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Miss Hong Kong 2011 (24/07/11)

Sorry about my lack of MHK posts but as there wasn't much going on I didn't feel the need to update you all on my rankings. There has been slight changes to my rankings of the 14 girls but nothing too drastic so here are my rankings.

I'm sorry for the pretty lame graphic but you get the point.

No.5 Rebecca Zhu
5th - 2nd - 1st

Rebecca is the most well rounded contestant of the lot she is relatively eloquent, pretty, has her own talent and has the best body of the bunch my only fear is that she doesn't strike me as an MHK winner or as the Chinese like to put it "冠軍相" e.g. the winner's look. There is no reason for her not to penetrate the Top 5 but once there I don't know if she'll grace the top spots.

No.3 Whitney Hui
2nd - 1st - 2nd

Whitney has been receiving a lot of negative press but I've largely blanked that out because honestly I don't care. What I believe is what is presented to me and Whitney is performing strongly on all segments. Her body is slightly out of proportion but it's nothing major. Out of all the girls she looks the best when all glammed up so should be in hot contention for Miss Photogenic. I do think the bad press will affect her chances, how many rumour queens have managed to win? But she should definitely make the Top 5.

No.7 Sandy Wu
1st - 4th - 3rd

Sandy is a very traditionally pretty looking Hong Kong girl, that alone should do her many favours. She seems to have it all, the height, the look, the style, the poise, the eloquence but I just wonder if her voice is a tad too whiny. I'm nitpicking here in terms of her chances but that's really a serious consideration of mine. However in terms of my rankings she has not overtaken Rebecca or Whitney because she doesn't immediately command attention. If you asked me to bet on a winner now Sandy would be at the top of my list she has the "冠軍相".

No.11 Lisa Lau
4th - 5th - 4th

Lisa has been a favourite of mine ever since the start of the pageant but she hasn't been receiving much attention. To me Lisa is a perfect candidate for MHK, she exudes a natural confidence and elegance and she seems to be poised and eloquent as well. Her short hair also gives her a distinctive edge but her round face might be a slight negative for Chinese judges. She also needs to lose a bit of that elegance and poise and seem a bit more personable from the get go. A dark horse.

No.14 Hyman Chu
3rd - 3rd - 5th

Hyman has dropped to the second tier because she poses a huge question mark for me. Her stiff lip and pointed nose doesn't always register well on the camera and give her a very Mainland look, her styling upon arrival was what made her stand out but she is slowly fading into the background now. I hope she comes back with a bang soon as she has lots of potential to crack the Top 5.

No.1 Janey Yan
8th - 9th - 6th

Once we move past the Top 5 the remaining girls seem to be contesting for the "Best of the Rest" title, for me anyway. To me Janey is the girl that stands out amongst them because she has the least problems to me. The only thing which agitates me about her is her awfully squeaky and high pitched voice which is grating on me. She is exuding a very girly demeanour at the moment which is not going to win her any awards, she has potential in making it into the Top 5 but she'll need to give off a more sophisticated edge to do so.

No.9 Mayanne Mak
15th - 11th - 7th

Mayanne has been climbing my rankings because I'm attracted to her natural confidence and eloquence. She definitely is not going to win Miss Photogenic but she does have a sweet look, she just needs to work on her angles as she does have some winning angles. The only way she'll make it to the Top 5 is if she impresses the judges with her eloquence and wit.

No.6 Nicole Leung
7th - 7th - 8th

Nicole's USP is her eloquence but it can come off as a bit fake, the way she ends her sentences. She does have naturally pretty angles but her major problem is with her eyes, she'll need to work on that. Though 
a potential Top 5 spot is up for grabs for her I think.

No.13 Gemma Choi
10th - 8th - 9th

Gemma has received a lot of attention due to her assets and her partying pics. She is a decent candidate in general but I think she'll be ultimately left out of the standings because of her weak command of Chinese, her height and her general presence.

No.4 Giselle Lam
9th - 6th - 10th

Giselle is not naturally gifted with photogenic features thus she needs to learn her angles. She should not take any important photos face on because this accentuates her wide face, like many of the other girls she has some very photogenic angles but she often lucks into them. What she needs to do is befriend her stylist so that she is styled accordingly to hide her flaws.

No.2 Iris Kwan
13th - 12th - 11th

Unlike most of the girls directly above her I think Iris can be naturally pretty but she doesn't know her angles and her style ages her. She also needs to lose a bit of fat around her face because these small things are adding up a lot on her features. There is potential here for her to make it into the Top 5 but she'll need to do a  lot of work.

No.15 Wyling Leung
11th - 10th - 12th

Her weak command of Chinese, height and awkward smile alienates me from her. I just find her an awkward add on because she doesn't excel in either the brains or the beauty department.

No.8 Susan Su
12th - 13th - 13th

Besides her gu zheng playing I'm not at all impressed with her, I don't find her particularly attractive and she seems slightly reserved.

No.10 Lena Li
14th - 14th - 14th

Lena hasn't left a good impression on me and the fact that she speaks little to no Cantonese has at once alienated me towards her because I think to qualify as a Miss Hong Kong you really should be able to at least converse in basic Cantonese.

So as we are edging closer to the finals here are my predictions as of 24th July

Winner - 7. Sandy Wu
1st Runner Up - 5. Rebecca Zhu
2nd Runner Up - 6. Nicole Leung
Top 5: 3. Whitney Hui and 1. Janey Yan
Dark horses: 11. Lisa Lau, 9. Mayanne Mak and 2. Iris Kwan

At this moment I think Sandy will win. Besides that I can't really rank the other 4 in the Top 5. I kind of think Rebecca should be in the Top 3 but then the other Top 3 winner is difficult to predict. Nicole has a chance here because of her eloquence, I could equally see Mayanne replacing Nicole in the Top 5. I don't think Whitney will place whilst Janey is a risk. Iris and Lisa's placing will depend on her performance. I think Hyman will be blanked like Queenie Ma was last year. Gemma, Wyling and Lena will be blanked because of their weak command of Chinese and I don't see Giselle or Susan making it either.

It would be a first, I believe, if my Top 3 predictions are correct as I don't remember ever that the winners were of consecutive numbers, we shall wait and see.

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  1. I really do hope sandy wu wins miss hong kong 2011 i agree with you that she has the looks and ability to become miss hong kong 2011. i would be very surprise if she didn't win and i also thought that she would be good for miss photogenic. and as for me, i personally don't see what is the big deal about number 3. she just has to know how to converse with the judges very well and she should be miss hong kong 2011. :D