Friday, 19 August 2011

US Open will be very interesting...

I say this because of the shock I'm in to see Nadal and Federer lose before the semis again, together! I'm so used to seeing either of them making it to the semis or finals, at least, that it seems weird when both are missing, twice! A few years ago we all thought Federer was on the out but he rose back but unfortunately this time it's for real. Federer no longer has that edge amongst most of the other players and one thing that helped him to YTD records of like 80-5 was because people "feared" him. The mentality was "oh no I've got Federer in my draw, I'll be lucky to get a game" but now his invincible status has well and truly be vanquished. He's still definitely a strong player and deserves a Top 3 spot, for now, but from now on it's only down for him I believe. And what's with Nadal, losing to Dodig now Fish. Fish is undeniably on a high but Nadal is definitely not the player he was even just a year ago. This however bodes extremely well with Djokovic who has only lost once throughout the year!

Montreal and Cincinnati 2011 must be two tournaments Nadal and Federer would like to forget about.

Just a side note what is happening to Wozniacki? Arvidsson, Vinci now Mchale! A 3 match losing streak one week before the US. She has one more tournament to redeem herself. I guess her maiden Slam will have to wait. Whilst I love Serena I hope the US Open won't be the Serena show.

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