Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Apprentice Series 9 Episode 4

So Uzma is gone, there was really nowhere else for her. It was pretty evident to me that Uzma would leave when Neil's team lost because it was obvious she would be brought back to the boardroom and because of being in the boardroom 3 times out of 4 episodes she was bound to be fired despite not being the failure of the task. The reason why she lasted until now I believe was because she was in the beauty business which Lord Sugar wants to be in the industry. The two guys had much more to be blamed but they also put in a lot more work and made the decisions which could have won them the task if they weren't so risky.

Now most of the floaters have left and next week should be the start of the real fight.

So what has changed after this episode?

Alex - still fighting strong, he is outspoken but has yet to truly fail which will give him a good rapport with Nick and Karen therefore I'm sure Lord Sugar has a positive opinion of him.

Francesca - I'm still unsure if she has it in her to go far, whilst she didn't do anything wrong this episode she still hasn't been outstanding as of yet and I expect her to go soon.

Jason - We should be seeing his departure soon, he is one of the floaters left in the race and I think he is starting to grate on his team, which equals a boardroom appearance.

Jordan - He is doing well but it has gotten to his head slightly and given a bad impression to Lord Sugar, however a win is a win and if he continues on this road he has a lot going for him. Jordan, just learn that enthusiasm is appreciated but professionalism is still key for Lord Sugar.

Kurt - This was the first task in which he made an impact and whilst he didn't do as well as he expected he wasn't the main reason for the failure of the task. His major oversight was not buying any other produce other than that for the milkshakes. His enthusiasm and passion showed for his business plan and that is the reason why Lord Sugar saved him since the industry really has potential right now.

Leah - Liz Locke 2.0 continues to be edited well, however I'm waiting to see a crack in her so that she seems more relatable. Right now she is doing well but neither leading or making the decisive decisions.

Luisa - Whilst her strategy proved to be wrong she is continuing at a good pace I believe, I think she has some longevity in her still.

Myles - Well, we finally see him a bit more and from this episode it seems he has a good head on his shoulders. His performance, whilst not outstanding, has really split me in terms of his longevity on the show.

Natalie - This series seems to have a lot of candidates with an evident strong drive, Natalie is one of them. I believe she is seeing a redemption and that is what I expected to happen. Right now she just needs a few good episodes and she could be set for the following weeks.

Neil - He is being considered a back seat driver and still is which isn't a positive. His cockiness has got Lord Sugar's attention but I'm yet to see whether that's a positive or negative right now for him. However I believe Neil still has a few more weeks in him.

Rebecca - This week was relatively quiet for her. She can't afford more episodes like this as the numbers drop.

Zeeshan - He has yet to impress and with a number of strong voiced individuals in the process Zeeshan might just be one too many at this moment.

The ones that will make it far: Leah, Jordan

The ones to look out for: Alex, Luisa, Natalie, Neil, Kurt and Rebecca

The ones in the middle: Myles

The ones in the firing line: Jason, Francesca, Zeeshan

Four episodes in I have yet to find someone I'm rooting for but there are more and more candidates I like/ok with. Right now only Alex, Jason and Zeeshan grate on my nerves the rest are decent.

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