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Miss Universe 2011 Pre Show - 1st Update

It has been a few days since the 89 girls arrived in Brazil and my god has the competition been ruffled. Many favourites are now being scrutinised whilst a few dark horses are looking more and more like front runners. Whilst my rankings have changed my favourites still stay intact. I have reverted back to Top 15 as I've heard no official reports of a Top 16 on the contrary I've heard something about a Top 14 + 1 viewer vote.

Anyway starting off my Top 15 list is a controversial one...

Priscila Machado

She is the most controversial delegate this year but sweeping past all that gossip Priscila is proving a tough competitor. She just knows her angles and how to carry herself. At this moment I cannot comment on her candid background because I have very little idea or information on what she did so for now my stance is "I don't care" I'm going to treat her by how she performs in the pageant and at the moment she makes my Top 15.

Kerstin Cook

Kerstin's eyes are absolutely mesmerising. I just wish she was more active with her candids. I can't wait to see how she performs in the official photos and the preliminaries. 

Roseline Luo

To be honest I'm not disappointed with China because I knew she wasn't the natural stunner I was looking for. From when she competed at Miss China Universe I knew she should be categorised under "Fierce" rather than beautiful. I kind of let the hyping get over me as she was one of the few Chinese delegates who was ever hyped. At the moment she is flailing, day by day she is dropping for me, but I know her strengths are when she performs so I'll wait until the prelims to decide her fate.

Shamcey Supsup

Shamcey has been consistently strong since arriving in Brazil so I don't see any problem with placing her at 12th. To be honest I like Shamcey much more than Venus because Shamcey is prettier and fresher in my opinion whilst Venus' appeal was her aura.

Viviana Ortiz

I still love Vivi but the girls above her have really shone through whilst I'm still waiting for that turning point with Vivi. I really do think that come preliminaries Vivi will be the highlight of the show but as of now she needs to step up her game to return to the Top 5.

Natalia Rodriguez

I really don't understand the hate for Natalie, she is gorgeous and when made up is as good as any other front-runner but she constantly gets bashed. In my opinion even some of her worst candids are better than normal photos of some supposed front runners. Am I blind or do I just have distinctive taste?

Natalia Gantimurova

Russia has been the real shock of this pageant. Initially I thought Russia was another Albania in that she'd brush up well but was quite ordinary in candids but she has proved me wrong! She has a natural radiance and presence that makes her one of the strongest candidates in the bunch. From being out of even my Bubbling Unders list she now sweeps in at No.9. 

Natalie Vertiz

Peru is now officially a favourite. Before I was jumping on the bandwagon but now I get it. She looks beautiful and has a killer body, her smile is infectious and her charm is evident, I will be amazed if she doesn't make the Top 15/16.

Kim Edri

How anyone can say she's a disappointment is beyond me. Despite me knowing very well that MUO are looking for that fierce and charismatic girl I have placed Israel as high as 7th on my list, if it weren't for that she'd be straight in my Top 5! Kim is one of the prettiest girls in the bunch and she just doesn't know how to take a bad photo!

Iliana Papageorgiou

Sorry for this incredibly pixelated photo but I just can't find a decent sized photo of Iliana. She is so gorgeous that even in such a photo she shines but I just wish she was prominent in the competition.

Wait Top 5 already! Who's missing? Mexico, Netherlands, Ghana, Panama, Australia, Kosovo, Ukraine, Malaysia and USA have all made my Top 16 before but where are they now? If you learnt anything in Maths class you'll know that the above list totals to 9 not 5 - so who's out!

Scherri-Lee Biggs

Making her debut in my Top 5 is Scherri-Lee. Sorry Scherri-Lee that I ever doubted you. She is naturally stunning and beautiful. If Rachel and Jesinta both managed to make the Top 5 I can't imagine how they'd be any justice if she didn't follow suit.

Kelly Weekers

Jumping right up to fourth place is Kelly and it looks like she isn't finished just yet! Kelly is stunning, there's no other way to put it. From originally being somebody I wasn't sure about to one of my absolute favourites shows how much Kelly has impressed in the first few days since arrival. Kelly must make the Top 15.

Olesya Stefanko

Normal order resumes and Olesya is at 3rd. Olesya just has that aura about her, she's so intriguing to look at and such a sex bomb! She's a natural performer and considering how Ukraine placed so highly last year I can't see any justice is Olesya doesn't place equally as high.

Deborah Priya Henry

Class, Elegance, Poise, Beauty, Sophistication... To all the haters suck on the fact that she will place and carry on the successful lineage of MW07 alumni. Hah. Just kidding.

Alyssa Campanella

As long as Alyssa doesn't start spouting zombie monsters out of her mouth she will always be my favourite because she is ~~~ simply the best ~~~. However the competition is tough, I can easily see her being challenged by some of her competitors but I have faith that Alyssa will perform on the night and regain a spot and the title for the USA.

Kosovo OUT
Panama OUT
Mexico OUT

Brazil IN
Russia IN

Kosovo - She's still not out entirely, she makes my Bubbling Under list but she's been a huge disappointment. As I said before my high placement of her was generally from my image of her beauty rather than what I had seen so when she arrived in Brazil looking like a washed out Pop Princess (or a wannabe Kylie) I immediately demoted her.
Panama - Yet again I tried to jump on the bandwagon but fell and crushed my leg. I just don't understand how she's been hyped this much. She's still in my bubbling unders but I just don't understand the massive appeal with her.
Mexico - The gorgeous Karin is out because whilst she's pretty I find her facial features stiff. It's as if she's infected with a severe amount of botox. Every photo she looks the same, I want her to loosen up a bit!

And now 12 extra girls made my bubbling unders

Angola - Leila Lopez
Paraguay - Alba Riquelme
Hungary - Betta Lipcsei
Panama - Sheldry Saez
Korea - Sora Jung
Thailand - Chanyasorn Sakornchan
Costa Rica - Johanna Solano
Canada - Chelsae Durocher
Mexico - Karin Ontiveros
Bahamas - Anastagia Pierre
France - Laury Thilleman
Kosovo - Aferdita Dreshaj

And finally a few comments on unmentioned girls
Aruba - a huge surprise but still not convinced
Vietnam - rising
Sweden - rising
Indonesia - rising
Serbia - starting to rise
Ireland - not as bad as I thought
Albania - Don't understand her appeal, she'll undoubtedly be a strong performer though (she is once again another Anxhela Martini to me)
Finland - rising
Portugal - rising
Haiti - rising
Ghana - I'm so disappointed, to think that Yayra was once in my Top 16.
Venezuela - I'd be happy if Venezuela was shut out for another year.
Trinidad and Tobago - HOW?

See you next time

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