Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Australia's Next Top Model Cycle 7 (SPOILERS)

AusNTM and BINTM are airing at the same time but oh how far AusNTM is ahead of BINTM, only Juste could match with the best of AusNTM. Anyway I just wanted to give my comment on these girls.

Amelia - She obviously has model acumen but she doesn't stand out in the bunch so how is she going to stand out in the modelling world? She could be a working model but not capable of breaking onto an international stage.

Caroline - I am so shocked to hear that she is going next because she's imo the best looking girl of the bunch. Even though she hasn't been the strongest in photos she is by no means the worst at the moment so I don't understand why the judges hate her so much.

Elizabeth - She has taken some great shots and is proving to be a strong contender but I just wonder if she's ready to be a top model.

Hazel - She's not taking good shots but she does have the look, however on her performance alone she should be worried about her position in this competition.

Izzy - She's very polarizing. I don't think she'll make it as a top model outside of the competition but she could be successful on NTM.

Jess - I'm divided on her, I want to like her but I'm just not sure.

Madeline - Beautiful yes but not a model

Montana - She is absolutely beautiful and the girl to beat in my honest opinion because if AusNTM wants to produce a girl that has any chance of making it to where Amanda has got it's Montana because she stands out from the bunch and if becoming stronger and stronger.

Neo - I love Neo and she has taken some astounding photos but I can't believe she'll be in a double elimination with Caroline, two of my favourite girls. She probably won't be good enough for the international market, there are already a number of black models with similar looks.

Rachel - She is indeed very beautiful and has striking features but she doesn't register well on camera and doesn't have the confidence.

Simone - She's the resident sex bomb and that's her main problem, her new makeover will keep her in for longer but she won't win.

Yolanda - Interesting and takes great photos but the judges ultimately will eliminate her before the finals.

My Top 4: Caroline, Montana, Neo, Elizabeth
Top 6: Rachel, Yolanda, 
Bottom 6: Hazel, Izzy, Simone, Jess, Madeline, Amelia

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