Saturday, 2 July 2011

The Apprentice UK Season 7 Episode 9

Sorry for the late post, yet again I blame my 0.66kbps connection. This was a very interesting episode because for the first time I honestly had no clue who was going to be fired. The thing was however bad Zoe's team performed I was expecting to see Helen's team lose for the first time because of how random their product was but I guess I'm no expert.

So Zoe is out, my dark horse of the competition. I did see her as a potential winner but I guess Lord Sugar couldn't accept that she got no orders but works in the food industry. I found it quite amusing that supposedly Zoe is now in allegiance with Susan, said by Melody and by Zoe herself saying that she'd be more comfortable working with Suzie, because I thought they were at loggerheads. However Susan's quote reaffirmed my suspicions.

Susan: I'm feeling really confident about today, got a few ideas about the biscuits erm that I'm hoping Zoe will like. When it comes to making biscuits I think we will be on roughly the same level but on a personal level she's one of the bitchiest and most backstabbing people I've ever met (all whilst doing her makeup)

absolutely hilarious.

Personally I thought BixMix was a better product overall. I think their packaging was better, their concept was better and their teamwork better but for some odd reason Special Stars won, obviously I don't know how the product tasted. Firstly not trying to insult Helen's team but honestly where did Special Stars come from? It's so cheap. Then the biscuits looked even cheaper. The packaging didn't really stand out. And then the awful tag line "Any time is treat time" not only was that contradictory to their concept of an after school treat but it also sounded like a dog treat! For some reason Asda loved it and ordered 800,000 units. I thought the Asda women looked so comical throughout the show and that they weren't impressed with anything but obviously not.

Helen's winning streak is frightening me. In logic there is no reason why Helen should lose because she has been on the winning side of every task and lead her team to a record breaking amount of sales but her passiveness just doesn't seem to be the type Lord Sugar is looking for. I'm not saying she's not going to win but if Lord Sugar finds a decent "aggressive" style candidate then I'm sure he'll go for them rather than Helen.

The quote of the week is sadly not a quote and I can't even quote it but it's the roleplay Melody and Tom (then Zoe) acted out to the buyers. It was one of the most classic Apprentice moments, it was just so awkward.

What was maybe a little shocking, for me, was Sainsbury's, Asda... Waitrose. I was nearly 100% sure it would be Tesco. Maybe that's just me. I think they should have targeted to a high end, mid end and low end supermarket.

I'm still in a bit of shock that Helen's team didn't lose because their idea was awful. I guess Asda isn't my type of supermarket. I was screaming "How" a million times at the screen. I see that the fundamental problem of BixMix is the lack of target market but I don't see how Special Stars is better than it.

But bye bye Zoe - finally no more bitchfights and monotone sounds.

So who is going next week? I'm starting to see the possibility of Natasha staying until Top 5 as they painted her in a decent light this week. It's honestly a level playing field but Tom is probably on his last chance as he hasn't performed but Lord Sugar likes him. Saying that I think Natasha or Susan are in the biggest danger of leaving next week with Tom another possibility. I can't imagine Helen going and for some reason I think Jim is a sure Top 5. Melody started to grate on me this episode but Zoe's outbursts were out of line. 

There are things I like and hate about each of the candidates. Helen is nice and passive but boring. Jim is a smooth talker but is so creepy. Susan is funny to watch but also a bit childish. Natasha is such a ladette but she needs to go. Melody has potential but she pushes her own idea till no end and finally Tom is the wacky inventor but he has been a big fail up to now. I honestly don't know who'll win. The obvious answer would be to go with Helen but wouldn't it be a bit disappointing to see a candidate dominate from start to finish, she's also pretty unmemorable unlike similar candidates like Stella last year who had some sort of interesting story.

Well I can't wait for next weeks episode to see who loses out before the interviews.

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