Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Apprentice Series 9 Episode 3

Sophie was the victim this week, I thought she would have had a few more weeks in her but she continued to float under the radar which caught Natalie's eye and therefore two boardrooms in three weeks left her in danger.

This was the first episode where I didn't have a firm idea of who would be brought back into the boardroom or who would be fired until the final moments as throughout the show there was no clear indication of who was clearly to blame until Luisa brought attention to Sophie's lack of contribution when I thought Sophie could be the one going. I was really on the edge between her and Uzma but Lord Sugar didn't see what Sophie had done and therefore it became pretty clear towards the end that Lord Sugar was going to fire her.

This is a quick update on my opinion of the candidates.

Alex - he impressed this week and I'm sure this will be the start of where Alex starts to pave his way as a potential contender for the latter stages however much I dislike the idea.

Francesca - She didn't really do much, if she doesn't get a good edit soon she'll be seeing the cab.

Jason - he will probably be one of the first males out because he isn't showing much potential at all but it really depends when he gets into a boardroom.

Jordan - This week Jordan finally showed his potential and I think we're seeing a potential Top 4/5 candidate.

Kurt - He still hasn't made an impact but he's going in the right direction.

Leah - The producers are clearly editing her to be Liz Locke 2.0, it's just whether she'll be given a shocking exit or make it all the way through.

Luisa - I really would like to know how Lord Sugar views her, right now she is vulnerable to being dragged in to the boardroom because she tries to dip her feet into everything but if Lord Sugar views her in a good light it won't matter if she's in the boardroom for the following weeks.

Myles - It's pretty evident that he will go soon.

Natalie - I quite like her attitude and I think Lord Sugar likes her as well despite her performance this episode. She somehow reminds me a bit of Yasmina.

Neil - He was unbelievably quiet this episode.

Rebecca - As long as she doesn't continue to grate on her teammates she could go far, if she gets in the boardroom too many times she might crack.

Uzma - I think she is hanging on a thread right now.

Zeeshan - I think Zeeshan is showing cracks and unless he project manages a successful team or becomes the best seller he'll probably be out soon.

The ones that will make it far: Leah, Jordan

The ones to look out for: Alex, Luisa, Natalie, Neil, Rebecca

The ones in the middle: Jason, Kurt

The ones hanging on a thread: Francesca, Myles, Uzma, Zeeshan

I'm still not really rooting for anyone but these are the ones I like: Leah, Jordan, Luisa, Natalie, Rebecca

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