Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Apprentice Season 9 Episode 5

Zeeshan is gone! I had predicted that he was going soon and once I knew Myles and Zeeshan were PMs this week I had a gut feeling a PM was going. It was a rather embarrassing way for Zeeshan to leave, after claiming to know Dubai like the back of his hand and being accused of sexism, I almost felt sorry for him! Throughout the episode they were editing it for Zeeshan to fall and fall he did, he also brought Natalie back in, which does not work when there were clearly two scapegoats for him to tackle (Kurt and Neil).

Alex - It is becoming increasingly evident that he is in it for the long run, probably around final 6 I'd say.

Francesca - I get more and more confused as to where she'll land. Not helped by bookies claiming she is their favourite to win. I don't see her going all the way but she really could falter at any point.

Jason - I am sure that when he finally lands in the boardroom he'll be fired.

Jordan - He has yet to lose, along with Jason and Myles. But out of those three he is being given the stronger edit. I still can't imagine Jordan bowing out before the final stages.

Kurt - He is continuing to make silly mistakes. The inches-cm fiasco was elementary but Zeeshan and Natalie should have picked it up as well. He had a lucky escape this episode but he really needs to start being seen as a legitimate contender for him to go far.

Leah - Liz Locke 2.0 finally breaks, she is no longer Liz 2.0 and this episode showed a rather mean (verging on vindictive) side to her perfectly done personality. This is a turning point for her and either marks her as in it to win it or someone marked for a shock exit.

Luisa - I'm increasingly warming up to Luisa, I don't expect her to leave too soon but she is showing some business acumen.

Myles - Like Francesca I don't know where to place him. I fear like Jason once he starts losing he'll be a prime target.

Natalie - I love how Natalie fights her corner in the boardroom. It was unfair that she was brought back and now she's in Lord Sugar's thin line books. Which means she either gets a redemption or she's automatically out if she lands in the boardroom in the next two weeks. Lets see what happens.

Rebecca - She is becoming increasingly quiet compared to earlier episodes. I wonder if her days are outnumbered.

The ones that will make it far: Jordan, Leah

The ones to look out for: Alex, Luisa, Neil

The ones on the fence: Natalie, Kurt, Rebecca

The ones in the middle: Myles, Francesca

The ones in the firing line: Jason

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