Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Desperate Housewives Season 6 Episode 11 - If

If. I'm a "what if" person myself. I love to know what would happen if I did something different and this is what the housewives did in the first episode of 2010 - the new decade.

The first "what if" was Susan, what if she was still with Karl, who by the way died without much of a bang to be honest. Susan dreamed that she'd become fat enough that she'd miss her opportunity with Mike and therefore live a life feeling like utter crap. It was cool seeing Susan not in her ultra skinny Teri Hatcher body, in fact she wasn't that fat - just overweight.

Bree was next, what would her life be if she did marry Karl. I would have liked to see Karl make a 360 degrees change from playboy to decent father but sadly the honest truth would be that Karl would go back to his two timing ways. Bree then obviously leaves Karl and finds out 10 years later that Orson loved her till his death. Just as I thought it was all going to go back to the boring norm with Bree and Orson I find out that Orson could be paralysed - that'd be interesting! However, I hope that this is permanent - unlike the Carlos being blind thing.

Angie, next. Her "what if" sequence made me even more confused with what she actually did. So she's now some sort of protestor who acidentally killed someone whilst protesting? She's running away from Logan, some terrible guy and that her husband Nick was a traitor? Ooh is Nick a detective/agent or something? It's just all a bit confusing to me - hope Angie doesn't actually get sentenced for life in the future when the truth comes out. Wonder if this Logan guy will ever appear and who'll play him.

Lynette's story was my favourite. Sadly one of her twins was injured in the crash and could be born with physical defects. The scene where she was adamant in not making her disabled son a sandwich so that he'd be able to do it himself when she couldn't help him was brilliant. Seeing the emotions Lynette went through and specifically seeing her hands shaking like that was so emotional. Lynette really did win on acting and storyline this episode. Sadly the baby died, boo. I would have liked to see Lynette coping with a disabled baby, more interesting than just another Scavo baby.

Gaby was the last housewife in line. Her "what if" was being so desperate for her daughter, Celia, to be talented that she drove her to depths in order to make her a famous actress - interesting, and very old Gaby-esque. I wasn't too keen on seeing the selfish Gaby back, to the point that she even drove Carlos away and aged a lonely, unhappy woman. I didn't like her head full of long white hair, a bit unbelievable when she'd probably only be late 50's to 60's when Celia is in her 20's.

In general I liked this episode but I did find the disposal of Karl in that way a bit uninspiring and a tad nasty for a main role like his. I'd much prefer if Orson was gone, never liked him, but I know that a Bree/Orson reunited plot would be more interesting to watch than a Bree/Karl, - Bree getting dumped and becoming a Susan plot would.

I wonder how Katherine is going to come back into this, I kind of feel that Katherine is slowly being disposed of, I want to know whether she'll finally become normal again! Will Angie last another season? Or will she go like most other housewives of mystery storylines.

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