Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Wax and Wane

I've decided to continue these posts until October because it feels pointless to stop now as I'm more than half way through the year. It would however mean I'll miss two or three series towards the end of the 44th anniversary year though.

Back to Wax and Wane, I'm sorry if this review is rather brief but I just simply lost interest in this series quite early on. I also missed a few too many episodes for the whole story to make absolute sense but I just found the series to be over-exaggerated and pointlessly dramatic, the stories felt reused and the characters were all written to be annoying rather than likeable. Just a question, what was the point of the eldest daughter of Lau Siu Ming? For someone so close to the action she got little screen time. Very few actors actually impressed me in this series but in the name of the game I'll list my nominees anyway.

Best Actor
Roger Kwok

To be honest did I think Roger made a great performance worthy of a nomination? No. But considering I haven't really watched an "award winning" performance this year from anybody I'll draught in everybody I can get. Roger's performance was good but he didn't stand out for me but nowadays a solid performance is enough to warrant a nomination from me.

Best Actress
No Nominees

Best Supporting Actor
Lau Siu Ming

Lau Siu Ming is an actor I respect thoroughly and in this series he shined for me, more than anyone else. I think his portrayal was very endearing whilst I felt that a lot of characters lacked emotion or were over-exaggerated Lau Siu Ming found a perfect compromise here.

Oscar Leung

Even though I may have only watched a few scenes with Oscar in it I just find him naturally gravitating to watch. In my opinion he is one of the most talented young B/C line actors on TVBs roster. I enjoyed watching him develop a crush for his "see foo" Toby Leung and then protect her despite knowing that her heart was with Him Law.

Best Supporting Actress
Claire Yiu

Out of all the characters Claire's showed the most depth so maybe that helped her to stand out. Whilst she wasn't fantastic I would call her one of the best of the worst in this series.

Florence Kwok

I think Florence portrayed her character very well. She was believable as a woman who put her life and soul into her family and then I remember the scene where Sunny thought she betrayed him, that was one of the more memorable scenes in this series. I hope Florence continues to film with TVB as she is a great actress.

Most Improved Actor
Him Law

I think Him has improved since the last time I saw him on the TV screen. Out of the whole cast he was one of those that felt natural to me on screen.

I've missed out a lot of big names on this list let me briefly explain. Sunny Chan was decent in a lot of scenes, especially his couple scenes with Florence but then he was too exaggerated and plain annoying when he turned a semi-villain. Ron Ng just doesn't stand out to me, he lacks emotion in my opinion and yet again he was plain annoying. Kate Tsui never annoyed me with her sexpot face but this time it did, her pouting just didn't suit her character. Derek Kwok overacts, he plays the sensible ancient-series type characters best. Finally Chow Chung has just never impressed me, I find the way he says things awkward and contrived.

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