Thursday, 1 September 2011

Miss Universe 2011 Pre Show - 2nd Update

With a week to go to the prelims my Top 15 has changed slightly.

TOP 15

15. China (5th in Asia and Oceania)
14. Peru (5th in the Americas)
13. Puerto Rico (4th in the Americas)
12. Brazil (3rd in the Americas)
11. Philippines (4th in Asia and Oceania)

China is dropping if it weren't for the promise of her amazing aura in the prelims she will probably have dropped to Top 20s.
Peru is also dropping, she is beautiful but I find her features harsher than I expected.
Puerto Rico needs to show me that competitive edge I saw in her pre pageant
Brazil is getting stronger and stronger, I'd be shocked if she didn't get a spot (unless her sordid past is factored in)
Philippines is just on the edge of a Top 10 spot, she needs to give me a bit more edge if she's going to push into the Top 10.

TOP 10

10. Switzerland (5th in Europe)
9. Australia (3rd in Asia and Oceania)
8. Greece (4th in Europe)
7. Israel (2nd in Asia and Oceania)
6. Argentina (2nd in the Americas)

Switzerland is beautiful though her candids can be varied, we'll see where she lands after prelims
People are starting to get bored of Scherri but she's still one of the most photogenic girls in the bunch
Greece has class and a model demeanour, if she fails to make the cut it would be MUO's loss.
She has possibly the face of the pageant, her body may not be as toned as some but she is stunning.
I still don't get the hate for Argentina because she has been one of the most consistent girls in the bunch.


5. Russia (3rd in Europe)
4. Netherlands (2nd in Europe)
3. Ukraine (1st in Europe)
2. Malaysia (1st in Asia and Oceania)
1. USA (1st in the Americas)

Russia is the "silent killer" she is absolutely stunning and she actually reminds me of Dayana Mendoza.
The only way is up for Kelly, she has not disappointed.
Ukraine stays at 3rd despite stiff competition. I just find her look mesmerising even in her supposedly bad shots.
Articulate, charming, beautiful are three of the many positives Malaysia has, if she makes the final 5 all of you girls should be worried.
USA still stays as my top, despite looking a bit thin she has it all and whoever drops her out of the Top 5 is a fool.

so 5 each from Americas, Europe and Asian and Oceania.

And 5 Alternatives

TOP 20

20. Bahamas
19. Thailand
18. Korea
17. Costa Rica
16. Angola

She knows how to carry herself but her unusually large features will be her main problem.
Thailand is bubbly and vivacious, they always seem to win me over.
I have kept faith in Korea since she was crowned, she has always been part of my Top 20
Johanna is one of those girls looking to take Roseline's spot, all will depend on her preliminary.
Angola has long been one away from my list but she has never had that catalyst to push her into the Top 15/16.

And 10 Bubbling Unders
30. Kosovo
29. Vietnam
28. France
27. Aruba
26. Hungary
25. Portugal
24. Panama
23. Indonesia
22. Paraguay
21. Mexico

Special Mentions: Nicaragua is very close to my Top 30. Chile is gaining steam. Venezuela is now 43rd on my list.

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