game but no story has taken me back to FFX yet, FFX is absolutely my favourite game!

The music; FANTASTIC! I love it, I think like FFX the music of FFXIII will stay with me for a long time.

I don't understand why people miss talking to other characters. I find that listening in to conversation much more cool! Anyway it's not like pressing the x button whilst standing next to another character is really exciting is it! Nor is hearing the exact same old phrases over and over again. I do understand why some people find this game shamelessly linear but atm it hasn't affected my liking of this game. I do however miss the towns and the "downtime" where you could relax and do some other stuff.

I do like the new gaming system, though a bit hectic it feels much more interactive and exciting. I would however love to interchange between characters rather than having to stick with the three throughout the battle.

Now I'll go into the characters;

Lightning: I like Lightning but atm she isn't so much of a leading lady, it seems that FF13 has followed FF12 in that nobody really seems to dominate the leading role - as of now anyway. I don't like her hair, way too complexed!

Snow: I like Snow, he's a lot cooler than I thought, I kind of thought he was a big old oaf when I saw his character design at first but he's much more interesting a character than what I expected (a Kimahri part 2 perhaps!)

Vanille: I really do like Vanille, atm she's my favourite character but the one thing I dislike about her is her voiceover actress. Her voice has every accent imaginable, british-american-australian-south african - you name it! It gets on my nerves.

Fang: Haven't seen much of her but she seems to also have an annoying accent

Hope: Annoying, annoying, annoying. He's obviously going to become much more likable as the story goes on but atm he's just an annoying character.

Sazh: I thought I wouldn't like him but who can dislike a guy with a bird coming out of his head!

In the end I hope I'll enjoy this game and the Versus XIII because FFXIV will be an online game and I'm not sure I'll play that - I probably will but I like console games more for some reason.

And of course the graphics! How can you talk about FFXIII without talking about the graphics - absolutely stunning. I find myself stopping a lot and panning around the scene just to see the incredible graphics.

Graphics: 9.5/10 - You can't reasonably get much better unless it was exactly human.
Characters: 8/10 - atm I'm not drawn to the characters as much as I'd like.
Gameplay: 8.5/10 - It takes some time to get use to but it's definitely a nice style.
Game Design: 9.5/10 - I'm talking all the misc stuff e.g. menus, opening sequence and music. OMG FANTASTIC.
Longevity: 8.5/10 - I will undoubtedly play it again but atm I don't think this beats FFX.

44/50! (88%) This is a fantastic score, the highest out of the three games I've graded so far. The characters I believe is this games weak point as to this point I haven't really seen memorable characters, however realistically the maximum score I'd genuinely give is 47.5 as there's always something to be improved - so I rarely give 10's.

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