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Eurovision - My favourite tracks since 2009

Since we are nearing Eurovision 2013 I wanted to make a countdown of my favourite performances since I started reviewing the show. This list is purely a list of my favourites, I'm not saying they are the best tracks or if they should have won but these 20 made the most impact on me since 2009.

In Love For A While - Anna Rossinelli
Switzerland 2011
Finals - 25th

A folk ballad from Swiss songstress Anna Rossinelli fluttered its way into my Top 20 for its simple sound. I thought I would place this higher but upon reflection I think it sits comfortably at 20th. 

It only placed 25th in 2011 probably because it was too low key and Anna's excessive snarling sounds however it still brought Switzerland back into the finals.

Standing Still - Roman Lob
Germany 2012
Finals - 8th

Now we have pop-rock ballad "Standing Still". It fell off my radar when I was thinking of my favourites but it quickly climbed back up when I listened to it. It's quite a generic love ballad but that doesn't stop it from being one of the more successful ones on Eurovision in the past few years.

C'est ma vie - Evelina Sasenko
Lithuania 2011
Finals - 19th

The song is pretty boring and bland but I just fell beautifully in love with Evelina's vocals. I do like the chorus of the song and the uplifting nature to the melody and lyrics

Jan Jan - Inga and Anush
Armenia 2009
Finals - 10th

The song's beat is just so addictive, I would never get to listen to something like this without Eurovision and I absolutely loved it. I would love to hear more tracks that meld traditional culture with a modern sound.

What About My Dreams - Kati Wolf
Hungary 2011
Finals - 22nd

This pop anthem of a song was one of my favourites in 2011. There are a few pitch problems but I just like the energy. This would have been the perfect Eurovision song a decade or two ago but of late Eurovision has really disregarded the "divas".

Haba Haba - Stella Mwangi
Norway 2011
Semifinals 1 - 17th

This sweet and happy little song split viewers in 2011. I do agree that Stella's vocals weren't the best but I like the simplicity and the meaning of the song it just invites you to dance along with it. The claims of copying Waka Waka were just laughable, because those people just linked the song name and the African beats and said this was copying the latter.

Milim - Harel Skaat
Israel 2010
Finals - 14th

You can probably tell the style of music I prefer by now. Milim is just such a beautiful ballad. The Hebrew lyrics also give this song an extra tonal quality that is quite interesting.

La Voix - Malena Ernman
Sweden 2009
Finals - 21st

I just found this so captivating despite some very questionable moments. Looking back at the video Malena has quite a creepy gaze. But let this teach the Romanian entry this year how to meld operatic singing with a pop track.

Allez Ola Ole - Jessy Matador
France 2010
Finals - 12th

This song isn't well sung or necessarily well written but it has an energy that invites you to dance along with it and when a song can do that in a crowded stadium I think it's worth commendation.

Kuula - Ott Lepland
Estonia 2012
Finals - 6th

There's something very beautiful about this track. I love how Ott pronounces Kuula, there's something very heartfelt and vulnerable in the performance and the vocals. Even though I didn't understand a word the song still managed to instigate an emotion.

Me and My Guitar - Tom Dice
Belgium 2010
Finals - 6th

This is just a simple track about one guy and his struggles with his passion but it managed to shine through among all the polished pop tracks that adorn every face of Eurovision.

Euphoria - Loreen
Sweden 2012
Finals - 1st

I can't deny Euphoria was the most distinctive and memorable track of Eurovision 2012. I wasn't a huge fan of it at first but the more I listen to it the more addictive it becomes.

Quedate conmigo - Pastora Soler
Spain 2012
Finals - 10th

I love it when the performance is purely about the vocal and Pastora absolutely smashed it. Sadly she was fighting an uphill battle as there was an even bigger belter that year!


Randajad - Urban Symphony
Estonia 2009
Finals - 6th

A hypnotic track, it is distinctive to all the ballads and pop tracks and easily one of my favourites. The whole performance works - another fine performance from Estonia.

Et s'il fallait le faire - Patricia Kaas
France 2009
Finals - 8th

This low key track is performed beautifully by Patricia. I love the emotion she gives. However I do think the song needs a stronger melody at the end but Patricia makes the performance work.

Taken by a Stranger - Lena
Germany 2011
Finals - 10th

Out of Lena's two attempts I much prefer the more alternative Taken by a Stranger over Satellite however I agree that Taken by a Stranger isn't right for Eurovision but I think it was chosen more so that there wouldn't be any comparison between the two tracks and shows Lena's musical development since the bubblegum pop track of Satellite.


This is my Life - Anna Bergendahl
Sweden 2010
Semifinals 2 - 11th

I'm amazed how this song did not make the finals, the song is so sweet whilst Anna's performance gave it the edge it needed, though she sounded slightly nervous. It was my favourite that year so I was gutted that I couldn't see it in the final.

Suus - Rona Nishliu
Albania 2012
Finals - 5th

If we were discussing which vocalist managed to blow the house down with their singing you can't miss Rona. Love it or hate it Rona belted out Suus and made everyone (everything) take notice. It was easily my favourite entry that year because it is such an emotional song sung with passion by Rona.

Playing with Fire - Paula Seling and Ovi
Romania 2010
Finals - 3rd

Not the best vocally nor the best track but Playing With Fire hit it just right that it's one of the most memorable songs of Eurovision of late.

Fairytale - Alexander Rybak
Norway 2009
Finals - 1st

The reason why Fairytale makes it to the top is simply because its now synonymous with Eurovision. The first song I think of when I think of Eurovision is this and because of that it has to be Number 1 on the list.

I hope you enjoyed that run through, see you in two weeks for Eurovision 2013.

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