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The Apprentice UK Season 7 Episode 10

First of all before I say anything else I want to voice my disapproval on next week being another task. I was so looking forward to interviews but now I have to wait another week (or more). I've seen enough of this bunch of five performing, I know their strengths and weaknesses, I just want the series to conclude now!

To be honest this was one of the most boring episodes ever, the drama was so entertaining this year until this episode. The more I watch the 5 the more I feel that we have a pretty weak bunch here. And is their poor performance the reason for another task? Here's an assessment of the "Not-so-Fabulous Five.

Helen Louise Milligan
Yes she may have the records but does she have what Lord Sugar is looking for? I personally think no. Records are always nice to have but sometimes you have to look behind that. Just because she had a 9-0 winning streak until this task doesn't mean she helped win the task and the sales records might be strong but in the end there's not much substance in a few "monopoly styled" numbers. I find Helen's style very clinical and cold. Some may compare her organisation skills with Stella last year but I don't think she has the same gut instinct. A lot of her "risks" are just lucky mistakes. The more I watch her the more I feel she's just got Lady Luck on her side because I don't see anything past the records. I don't see her winning and this episode reaffirmed that because Helen doesn't have the fundamental business instinct that Lord Sugar usually looks for.

Natasha Scribbins
Why is she still here? I underestimated her because I thought she would be long gone. In fact if anyone is lucky it's Natasha because she has scraped through being taken into the boardroom. I'm sure the next time Natasha lands in the BR she'll be fired nearly instantly. Has she proved her worth? I don't remember or see any particular strengths and this episode she looked defeated and out of her depth. The only praise I remember she got was directing a decent commercial but besides that where is her gut business acumen? Why is she even still in the Top 5? Does she have something special that we haven't been able to see? It's seems like next episode the teams will be Natasha, Susan Vs Helen, Tom and Jim. Personally I think the boys should lead the teams because they've only led once each. I would love to see Tom + Natasha Vs Jim + Susan + Helen. Interesting fact all three of the girls have a 2-0 PM record though I don't believe Helen and Natasha's most recent wins were worthy hence Lord Sugar defaulting Natasha's treat - which leads me to say this is the first time a winning team can also be considered a losing team and it was all led by Natasha.

Susan Ma
Some of you may think I'm biased but whilst Susan acts and sometimes speaks immaturely you've got to praise her gut business acumen in comparison to the likes of Natasha or even Helen. I personally believe she has more going for her than Natasha or Helen to win this but then again I really can't imagine her winning either. What Susan needs is a bit more experience and a way to reaffirm her teams respect towards her. I was shocked to find out that all the other candidates remaining are 9 years or more older than her, which is probably why she is losing respect because they see her as a little girl and a weak mouse (as Jim said). Lord Sugar isn't stupid, is he going to award £250,000 to the youngest candidate he's ever crowned? I really doubt it. For Susan it's all about maturity and please never say "that's so unfair" again.

Tom Pellereau
Lord Sugar likes Tom but honestly what has he shown on the show besides his ability to talk and examine things after they have actually happened. Whilst Tom is likeable and I by no means doubt his credibility as an inventor I think he's just too booksmart and not streetsmart enough. Tom could win but it'd be only because of the failure of everybody around him. Throughout the show he has shown he's not a leader and doesn't take initiative, which is vital for a business person. I think he should stick with the creative.

Jim Eastwood
Jim has managed to survive after a near escape from Lord Sugar a few weeks ago and in my opinion he has dug himself out as the favourite to win. What Jim has is an overall grasp of what is necessary to win, his main strength being his selling ability and his leadership qualities. However I do not think Jim fits into the mould of Apprentice winners that well but for now he looks to be the strongest left and I'd be shocked if he didn't make it to the Final 2.

I'm really gunning for a Susan Vs Jim Top 2 but I can honestly see anybody making the Top 2 besides Natasha (or maybe she'll surprise me for the nth time). It's such a difficult series to predict because nobody really stands out. Don't try to convince me Helen's records are enough for her to stand out, they're all make believe anyway, I'd be much more interested in hard cash which I think is what Lord Sugar is looking for.

This episode really did convince me that this bunch is possibly the weakest yet, why on earth did Melody and Helen (supposedly the star of the show) go to Poundland to sell £50 watches? Why did they go to a hardware store to sell duvets? I'm honestly baffled. And how could Helen honestly think that selling to retailers was a good idea? She was simply blinded by her success and wanted "big" money but yet again I argue luck led her to securing deals however I do give her credit for speaking professionally in the booster seat task but not on the biscuits one. What was funniest was when Helen bought all the duvet covers to then find out the retailer was closed! I do agree that Melody told her to do so but I highly doubt Helen understood the importance of selling to the public which reaffirms my suspicions that she is not a leader but needs to be lead.

What Lord Sugar has been banging on about throughout this series is taking risks and I highly doubt Natasha, Tom or Helen will successfully do that in the real business world.

The highlight of this episode was when Jim went to the O2 and I got to see my college where I did my Foundation Art Diploma - if only I stayed later everyday I may have got to see them in "action" - or lack of.

And finally Helen loses, thank god!

I also resent Natasha for blaming Susan for the failure of the task because what she is doing following everyone else's direction of "lets pick on Susan". In what way was she acting childish on the day? Did she honestly think she was hard to control? Sometimes I get it when they pick on Susan but it's just becoming a habit and everybody is acting like a playground bully towards her. I think that's one reason why I like to stick up for her, she gets too much negative for what she actually does.

In such an uninteresting episode the best quote I could find was...

Tom: Melody runs a business which unsurprising is all to do with talking... (laughs) and to be honest none of us really understand what it is that you do.

I sadly feel the same way, shame I can't be bothered to download You're Fired where that'll probably be the first topic because my broadband is so slow! Sorry for being a "broken record"!

It's quite interesting that Lord Sugar actually felt regretful to see Melody leave, I wonder if Susan was on their team would she have been fired instead.

Anyway see you next week for another task.

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