Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Apprentice UK Series 8 Episode 6 + 7

I didn't post last week so today I'll make a quick catch up. So Katie and Azhar are now out.

I don't think Azhar was responsible for the failure of the task but Azhar was definitely the weakest of the 10 left. So my brief opinion on the final 9.

Adam Corbally - he's somebody out of the 60s honestly. I think his sole strength is sales but small consumer products, I don't think he is strong in any of department and that's why he should go before the Final 5.

Gabrielle Omar - It seems like she'll be PM next week and I feel this could be the be all or end all for Gabrielle. If she loses the only thing that would save her is if she outsold all of her team if not she'll be on rocky ground.

Jade Nash - I think this week has shown us that if Jade doesn't sharpen up quick she'll be leaving the process very soon. She hasn't shown her strengths besides being a strong motivator.

Jenna Whittingham - I find Jenna weak to be honest but having been reminded that Lord Sugar is interested in the beauty business and Jenna having experience there maybe Lord Sugar will keep her around till the serious competition begins.

Laura Hogg - In all honesty what has Laura done? I love her but I really can't remember anything that she has excelled at. I'm sorry to say but out of the 9 she has the least noticeable strengths.

Nick Holzherr - He's a nice guy and has been able to glide his way through the competition but he's still very much an unknown to me. However with two PM wins he's got to have left an impression on Lord Sugar.

Ricky Martin - His strength is his sales and leadership qualities but he can also rub people the wrong way. He's a contender for the Top 5 but there's still a long way to go.

Stephen Brady - His manipulative powers reminds me of Jim last year and that could serve him very well if he avoids the boardroom for the coming weeks. He's yet to feature in the bottom 3 so all if looking good at the moment.

Tom Gearing - I think he's the obvious favourite at the moment no doubt. I don't remember any time where Nick or Karen have talked negatively about him but I think he hasn't built up a substantial enough lead to be seen as the outright winner yet. It all comes down to the proposals but if you ask me the first one with a shot at the Top 5 is Tom.

So out of the I'd say Top 5 looks like

Tom: 100%
Nick: 85%
Ricky: 75%
Stephen: 55%
Jenna: 50%
Adam: 45%
Gabrielle: 35% 45%
Jade: 30%
Laura: 20%

I'm hoping Gabrielle has a good business plan under her sleeve to keep her around for a bit longer but actually maybe Jade has one too. I definitely think it'll be a male dominated Top 5.

Still rooting for Gabrielle after that I'd support Tom.

n.b. I upped Gabrielle's chances a bit after doing a little browsing around the internet, feeling more positive towards her chances now.

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