Saturday, 13 March 2010

ANTM Cycle 14 Premiere

Just watched ANTM cycle 14 premiere and this cycle is hotting up! This is possibly one of the strongest casts I've seen.

Anyway back to the point. Tyra continues to amaze us with her tackiness, we've seen Greek goddesses, we've seen "futuristic" model gear and this time we get - Myfierce! In actual fact I think this is only a tackiness rating of 3 on Tyra's scale! At least there was some purpose in it.

Tyra is looking hot! I remember one or two cycles back she was just way too glammed and dragged now she's stripped down (not entirely of course) and fresher.

Quote: Gabrielle - The mean girl never wins - ahem Eva Pigford, she may have done some spiritual cleansing mid-cycle but she was still the bitch!

Hallie are the kind of girls that makes parents want to give all there money to charities - stupid brat, work for god sakes!

There are so many gorgeous girls this cycle! Some edgy gorgeous, some model gorgeous, some gorgeous gorgeous and some classic gorgeous.

I think the funniest part of the premiere will have to go to Alasia - two parts in fact; the one where she was misquoting the bible and the one when she was counting how many finger were pointing back at you when you point at someone.

For the girls that didn't make it I think Danielle was the strongest one, she was very very pretty, sadly her piercings will not get her in the industry easily and ANTM is definitely not the place to get there. Nida was also nice but she's just not ready. Jeanna was pretty but not modelesque.

I didn't notice it before but Gabrielle does look a bit like Angelea!


I think Krista is an extreme version of Teyona, however Teyona was actually good, I'm not sure Krista will be though.

Now onto my impressions of the girls

Alasia - She's obviously going to be labeled a bitch and she'll inevitably split the viewers between pros and against but personally I love her and she is undeniably funny. I think she has potential in modeling and I think she'll go far but I don't know whether she'll wow us in the process.

Alexandra - She is a gorgeous girl and on certain angles is probably the prettiest but her plus size body will work against her. She also looks like a filler of sorts but atm my verdict on her is a good one.

Angelea - I thought I'd come to like her but I don't. She's just her usual self and sadly I'm not ready to watch her break the house down as she goes.

Anslee - Whilst she seems nice I think she's a filler.

Brenda - I like Brenda, she does seem a bit two faced though but I still like her atm. I think she may have been given a cut too short but all in all it's a positive first impression.

Gabrielle - She's a great girl, looks, knowledge, personality etc. but whether these things will translate in her photos is still relatively unknown. I hope she does well but I have no idea.

Jessica - She's been through a lot and that has obviously helped her develop as a person. Not only is she mature she's also god damn awesome! She's definitely in the Top few in terms of looks but I think she may be a bit too commercial - we'll see.

Krista - I don't dislike Krista but I just don't see it. I don't see what makes her modelesque that Miss. J and Tyra seem to see. I'd be really interested to see her first photo, if she flops its sealed the deal if it's great then I'll be consulting my ANTM knowledge for what to do next!

Naduah - I do like Naduah, she has the story and the edginess to break this competition in half but I really do need to see a photo-shoot of her before I lay down my final verdict as even though shes got the package she may not have what it takes - hopefully she does and we'll see a new form of ANTM's arriving.

Raina - My absolute favourite girl, how can she not do well! Whilst there are a lot of good girls in this cycle I think Raina will be the one that shines out amongst everyone, she's not been given too much of an edit yet either - normally a sign for winner status!

Ren - If Ren can deliver she is a potential threat to the top spot, but I'm worried she'll be a hit or miss. Early prediction say that she'll probably be the one to leave the competition voluntarily - and it does seem like that from early warnings, she also periodically looks stoned which is not a good thing! But her makeover shoot leaves me in high hopes for a smashing performance.

Simone - She is one of the prettiest girls this cycle but sadly her edit is obviously cutting her out to be, relying on pretty. I really do see her as a potential top model but with Tyra basically unsure of her and only Mr. Jay routing for her it seems like her ANTM days will be cut short.

Tatianna - Tatianna is one of these girls that I like but is amongst many other girls for my favourite spot, sadly she hasn't shined liked some of them have. Her lack of knowledge about the industry is obviously going to affect how much Tyra favours her and I don't see her making it into the Top 6.

FAVOURITES: Raina, Jessica, Alasia
Love: Simone, Naduah, Ren
Fabulous!: Alexandra, Gabrielle, Tatianna
Nearly There: Brenda, Anslee
Good: Krista
Meh: Angelea

I really can't predict who's going when but here's a brief idea of what I think we'll happen

Early leavers: Simone, Angelea, Tatianna, Alexandra
Won't make Top 6: Gabrielle, Anslee
Most Likely Top 6: Raina, Alasia, Naduah, Brenda, Jessica
Wildcards: Krista, Ren

I could be totally wrong!

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