Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Eurovision 2013: Semifinal 1

Just a quick review of the first semifinal as this will be a very busy week for me. I watched this whilst working so I can't really comment on staging and how the performance looked throughout.

Overall as only 6 acts wouldn't make it the results couldn't be too shocking. Serbia was probably the most shocking exit as they were strongly among the Top 10 for bookies but I had my reservations with girl groups (who haven't done well recently) and after watching their performance I was even more uncertain.

Slightly disappointed that Austria didn't make it through as Natalia performed decently enough though I must admit her act was unmemorable among all the female vocalists. Cyprus too wasn't bad though yet again quite boring.

I did enjoy Montenegro's performance even though it was not technically good, I just thought it was a catchy "only-in-Eurovision" track.

Out of those that made it I was only really shocked with Lithuania and his song about shoes. Other than that the others were generally predictable.

This is a rough ranking of the performances for me.

Denmark - the easy choice of the night.
Netherlands - It still needs more of an edge to sustain it through the whole song but for now I like it.

After these two the rest were rather bland.

Estonia - a nice and sweet track though will get gulped up in the final.
Ukraine - Zlata is a good vocalist but I just don't like the song.
Belgium - catchy though sung weirdly

My Bottom 6
Slovenia - sounded like a shrieking cat

If I was to predict the Top 10 after performances I would have went with: 
Estonia, Denmark, Russia, Ukraine, Netherlands, Belarus, Moldova, Ireland, Belgium and Serbia.

See you in Semifinal 2!

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