Monday, 25 January 2010

TVB Series 2010: A Great Way To Care

This series will probably not make Hong Kong but this is the first series that I've watched in 2010 that wasn't aired in Hong Kong as part of the 42nd anniversary so I'll consider it 43rd.

Note: I've only watched half of this series. I'll update this exact post when I've finished.

For all the series that I watch this year I will give nominations which will stack up at the end of the year so that I know who my favourites of the year were, so without further ado let the nominations from A Great Way To Care begin!

Best Actor
No Nominees

Best Actress
No Nominees

Best Supporting Actor
Raymond WongHe really has improved his eyes so much, I just liked watching him in this series and he's quickly becoming one of my favourite actors to watch. His character is likable but he also portrayed his annoying devotion to his ex-girlfriend really well.

Best Supporting Actress
Astrid Chan
She portrays different emotions well here, though there are still some stiff areas I enjoyed watching her character in this series such as her couple relationship with Ram Tseung and her mother in law relationship with Suet Nei.

Best Couple
Vivien Yeo & Raymond Wong
I'm anticipating the return of Vivien Yeo. When Vivien was fat I loved how Raymond Wong stuck to her like a true friend. Their moments were sweet and adorable, definitely a great couple.

Most Improved Actor
No Nominees

Most Improved Actress
Kate Tsui
She may be considered as a "leading actress" in TVB's eyes but I still deem her as improving, she did well in this series, she's not as theatrical as before and she portrayed her character well.

Yoyo Chen
I like her "real" character, unlike all the nicey nicey's her character was more three dimensional, a bit annoying - like most of her characters, but she played this character better, she wasn't annoying and in fact I was able to concentrate on her character.

Favourite Male Character
Raymond Wong
I just liked his character, his relationship with everyone around him was a joy to watch. Go Raymond! Of course he still has room for improvement in the eye area but come on there are bigger botox eyes in this drama ...cough...Alex Fong...cough...

Favourite Female Character
No Nominees

Breakthrough Performance
Unlike how TVB graded it my definition for a Breakthrough Performance has been lowered a few notches, this award is given to anyone who usually wouldn't catch my attention but did this time around.

Mandy Lam
I've always liked Mandy but she suffered the curse of the MHK2000 crop and never really made a name for herself.

Joey Mak
A recent MHK contestant, I like Joey and with more series under her belt she'll be able to improve.

Joe Yau
I saw a sensitive, caring side to his character - an interesting change to his typecast character.

Suki Chui
I didn't like Suki Chui before but I'm slowly warming to her. I liked her friendship with Kate Tsui, it made me remember her character.

Vivien Yeo
She portrayed a 300 pound lady, that's enough to garner her some recognition. I loved her scenes with Raymond Wong and can't wait to see her thin and with Raymond again - but I'd love to see her fat for a bit longer.

Best Chemistry
This award goes to relationships besides couples.
No Nominees

Most Annoying Character
Suet Nei
Just the stereotypical annoying mother in law - but there's a story to that... interesting.

Recognition Award
Rachel Kan
Another to have suffered the MHK2000 curse. I like her, she's a decent actress but she hasn't gained attention from the HK media. I was upset she didn't get cast into Off Peddar - even though it wasn't as successful as Best Selling Secrets. I liked her in Burning Flame as well.

Yvonne Ho
Though not necessarily in this series, she has played some interesting characters before but she doesn't seem to get any recognition.

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