Monday, 4 July 2011

My Australian Top 5

I do plan on writing reviews for my trip to Melbourne but for now I'm going to tell you my five favourite eateries from my holiday to Australia.

To start us off those that just missed the cut.
8th - Charlie and Co's
7th - Bills
6th - Makoto Sushi Bar

Common Ground Cafe

For me it wasn't about the food, it was about finding a unique and cosy hideaway in the midst of harsh winter winds up at the Blue Mountains. I'm not saying the food isn't good, on the contrary it's very decent and there are a few gems such as the Not Chocolate and my cousin's recommendations of the Open Sandwich and Soup of the Day.

A quick question to any Australians reading this, why are there so many bearded waiters in Australia?

Pancakes on The Rocks

I may cry over how sick of food I felt after not even finishing my Aussie Sunrise but Pancakes on the Rocks was one of my most memorable meals in Sydney not only for its shear size. It's carbs paradise, a dieter's nightmare, a child's fantasy... it's all my dreams and nightmares rolled into one. It's also the only place we went to twice so I couldn't honestly leave it off the list - despite me feeling slightly sick from writing about my experience.


For me a good dining experience is not only about the food, it's about the whole experience. I love the fact that Yu-U is awkward and low-key, I loved it even more that their "main door" was in repair and we had to ring a bell, wait and then be lead into a narrow corridor to enter the dining area. The whole experience is so different from what you'd expect to see from a leading Melbourne restaurant. And you can't forget about the food, some of the most authentic Japanese cuisine you'll find outside Japan. Their attention to detail is impeccable to the point that even a fussy, Japan-loving, Hong Kong local (who has tasted many a Japanese restaurant) can't wait to go again.

Golden Century Seafood Restaurant

Thank every single Chinese deity, you don't need to go to Hong Kong to find a good Cantonese Restaurant. Though there were hits and misses in terms of food the sole fact that the steamed barramundi they dished out was as good as any Hong Kong eatery put Golden Century straight onto my list. It was amazing to see how busy the place was, if you consider that it must be around five times the size of Chat Thai. They also gave complimentary desserts and fruits which left us wanting more despite literally needing an emergency unit to relieve us of the amount we ate.


To be No.1 nothing matters more than being memorable and Mamak was the most memorable of the lot simply for its roti. Not all our dishes were hits and the overall dining experience may not stack up to some other places but the fact that I'm revelling to go to Sydney just to try their rotis again is sentiment to how much I love this place. I just hope someone can recommend me a good roti place in London and Hong Kong or I might go bankrupt from the flight journeys to Sydney.

And to round it all off my Must-eats when travelling to Australia, of course to start us off...

Mamak's Roti's
Simples - as many an Australian waiter tended to say to us...

Fish and Chips (anywhere where it's good!)
If made good the fish is divine.

Pancakes (or hotcakes) for breakfast
I am not limiting you to Pancakes on the Rocks

Wagyu Burgers
The idea of wagyu put into a burger simply makes this a must eat.

Happy dining!

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